Discover how you created your current wealth position (even if you don’t like it), so you can become your own best manifestation technique and wire yourself for wealth using proven strategies that magnetise your financial goals to you.


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You are the Ultimate Manifestation Technique

Have you noticed that you didn’t generate the current wealth position using different manifesting techniques?

You’re in a constant state of manifestation and your financial reality is an outcome of the conscious and unconscious decisions and undercurrents that either help or sabotage your goals. 

Your current state of abundance came about because you created it, you just might not realise how you did it.

In this challenge, you are going to use a powerful manifesting technique as a tool to go deep and understand how you created your current wealth position so you can purposely get different, sustainable results.

Once you discover how you manifested your current reality, you can start using your signature style intentionally to create the financial abundance you want with a deep knowing that you are the ultimate manifestation technique.


In this free 5- Day Bootcamp I’m breaking down exactly how to pivot into wealth


Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • The know-how to identify unconscious barriers to abundance so you can let them go.
  • Awakening your creator power within so you can take charge of your financial position in any economy.
  • Heightened awareness of how you have generated outcomes in your life so you can change direction.
  • Simple tools and techniques to achieve your goals faster.
  • How to leverage the biology of your mind to strategically create wildly outrageous beliefs that open up new revenue streams. (This is so much fun!)
  • Amplify your manifestation conviction and confidence to achieve the next level of income you desire even if you’re sceptical.

To help you get the most out of this 5-day Challenge you'll also receive:

  • Access to all training and materials in your member library for life-long access
  • A workbook to record your insights, breakthroughs and successes
  • A visualisation you can download and use forever to help you master your manifesting muscle
  • A certificate of completion (just for fun!)

The best part is you get immediate access so you can start mastering your signature manifestation style right now!


5 Days: 5 Life-Changing Lessons into the Dynamics of Wealth


Activate Your Wealth Potential 

Uncover metaphysical principles that activate your potential to generate money and boost your personal wealth.


Wealth Personified

Learn how to harness innate body wisdom to create extraordinary energy that consumes you with feelings of wealth in your life.


Rapid Revenue Flows

Demystify how long it takes to manifest your desires and learn how to create short-cuts that yield fast results, forever.


Curate an Abundant Mindset

Discover key strategies to stay anchored in your profitable vision, in any economy, and magnetise your desires to you.


Dynamics of Wealth

Learn how to super-charge your intentions and create supportive beliefs that will accelerate your earning capacity.


Wired for Wealth is a multi-layered manifestation challenge of self-discovery and bold empowerment that arms you with the tools, training and techniques you need to take control of your abundance and deliberately create your world, your way.



Sharyn Atkinson is an author, creator of the Map of Shadow® and Abundance Mastery System™, business coach, metaphysical transformation coach and master intuitive healer empowering people just like you to experience greater joy and fulfilment in their lives as they create their world, their way.

Sharyn leads by example. In 2020 she started a business and grew it to six figures, supported her husband to leap to seven figures in his business, and defied logic during panic buying in the most locked down city in the world. She refused to accept that her life would be negatively disrupted, followed her guidance and intuition to manifest extraordinary outcomes in her life. 

It's this level of tenacity, connection to the higher realms, combined with her natural instinct to externalise her goals that make Sharyn a powerfully inspiring mentor ready to light the way for you to become the ultimate creator of your world, no matter what.

Sharyn lives in Melbourne Australia with her husband, who she accidentally manifested while writing her second book. In addition to running her business, she enjoys growing veggies and cooking cuisine from different cultures around the world. Having visited many countries herself, Sharyn loves travelling and enjoys discovering the beauty and history that has shaped each nation and their way of life.

Finding joy in everything she does, Sharyn is curious by nature, solution focused and actively explores principles of quantum science and metaphysics to innovate new ways people can make their lives simpler and happier without compromising their standards or values.


Wired for Wealth

Join me for 5-days that will change your life. You’ll learn how to leave scarcity and struggle behind, wire yourself for wealth and form a solid financial foundation for your future.