Discover Your Dominant Element of the Ancients and Unleash Aligned Abundance in Your Business


Abundance Antidote Quiz


Stuck in a rut? Take the abundance quiz to discover your unique business advantage and energetic blueprint for success.

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The antidote to your abundance as a visionary who desires to make an impact while experiencing the financial freedom you deserve, lies in the DNA of your five-element energetic blueprint.

Psst! What’s a Dominant Element?

Before you dive into the quiz, let’s clarify what I mean by ‘dominant element’. Ancient Taoist methodology uses the Five Elements to understand our nature and our relationship to a range of phenomena.  In nature, we can observe how the elements interact and support each other to maintain balance, harmony, growth and abundance.  

You are made up of a combination of the Five Elements, but dominant in one or two that form an energetic blueprint of your emotions, identity, abilities, talents and life challenges. This is the magic that makes your life purpose come alive, highlights the natural abilities that set you apart from the competition and maps out core limiting beliefs and obstacles to overcome so you can step into an abundant business. By tapping into the power of your dominant element you will create a business that is dripping with authenticity and experience financial abundance as you reach different milestones in your business.

Why Should You Take the Abundance Antidote Quiz?

The Abundance Antidote goes beyond a personality profile. It’s a foundational tool designed to empower you with invaluable insights and action steps to supercharge your prosperity as you live your purpose. Here’s what will be revealed:

  • Your Dominant Element Nature: Dive into your strengths, unique qualities, life obstacles and opportunities that allow you to step into abundance with ease.
  • Your Abundance Consciousness: Reveal how your emotions and qualities can come into conflict and block your abundance. You’ll learn how to pivot, get unstuck and move forward with ease.
  • Your Abundance Blocks: Discover some of the core limiting beliefs and abundance blocks so you can rewire your mindset for wealth.
  • Your Abundance Antidote: Unearth the intricate connection between your energy, business and abundance matrix so you can come into harmony in the cycle of creation and thrive.

Discover the wisdom of the ancients to propel you into alignment and abundance in your vision-driven business.

Visionary, are you ready to access your antidote so you can lead an impactful business that drips with authenticity and abundance?