A six-week, one-on-one, high-touch intensive for entrepreneurs ready to set their earning potential on fire!


Ignite Intensive


An accelerated transformation experience to breakthrough ceiling limits & ignite momentum to hit your next-level income goal

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I see you...

You’re successful and determined in your own right.

You’ve broken through obstacles in the past to reach your goals and this determination to succeed, no matter what, is woven into the core fabric of who you are.

You don’t break the rules, you rewrite the entire rule book.

You’re a visionary adding your own unique flavour to everything your business stands for so you can create something bigger and better for yourself, your clients and make a meaningful contribution to society. 

You know that you’re going to achieve the revenue and personal income you desire so that you can breathe easier financially like you have so many times before, but…

You don’t know when that will happen.

You’re not sure if it’s timing, the economy or something you’re doing wrong.

Whether you’ve been in business for a year and you’re just not making the money you want to, you’ve had your business for a while and plateaued or you’ve noticed that you’re not generating money that you used to and can’t make sense of why, the answer is energetic.

You might have cheerlead yourself out of self-doubt several times because of who you are and what you’ve accomplished in your life already, but if you find that you’re stuck in a repetitive cycle about money you’re probably also finding that you’re:

  • Procrastinating about taking action in your business because you’re not sure what steps to take next.
  • Wondering why you should bother trying something fresh to get a different outcome because nothing has worked so far.
  • Dipping into self-doubt and wondering if you’re really cut out for this entrepreneurial game.
  • Putting in long hours to get mediocre outcomes and are worried that you can’t maintain the pace to generate more income.
  • Hiding purchases you make around the house and in your wardrobe because you feel guilty for spending money on yourself.
  • Noticing feelings of lack and scarcity are harder to shake. You’re not bouncing back like you usually do.
  • Overthinking and overanalysing yourself and your business performance.
  • Not seeing results change in your business no matter what you do.
  • Feeling frustrated because you seem to be spending more money instead of generating money in your business.
  • Finding your clients are slowly disappearing.
  • Noticing your existing client relationships are less profitable than they used to be.
  • Struggling with client acquisition despite following the best sales and marketing strategies.
  • Feeling resentful about the overheads and cost involved with running your business.


That’s a lot for anyone to carry.

If you’re done with settling for less than you financially deserve and you’re determined to put an end to the cycle you’re in so you can breakthrough to your next-level income goal and receive it in a way that feels easy, get ready to dive into the Ignite Intensive and elevate your earning capacity.

This was made for leaders like you!

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We might be new friends here, but I’m going to be frank with you…

If you removed all the ways you accidently sabotage what you’re worth and your readiness to receive more money twelve months ago, what would your life and bank balance look like today?

You’d probably feel magical in many ways. You would have chosen the income level you wanted and skilfully brought it to fruition in a simple co-creation process with the universe. You might even be working less, enjoying life more because your disposable income allowed you to pay off debt and have new experiences with your friends and family… you can do it all!

If you had of removed the heavy thoughts, limiting beliefs and repetitive outcomes a year ago, you would be living in a completely wealth paradigm now.

After years of working with clients and clearing money blocks, one constant is that it’s never obvious which limiting beliefs or energetic patterns are sabotaging your hard work and blocking your dreams on the surface. These obstacles are beyond your conscious awareness and most people don’t know how to rewire their mindset and energy at this level to overcome challenges they’re facing. So I understand why you might not have done anything about this yet, I had no idea either.

When I had my former business as a finance broker and business coach and began clearing subconscious blocks that were keeping me stuck in a money reality I didn’t intentionally sign up for, I was amazed by how rapidly I could manifest different outcomes by simply aligning my energy to my vision.

Whether I have desired higher pay, a new job, a promotion, exceeding stretch targets, to be an international best-selling author, doubling my asset base in 3 years, running a successful business, living debt-free, having passive income streams, supporting my husband to go from a 6 to 7 figure business during a pandemic in the most locked-down city in the world, or clients approaching me to work with me for fifty thousand dollars for a year; I can manifest it.

I’ve deliberately created my world, my way, for two decades and the energy work piece not only changed the manifesting game for me, but it also inspired me to help entrepreneurs like you experience this shift for themselves.

That’s why I created the Ignite Intensive as a way to take you through my Abundance Mastery System™ so you can envision, design and create a wealth paradigm and alchemize yourself to become it. Inside Ignite you will achieve your present-day prosperity goals and create a bridge to your abundant future with tools you can rinse and repeat for the rest of your life to build long-term financial stability while enjoying yourself in the process.

Now is the time for you spark the money-making momentum within you and allow it to burn, without limitations putting it out. 

Imagine how powerful you will feel if this is the day you’ll look back on, twelve months from now and reflect on how far you’ve come… How different would your life be then?


Ignite momentum and land on an upward trajectory of abundance

Ignite is a next-level income intensive for people ready to reprogram their subconscious, reconfigure their mindset and redesign their daily practices to land on an upward trajectory of financial success.

In this private transformational space, you will:

  • Advance your wealth perspective so you can have greater control over the flows of money and opportunities available to you.
  • Experience clients finding you, ready to work with you as if they showed up out of thin air.
  • Hit your short-term income goals and build the energetic structure that will shape how you receive money now and into your future to support your long-term financial goals.
  • Receive unexpected, and probably unprecedented, growth across your SEO and social media metrics as your reach and engagement increase.
  • Emerge feeling happy for reason as you experience optimal interactions with your clients, colleagues, team, friends and family.
  • Amplify your confidence at a foundational level so you have no doubt that you’re capable of receiving more and can easily expand to receive higher limits and unexpected money.
  • Refresh your mindset with clarity so that you know where to focus your attention in your business to get the outcomes you want to see without the gamble and guess-work.
  • Reverse-engineer your subconscious so that your destination to financial freedom is pre-set and you become an energetic match to your abundant future and experience minimal resistance as you move forward.
  • Experience greater ease generating money and witness this effortless vibe overflow into other areas of your life so you can free-up your time and start enjoying life more.
  • Learn wealth mindset principles to establish a consistent flow of revenue into your future so you’re always ahead of your goals.
  • Experience profound power in your ability to breakthrough obstacles so you can show up for your business and clients as an empowered leader and deliver a high standard of work without the burnout.
  • Learn practical, life-long tools and techniques for continued money-making-momentum in your life whenever you choose to aim higher.

Abundance is available to everyone, and this is the intensive to achieve the higher limits you’re call in where you can rinse and repeat the methodology to experience continued expansion, for the rest of your life.


It’s in your nature to challenge yourself to achieve more and you’re entitled to have financial rewards fill your bank account as you evolve. This is the collaboration that subtly shifts the energetics of the metaphysical so you can intentionally affect the physical.

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Inside Ignite


Pre-Intensive Jumpstart:

You’re invited to complete your Abundant & Thriving Wishlist and curate your entrepreneurial vision, before you book your first session and upload it to your member library.

Your Wishlist will help you create firm intentions for how you desire your business and personal abundance to be, set a destination and throughout your six-week transformation, you’ll clear a path to reach it and embody the version of yourself who accomplishes it.

Week One: Aligned to Thrive 

In your first session we’re going straight to the root cause of the recurring outcomes and the barriers to your success so they can be removed, even if they have been in place for years. Removing foundational blocks refreshes your mind and body instantaneously so that you’re able to drop stories of stress, struggle and scarcity to move into feelings that elate you when you are aligned to your vision for thriving success.

We’re also going to turn up the volume on your imagination and I’m going to challenge you to dream even bigger as you’re stretched into outlandish possibilities! This energetic transformation is fast, permanent and using the tools in your Abundance Toolbox you’ll be able to rewire your mindset with empowering beliefs that magnetise outrageous opportunities and experiences to you.

You’ll begin swapping out a belief structure that limited your earning potential for one that yields previously unimaginable experiences and wealth, on autopilot.

Week Three: Master Manifestor 

You can only manifest your grand financial plan if you don’t have anything blocking and limiting your ability to manifest as a true creator. This week we’re clearing your limiting self-talk, patterns and beliefs you have about your capability to manifest the ‘big stuff’ and what your heart truly desires.

This rewiring is akin to deep electromagnetic surgery because the origin of your manifesting challenges are often rooted in a past life karma, your family lineage or somewhere in the history of your multi-dimensional self.

You’ll continue to use the manifesting technique from your first week and add another layer of complexity to this so that you are consciously programming your consciousness and embedding a belief system that supports your future abundance instead of sabotaging it.

Week 5: Creator Expansion 

In your final session you’ll expand into your next level of higher creator power. You’ll learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs and patterns as they arise and call in a greater number of opportunities so that you command your financial future with precision.

This is a powerful step that sets up a thriving foundation that you can build on throughout your days and catapults you into abundant streams of money flowing to you so that you always have more than enough.

You’ll also receive training and a daily energy clearing visualisation that you can use to clear any blocks you identify in your future, even if you can’t articulate what they are or what’s blocking you specifically.

What's Included

Alchemy & Coaching Sessions 

Experience bespoke energetic work in weeks 1, 3 & 5. Each session is approximately 2 hours.




Abundance Mastery Toolkit  

Set yourself up with a suite of manifesting techniques, exercises and guided visualisations. This is where neuroplasticity, science and wisdom of the ancients meet so you can reconfigure your mindset to purposefully manifest events and experiences that support your abundance now and into your future.

Member Library

Your life-long, central hub where you’ll find recordings, resources and our communication between sessions. Download and replay your alchemy session as often as you like for a deeper rewiring of consciousness so you can reach your goals faster.

6 weeks of Daily Support

As you imbed new strategies, and techniques you’ll be able to troubleshoot and receive support from me directly via Voxer between sessions so you can hit the ground running and continue building momentum. A valuable resource to leverage as you build your capabilities and expand to receive higher income limits.

Grand Empowerment 

After your final coaching and alchemy session (week 5) you’ll go it alone in your 6th week, implement your full suite of abundance tools and have me in your back-pocket to support you and cheer you on as you master your abundance.

Follow Up

As your intensive comes to a close we will set a future date to celebrate YOU and your successes via Zoom. I want to know what you've achieved so far, what you're manifesting next and the flow-on effects this work has had in your life. 

Ignite is strategically structured so our time together reveals your deepest doubts, fears, patterns and beliefs behind your barriers to financial success so that you can take action and move forward to gain momentum and thrive.

You have the ultimate power to choose the depth of transformation you’re ready for to impact your future in profound ways.

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Kerry's Rapid Abundance Shifts

Before working together, my amazing client was feeling the pressure financially because despite her best efforts and planning, her clients and income started drying up, instead of flooding in after she decided to quit her job and step into her business fulltime. 

It made no sense, and she started wondering what she was doing wrong and if she would have to find work to make ends meet because she couldn’t sit back and watch her savings deplete.

That’s when she reached out to me and after a short discussion revealing the unconscious energetics at play and how this was manifesting the outcomes of lack and scarcity in her life, she was determined to change this and dove right in to Ignite.

This phenomenal woman knew that she could run a profitable business, this wasn’t unfamiliar turf. She was highly skilled, capable and passionate about her future vision and doing work that was deeply soul satisfying.  And after working with her, the energetics of success we re-ignited and here’s what started coming in almost instantly:

  • After her first session, she had immense clarity and found sitting down to write copy and brainstorm content ideas ‘so easy’, from an effortless from a free-flowing state.
  • In two weeks, she hit her short-term financial goal via ongoing revenue from one client
  • By the third week she had woken up to two new clients in her inbox, that were ready to work with her
  • Mid-way through working together she was celebrating ‘so much growth’ in her business with social media reach and engagement up by 1914% and 2067% respectively.
  • Now, she’s ‘no longer worried’ about money because she’s had opportunities come in that support her vision, direction, lifestyle and business model.
  • She’s learnt to utilise her natural manifesting style to experience ‘amazing power manifesting, even after our first session’.

I love seeing clients activate this level of awareness and feel empowered to create financial outcomes they want to see and build a pipeline of future revenue without feeling like their success hinges on burnout.

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When I created this transformational program, I designed it to be the only work you need to do to step into the energy of thriving success to achieve your next-level income goal. It’s potent and draws financial success to you, even if it feels out of reach today.

What clients are saying...

Kimberly B, Texas USA

Sharyn is the real deal. I knew I had to start sharing stories in video content to grow my business but I had a lot of resistance to being that vulnerable. Not anymore…

Kerry P, Perth Australia

Sharyn is highly gifted. So many shifts happened quickly, I am just amazed. It was as though I woke up to opportunities for money one day, which was beyond amazing. I had a text message from a business owner I had a casual conversation with, ready to hire me. As if that wasn’t magical enough, I received an email from a client wanting to know if I could work with them on an on-going basis. So super excited that this happened super-fast. I feel like I am having power days where everything is super cool, super easy… opportunities to collaborate appear out of nowhere. Amazing!

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I want to see more talented leaders earning a solid income doing what they love, without the stress, scarcity and struggle.

If you have a willingness to bend your abundance rules, have an open mind and curious willingness to apply what you learn…

It’s time to unlock your next-level of abundance and be rewarded for the work you do.



Sharyn Atkinson is a renowned author, creator of the Map of Shadow® and Abundance Mastery System™, a highly experienced business coach, Metaphysical Transformation Coach and Master Intuitive Healer. With a decade-long career in business banking at the majors behind her, Sharyn empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to navigate financial challenges, achieve tangible outcomes and manifest financial freedom as the operant creator of their experiences.

Drawing from her extensive experience in diverse industries, Sharyn champions her clients to clear limiting beliefs and patterns and incorporates metaphysical principles to enhance their personal and professional growth. Her unwavering commitment to her clients' success has made her a highly sought-after expert in her field.

Sharyn resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, who she accidentally manifested while writing her second book. In addition to her professional endeavours, she enjoys cultivating her vegetable garden and cooking cuisine from different cultures worldwide. Sharyn is an avid traveller who delights in discovering the unique beauty and history that has shaped each nation and their way of life.

As a naturally curious and solution-focused individual, Sharyn actively explores principles of quantum science and metaphysics to innovate new ways entrepreneurs can simplify their lives and enhance their happiness without compromising their standards or values. Her passion for guiding others towards their goals and finding joy in everything she does make Sharyn a highly respected thought leader in the business coaching and healing community.

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to start a revolution with your revenue, I’m committed to empowering you to gain the confidence to curate your financial freedom and champion you every step of the way.

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