The Next Empowered Livestream

A monthly livestream of repatterning, healing, activations, & infusions of light

2pm 27 November 2022 (AEST)

4am 27 November 2022 (United Kingdom)

8pm 26 November 2022 (Pacific)

11pm 26 November 2022 (Eastern)

Awaken Your Manifesting Magic

Alchemize the blocks in the way of knowing your personal power & design your reality as magically as you can imagine. 

Have you had those moments where you think about something, and it seems to magically show up somehow?

What about wanting something so much that you do everything you can to make it happen and you feel like you’re almost there, but it never arrives?

Then you might go through a process of wondering:

  • What lessons you have to learn before you can receive
  • Why you can manifest the small stuff so easily but not the big stuff
  • If you really deserve to receive what you desire
  • What you’re doing wrong when it comes to manifesting
  • If there’s a new technique you should use
  • How long it is going to take divine timing to bring you what you want
  • What your future holds based on a past intuitive reading you received
  • If it’s really meant to be…

Do you know why this happens?

The limiting beliefs and patterns you accumulate throughout your life disconnect and distorted your ability to know and utilise your power.

But the truth is...

You were born with the ultimate power to consciously choose how you want your life to be, in every way and you still have that potential within you.

In fact, you have everything you need to achieve your heart-felt desires for yourself and the world around you.

There’s nothing you need to fix about yourself.

In this month’s Empowered Livestream you have the opportunity to

  • Activate and anchor into the infinite part of you that knows you are a creator being
  • Dismantle old self-made agreements, limiting beliefs and stories in the way of embodying this choice.
  • Affirm & claim for yourself that you’re here to create and live your life your way
  • Awaken the power of your choice and how to use it to shape the reality you want
  • Activation and expansion into your intuitive gifts so that you can notice your guidance that lights a path for you to move forward on
  • Anchor into your future self that aligns to your path as a creator who lives in alignment with your heart’s desire

This is going to be a phenomenal alchemy session to Awaken Your Manifesting Magic.


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