The Wish Fulfilled Intensive


An accelerated transformation experience to release limitations & rewire your consciousness so you can achieve your next-level goal with ease 

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Expand into possibilities & ignite the momentum that propels you forward into deep levels of satisfaction

(whatever that looks like for you)

You have an underlying drive propelling you forward, and you love to aim for that next thing that will make you happy. Dreaming and innovating ways you can thrive, imagining how things should be for you compared to what you’re experiencing or maybe your a little different...

You might be the sort of person who has so many things on your to-do list each day that achieving what you really want, feels more like a nice idea rather than something you have time to make happen.

Or you could have so many thoughts and ideas racing through your mind about what you next step could be that you find yourself in a cycle of tossing ideas around and not taking much action.

The Limitless Intensive transformation experience will flush-out obstacles in the way of you getting the traction and momentum you need to move forward on an unobstructed path that leads you right to the outcome you've designed.  

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Here's what's included in this transformational coaching & healing experience:

6 Week Container

Over six weeks you'll experience 3 x 2-hour alchemy sessions. All sessions are held via zoom so you can show up in your pjs if you wish.

(weeks 1, 3 & 5)

Voxer Support

Throughout your transformation you'll have 6 weeks of Voxer access to receive support from me between sessions when you need it. 

Member Library

Access healing replays anytime via the member area and clear blockages on deeper levels. Any other relevant information (from me or you) is also uploaded in this space for transparency & easy referencing.

In your process of becoming limitless and choosing to align to beliefs that support and nourish your growth, you have the flexibility to invite in deeper support when you need it.

In our time together we will drop into your energetics, beliefs and daily practices that will align you to growth opportunities, new experiences and a path of fulfilment that’s uncompromised.

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In this powerful space quantum leaps are achievable, and I’d love to support you if:

  • You’ve noticed recurring experiences in your life that you want to shift out because they don’t meet your standards
  • You want to clean up your reputation or your brand’s reputation
  • You want to make progress, gain traction and breakthrough paradigms with a project or next-level goal
  • You want to silence heavy emotions, mental chatter and your cringeworthy reactions
  • You need the energetic support as you make life changes to hold yourself in the highest vision you have for yourself
  • You have a deep inner-knowing that you have to do something to change but you don’t know what that looks like
  • You want to expand your capacity to receive more love, support and abundance

This immersion is designed to support you through transformation and empower you to deliberately create your world, your way.

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You’re entitled to achieve your goals and have your wishes fulfilled with ease. This is the collaboration that subtly shifts the energetics of the metaphysical so that you can intentionally create the physical.

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I have this vision that you can achieve anything you choose to, and together we're going to get you there, uncompromised.

Over the years as I’ve working with passionate, successful women with a heart I’ve noticed that success doesn’t always overflow into all areas of their life. From the outside looking in, people can assume that you have it all together when you might actually be feeling stuck, bored, unfulfilled or just have these bizarre recurring experiences play out that make you wonder what you’re doing that keeps drawing these into your life.

Your experiences reflect the energy you’re broadcasting. It mirrors your beliefs, fears, doubts, thoughts and stories from this lifetime (& others) back to you. Which is brilliant because in that moment you have a choice to do something about it if you don’t like what you’re experiencing. That moment of acknowledgement is empowering and the realisation that you can do something about it, puts you in a position to command reality.

If you desire to have a commanding influence over your experiences because a part of you knows that feeling stuck and dissatisfied isn't how things are meant to be, you're going to thrive as we co-create and dismiss old paradigms that don't stack up for you anymore.

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Sharyn Atkinson
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A wildly empowering experience is waiting to unfold for you... and it's a beautiful, soul-satisfying and expansive journey every step of the way.


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