Rewire your mindset & energy to intentionally manifest the higher income limits you've been coveting in your business and set the course to a future filled with prosperity


Free 5-day training to unearth how you have created your current wealth position (even if you don’t like it), & how to pivot into an abundant business using proven strategies that magnetise your financial goals to you.

You’re a determined visionary, relentlessly pursuing your goals to have a business you love that pays you handsomely. You’ve gotten the right mix of feedback, training and mentorship to be where you are and with your motivation and determination, it’s only logical that your success is inevitable.

And you’ve been waiting for the monetary rewards to start pouring in. You try to stay positive about your future success, but for some reason you just can’t get traction and breakthrough.

It can be frustrating when your hard work hasn’t translated into the increase in revenue, high paying clients or greater profits like you envisioned.

Perhaps you see glimpses of the turnover you want, but find that it’s either feast or famine. You're missing consistency.

You’re not alone.

You're like many other entrepreneurs who have the skills and ability you need to flip the situation around to start getting different outcomes... no one has shown you how though...

The Wired for Wealth Challenge is for you if you’re ready to take an empowered step to unpack your natural manifesting style, take back control and deliberately create high revenue in your business rather than dreaming of it.


To change your financial position and have consistent and growing turnover in your business, you need to be able to reflect beyond the structure and operations of your business, leverage limitations (controversial I know) and stand unwavering in your vision.

In the Wired for Wealth challenge I'm arming you with deep insight and an arsenal of mindset, metaphysics and manifesting practices to receive the higher income in your business you’re craving.

It’s time for you to land in an abundant destination and embody the feeling of financial success in your business. One that overflows & elevates your personal level of affluence.


You're already manifesting the revenue and financial outcomes in your business. 

You set yourself a goal and the outcomes should be based on how you've implemented the proven business strategy you've studied and mastered. Tweaking and refining strategy is important for any business, but the truth is, your unconscious patterns, behaviours and beliefs are either supporting or sabotaging your vision.


In this challenge, you are going to use a powerful manifesting technique as a tool to go deep and understand how you created your current wealth position and experiment with the Abundance Mastery System™ that I’ll share with you so you can purposely get different, sustainable results.


for fun, I'll also show you how to use this manifesting technique to create the financials outcomes you want.

I did something that would scare most business owners. I made the decision to take twelve months out of my business to get the right coaching, mentoring and advisors in to bring my vision of a soul-satisfying business to the world. The great part is, I wasn’t impacted financially, despite soaring inflation and declining consumer confidence.

Bucking trends and experiencing outcomes I want to see can be surreal and even feel magical at times, but it’s not magic… it’s a deliberate creation practice that incorporates energy and mindset work that I have built into my life so I can experience abundance in my world, my way.

Life wasn’t always this easy though. I remember when I started my business as a finance broker and business coach, I was worried about running out of money before I would earn a decent living. I had this idea that I would have to build a client base, chase clients, do a lot of networking and relationship building before I could generate the six-figure income I was accustomed to and this start-up path was a long and slow climb.

What changed the game for me was when I learnt how to combine and skilfully use the principals of mindset work, metaphysics and manifesting (The Abundance Mastery System™) to purposefully create and change my experiences and wealth.

That’s why, when I started an energy healing business in 2020, it didn’t concern me. When we went into lock down, I didn’t allow it to mean anything despite all the noise around me. I stayed in my lane, took my business online and continued to grow my business. That year, I grossed just under 100k in revenue in the most locked-down city in the world.


This sort of growth and abundance is possible for you too, no matter what is happening around you. You just haven’t been given the tools and training to learn how to rewire yourself on the inside to purposefully change the profitability of your business.

Today I experience my version of abundant wealth. I have a strong net worth, money in the bank, investments, a passive income stream, and a high calibre client from a previous business that funds my lifestyle and it’s this carefully crafted paradigm that has allowed me to take a year out and invest my time into growing a business doing what I love. I create my own framework to acquire wealth and the world fits in to me.

I would love to see more small business owners and entrepreneurs creating their own paradigms. Skilfully growing their business and personal wealth based on what they want to experience and the lifestyle that lines up to their values and goals. How satisfying would that be?

If you’re ready to rewire yourself for wealth and invest your time in this free five-day training, I’m going to share proven manifesting strategies with you in an experiential way, so you can tweak your energy and way of thinking, to receive the income you deserve and desire.

Are you joining me?



In this free 5- Day Challenge I’m breaking down exactly how to pivot into wealth.


This is what you can expect to unfold:

  • Be able to identify unconscious barriers to abundance so you can let them go.
  • Be empowered to take charge of your financial position in any economy.
  • Heightened awareness of how you have generated outcomes in your business so you can change direction.
  • Learn how to achieve your goals faster.
  • Strategically create wildly outrageous beliefs that open up new revenue streams. (This is so much fun!)
  • Raise your confidence and faith in your ability to achieve your next level of income even if you’re sceptical. (This is a great energy to manifest from and you’ll find out why inside the challenge)

To help you get the most out of this 5-day Challenge you'll also receive:

  • Access to all training and materials in your member library for life-long access
  • A workbook to record your insights, breakthroughs and successes
  • A visualisation you can download and use forever to help you master your manifesting muscle
  • A certificate of completion (just for fun!)

When you click the link below, you'll be invited to create an account and set up your member library to get immediate access.


Wired for Wealth is a multi-layered manifestation challenge of self-discovery and bold empowerment that arms you with the tools, training and techniques you need to take control of your abundance.


5 Days: 5 Life-Changing Lessons into the Dynamics of Wealth


Activate Your Wealth Potential

Uncover metaphysical principals that activate your potential to generate money in your business and boost your personal wealth.  


Business Wealth Personified

Learn how to harness innate body wisdom to create extraordinary energy that consumes you with feelings of wealth in your business and life.


Rapid Revenue Flows

Demystify how long it takes to manifest your desires and learn how to create short-cuts that yield fast results, forever.


Curate an Abundant Mindset

Discover key strategies to stay anchored in your profitable business vision, in any economy, and magnetise tangible results to you.


Dynamics of Business Wealth

Learn how to super-charge your intentions and create supportive beliefs that will accelerate your future earning capacity.


About Sharyn Atkinson

Sharyn Atkinson is an author, creator of the Map of Shadow® and Abundance Mastery System™, business coach, metaphysical transformation coach and master intuitive healer empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to create the business revenue and personal net worth they desire, and feel confident creating financial freedom as the operant creator of their experiences.

With a diverse career spanning several industries, Sharyn left her decade-long career in business banking at the majors and set up her own business as a finance broker and business coach several years ago. She understands the financial challenges business owners face and champions them to clear limiting beliefs and patterns, bring in the metaphysical to achieve tangible outcomes and thrive.


Sharyn lives in Melbourne Australia with her husband, who she accidentally manifested while writing her second book. In addition to running her business, she enjoys growing veggies and cooking cuisine from different cultures around the world. Having visited many countries herself, Sharyn loves travelling and enjoys discovering the beauty and history that has shaped each nation and their way of life.

Finding joy in everything she does, Sharyn is curious by nature, solution focused and actively explores principles of quantum science and metaphysics to innovate new ways entrepreneurs can make their lives simpler and happier without compromising their standards or values.


Wired for Wealth

Join me for 5-days that will change your life. You’ll learn how to leave scarcity and struggle behind, wire yourself for wealth and form a solid financial foundation for your business and future.