A modern upgrade to traditional property clearings! Customizable cleansing of your online business presence and the spaces you live and work. 


Quantum Cleansing


Whether it’s the walls of your home, the ambience of your office, or the digital footprint of your brand, the right energy makes a world of difference.

Welcome to the nexus of energy revitalisation where you transform spaces and online presences into pillars of positivity and success. 

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Program a High Frequency into Your Business and Life

Ensure that every aspect of your world resonates with positive, high-frequency energy when you book a home or office Property Cleansing or Energetic Rebranding of your business.

Quantum Property Cleansing

Revitalise your home or office into a sanctuary of peace and harmony. This is more than just a cleansing; it's a complete energetic reset, ensuring that your living and working environments are places of rejuvenation, creativity, and well-being.

Here’s what is possible when you transform the underpinning energy that triggers unconscious behaviour, thoughts and emotions:

From Negative Relationships to Harmonious Connections: Foster an environment where relationships thrive on understanding and mutual respect, enhancing personal and professional bonds.

Transforming Trivial Arguments into Constructive Conversations: Cultivate a space where minor disagreements are replaced with discussions for growth and productive dialogue.

Encouraging Responsibility Over Blame: Shift from a culture of criticism to one of constructive feedback and personal accountability, nurturing a positive, supportive atmosphere.


Replacing Control with Empowerment: Transition from micromanagement to a culture of trust and empowerment, where staff feel valued and inspired.

Removing Unsettling Noises with Serenity: Create a tranquil environment where unexpected noises are a things of the past and your environment fosters focus and relaxation.

Harmonious Pet Behaviour: Foster a sense of peace and safety that even pets can feel, leading to calmer and more content behaviour.

Children's Comfort and Courage: Transform children's fear into feelings of security and comfort, promoting peaceful sleep and a healthy relationship with the dark.

Balanced Moods for Joyful Living: Cultivate an environment that supports emotional stability, where happiness and calm are the norm, reducing sudden mood swings.

Silencing Unexplained Noises with Peace: Replace mysterious sounds with a quietude that brings peace of mind and a sense of safety.

From Watched to Welcomed: Transform feelings of being watched into a sense of being embraced by a nurturing, protective space.

Energizing Atmosphere for Vitality: Rejuvenate spaces to promote energy and vitality, countering unexpected fatigue with renewed vigour.

Waking Up Refreshed and Positive: Ensure every morning begins with a sense of positivity and calm, setting the tone for a productive and joyful day.

Clearing Strange Odours: Repel fleeting, strange odours and feel a freshness in the air that enhances comfort and well-being.

Stabilizing Electrical Energies for Harmony: Harmonize the energy in your space, ensuring electronics function normally, contributing to a sense of order and reliability.

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Quantum Re-branding

Elevate your brand’s digital identity with our energetic re-branding services. We focus on aligning your online presence with the core values and essence of your business. From your website to your social media platforms, every digital touchpoint is infused with an energy that attracts your ideal clientele and promotes growth.

This is not about changing how your brand looks, you have a graphic designer or brand specialist for that; this is about transforming how it feels to your audience, creating a magnetic digital presence that draws success.

Here's a glimpse of what can transform when you refine your business’s energetic footprint:

Energetic Alignment with Success: Align your business's energy with frequencies of success, prosperity, and growth.

Attracting Ideal Clientele: Fine-tune the energy of your business to resonate with your ideal clients, drawing them in naturally and effortlessly.


Increased Brand Loyalty: Create an energetically compelling brand story that fosters deep, lasting connections with your audience.

Elevated Brand Perception: Shift the public perception of your brand to one of innovation, reliability, and desirability.

Enhanced Creative Insights: Unlock new levels of creativity and inspiration in your content and business strategies.

Sustainable Business Growth: Lay the energetic groundwork for long-term, sustainable growth and success.

Visible and Engaging Content: Transform your social media presence so that your content not only reaches but captivates your audience, turning every post into a beacon of engagement.

Breaking the Cycle of Stagnation: Release any 'energetic jinxes' and adopt a fresh, dynamic approach that reinvigorates your business strategies and outcomes.

Reaffirming Business Impact: Elevate the perceived value and impact of your business, inspiring confidence in your mission and offerings.

Standing Out in a Crowded Market: Energetically differentiate your brand in a saturated market, ensuring it shines brightly and attracts the right audience.

Enhanced Email Connectivity: Increase your email open and click-through rates by aligning your communications with the energetic expectations of your audience.

Positive Spin on Negative Feedback: Transform the impact of negative reviews into opportunities for growth and improved energetic alignment.

Clearing the energy of a physical location and the elements that represent your business in addition to the perceptions of the past in the quantum field, wipes the slate clean so that it can be infused with the feelings of achievement, success, and appeal.

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Ready to Radiate with Success and Thrive?

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Tailored to your unique needs and goals, discover the perfect energetic solution for your home, office, or digital brand in three steps:

  • Book personalized Quantum Energy Assessment
  • Reconfigure the energetics of your home, office or business elements
  • Elevate to a world of enhanced well-being and business success.
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What's Included:

✔ Upward of 90 minute cleansing via remote viewing

✔ Light bath that infuses the high vibrational energy you select into your property or business elements  

✔ A detailed report emailed to you within 48hours. This describes what was found at the property, or energies entangled with the elements of your business, that have been cleared. (e.g. You might receive a room by room account of what occurred during the cleansing at the property, along with any exterior findings. If there has been water damage at the property, I am often guided to these areas and they will be listed also).

✔ A follow up discussion via Zoom where I will take you through the report, answer any questions you have and provide you with guidance to maintaining a high vibrational state.



Additional Information:

✔ If your property has been renovated I will often see the layout of your property in its pre-renovated state.

✔ If you have new furniture it will not be obvious to me when I view the property.

✔ I will be drawn to furniture or parts of the property that occupants don't like such as cushions, kitchens, tea rooms, walls they wish were removed.

✔ I prefer to cleanse properties when they are empty or occupants are asleep. We'll discuss logistics during your Quantum Energy Assessment.

✔ I may see events happening from a different time going back hundreds of years, if you share space with strong energies.

✔ It is not uncommon for Ascended Masters to arrive of their own accord during the cleansing and bless the space according to your needs. For example, if you have been talking to an Archangel or Goddess, they will often arrive and charge the space based on your private discussion with them.

✔ From time-to-time I may be guided to leave a high vibrational object in place, such as lotus flower.

✔ My reports are very detailed and may contain information that is new, unexpected and surprising for you, BUT these energies cannot harm you.

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Client Success Stories

Olga S, Melbourne Australia

“I recently contacted Sharyn about having my house cleansed remotely. I didn’t really know a lot about spiritual healing so I was a little sceptical at first. What Sharyn found was remarkable. Even thought I have lived in my home for over twenty years, what Sharyn discovered involved the previous owners of the home that I happen to know. An amazing experience that has helped both families in different ways. I am now a true believer. I found her to be so understanding and helpful. She was always available when I needed clarification and extremely patient. Although we have not met in person, I can honestly say that she is a beautiful person who is always willing to help. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done.”

Tina A, Rome Italy

"I reached out to Sharyn seeking remote property cleansing services while residing in Rome, Italy. Our apartment had been plagued by an unexplained heaviness and a pervasive sense of negative energy, which had begun to strain my partner's and my own interactions. We found ourselves constantly at odds, our moods irritable, with no apparent cause.

Your responsiveness and empathy were truly remarkable Sharyn. You comprehended the intricacies of our situation, and your insights were nothing short of astonishing. I distinctly recall the day you contacted me following the property cleansing. Your observations were uncannily accurate. You identified a density in our bathroom and detected a lingering male presence upstairs, describing his emotional state as one of anger or depression. Astonishingly, there is only one resident living above us, and last year, he inadvertently caused water damage to our ceiling while showering—an occurrence I was entirely unaware of until I shared your findings with my partner. My partner also told me the man upstairs has a punching bag which may account for anger and frustration we were both experiencing.

Your ability to dispel negative energy from our bathroom, kitchen, balcony, bedroom, and hallway leading to our apartment, replacing it with a sense of love and high frequency, has been transformative. Thanks to your intervention, our home has become a haven of serenity, relaxation, and renewed affection between us. We are immensely grateful for the positive change you've brought into our lives. Thank you!"

Dean B, Melbourne Australia

"I was very skeptical about having a property clearing but Sharyn came highly recommended by friends of ours so I thought that I might as well try it because I did not know what do about our 14 year-old son. He was too scared to sleep in his room, or anywhere by himself, and things had gotten so bad he would not even have a shower without someone standing outside the bathroom door. He would not tell us what was wrong so helping him was impossible. That's when friends recommended I speak with Sharyn. 

She is very good. She made it clear she wanted to get a feel for the situation to see if it was in fact 'other worldly' or psychological. I agreed to do the clearing and was still skeptical, which Sharyn picked up on. 

She's amazing. I didn't tell my wife or son I organised this for the home... but after the cleansing... like magic our son began sleeping in his bed, alone! He even began showering without needing to feel protected. I cannot tell you how much relief this has brought to me and my whole family. If you were going to have anyone do this work for you, you need Sharyn. She understands the childhood fears, the spirits, the energy... she can see a lot... she could even seen where I put up a temporary wall inside the home and that we never open the windows without setting a foot inside our home. Amazing talent and ability from someone so practical.

Having interacted with the spirit world from the age of seven and now mentored by the upper echelons of the spirit world, I have experienced a broad spectrum of energies and entities over the years.

The truth is the quantum field that we interact with, is nothing short of complex. Just as the hierarchy of light have different roles to play in supporting and guiding us, other energies have different roles to fulfil that do not always support our efforts to maintain a joy filled state.

I perform quantum clearings through remote viewing so that I can perceive the intricacies within a space and find what needs to be cleared based on my conversation with you.

If you're a business owner, your energy is make or break when it comes to your revenue. 95% of your client’s buying decisions are emotional (Source: Zelman, Harvard) and your bad mood, lack of sleep, frustration, and concern will stick to everything you do in business and will influence your customer's decision to buy from you, or someone else. The energetics behind everything your business represents will influence how your target audience feel and whether they become clients.

As an entrepreneur you’re also impacted by the energetics of your workspace and home. Over the years, more than 90% of the clients who have reached out for home clearings have been because of what their children are seeing and feeling in the home. I have so much compassion for children in these situations because I’ve been there too. It’s also a stressful this situation for their parents and you can’t be at your best during the day if you’re up half the night.

That’s why I’ve made this service customisable so that you can choose a level of clearing that is right for you, your home and your business. If you don’t have a business but would like to have your property cleansed, I’d love to support you restore harmony and joy in your home.

Not everything makes logical sense in our world. We only perceive less than 1% of our physical environment - the spectrum of light. The other 99% of our surrounding are unknown to us, so if you suspect there is more going on, chances are you’re right. You’re tuned into the energetics around you to varying degrees and I have no doubt your guidance system is alerting you to something being a little ‘off’.

It all starts with a conversation with me to discuss what you’re experiencing, what you would like to change and whether I am able to support you in this type of transformation.

Click the link below and request a Quantum Energy Assessment with me. Often the best way to know if you have interference energy around you is to have a conversation first. We'll see if this is an appropriate service for your circumstances and if we're a great fit to collaborate, we'll discuss next steps on the call. 

Ciao for now!

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If you have questions, I have answers

What exactly is the quantum field?

Everything is energy. Right now, as you read this, you’re unaware of more than 99% of your surroundings because you can only perceive the spectrum of light around you in your physical environment. Science tells us that the human eye can view a small portion, approximately 0.0035%, of light within the electromagnetic field around you. The other 99.9965% cannot be perceived with your physical senses.

Your other-worldly senses help you navigate the other aspects of the electromagnetic field around you, even if you don’t believe you have psychic abilities, you’re designed to interpret this information.

That bad feeling, picking up on the tension in a room, the sense of being watched, your home or office is not quite right, children terrified of the dark, or the bad feeling about a business or person for no logical reason is your higher senses interpreting the information in the quantum field and altering you so you can do something with that knowledge.

How Does Energy Impact My Home and Office?

The energy in our environments often felt as 'vibes,' holds a profound influence over our daily lives. More than just a feeling, these vibes are rooted in tangible, subconscious cues – from facial expressions to vocal tones. Our brains are remarkably adept at interpreting these subtle signals, drawing conclusions about our surroundings that deeply affect our mood and well-being.

Intriguingly, research reveals that even chemical signals, like those in sweat and tears, can persist in an environment, invisibly shaping our emotions. Imagine the impact: emotions like fear or happiness are not only felt but also shared and retained in the spaces we inhabit, influencing others long after their originators have departed (Source: NeurologyLive). This phenomenon underscores how human emotions are not only contagious but can become embedded in our homes and workplaces, subtly affecting everyone who enters.

But it's not just about accumulated energy. The quantum field, an expansive energetic landscape, reveals that not all discomfort in a space is due to lingering negativity. Earth-bound spirits, entities, and energies from other realms can add unseen layers of complexity, disrupting harmony and affecting our peak performance.

Recognizing and addressing these energetic dimensions opens the door to transforming your home and office into sanctuaries of peace, productivity, and positivity. Imagine a space not just free from negative energy, but actively infused with positivity, where every corner radiates harmony, and every moment is an opportunity for peak performance and wellbeing. This isn't just a change; it's a profound energetic transformation that elevates your entire living and working experience.

How Can Energy have Persuasive Pull Over My Brand and Business?

In today's digitally driven world, your business's online presence and logo are much more than just visual elements; they carry an energetic fingerprint that shapes how your audience perceives and interacts with your brand. This energy is a complex tapestry woven from your own thoughts and feelings about your business, as well as the perceptions and experiences of your target market and clients. When these energies align negatively, they can create stagnation that hinders growth and success.

Imagine if the collective sentiment about your business could be shifted from indifferent or negative to overwhelmingly positive. Consider the impact on your brand when the subconscious emotional barriers in your audience are replaced with an irresistible pull towards what you offer. This is not about changing appearances; it's about transforming the very essence of your brand's energy.

Energetic rebranding through Quantum cleansings does exactly that. It meticulously removes unwanted energies and entanglements, clearing the way for you to infuse each element of your business - from your logo to your website - with high light and the specific energy you choose. This reprogramming aligns your business with the frequencies of success, attraction, and positive perception.


Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman highlights that as much as 95% of purchasing decisions occur in the subconscious mind, driven largely by emotion (source: Inc-Aus). This underscores the immense power of energetically aligning your business to resonate with the desired emotions of your audience.

Don't let your business be like the one location in your neighbourhood that appears jinxed, or the sports team trapped in a decades-long losing streak due to unseen energetic patterns. Break free from these invisible shackles and embrace the power of energetic rebranding. It's time to redefine the narrative of your business, lift any 'curses' and pave the way for unprecedented success and connection with your audience.

Energetic rebranding is a quantum guerilla marketing strategy for any business aiming to thrive in the modern marketplace. It's about making your brand not just seen, but deeply felt and irresistibly attractive at its energetic core so you can watch it flourish like never before.

How do I know if I need a Home, Office or Corporate Building Cleansing?

Great Question! Below you’ll find the most common reasons clients have reached out to me over the years and in all instances there was a combination of entries and entities that were cleared from the property. If you resonate with a combination of any of the below, book a discussion with me to talk about your circumstances and if this work is a good fit for you.

  • Negative relationships and people not getting along.
  • Continual or spontaneous arguing about minor and trivial things.
  • People are quick to blame others or are highly critical of each other.
  • Controlling behaviours and micromanagement of staff where there is persistent unease and tension in the atmosphere.
  • Loud unexpected noises such as doors slamming, or things falling off a shelf that startle you.
  • Sudden changes in room temperatures.
  • Pets behaving strangely in certain rooms, such as a dog barking at a staircase.
  • Children feeling uncomfortable and scared of certain rooms, not wanting to go to sleep at night or being afraid of the dark.
  • Items going missing or finding your possessions in places they don’t belong.
  • Sudden changes in mood where you’re happy one minute and feeling angry and snapping at people the next.
  • Hearing unexplained noises during the day and night.
  • Having a feeling of being watched, getting the 'heebie jeebies' frequently.
  • Suddenly feeling tired and fatigued at odd times of the day.
  • Waking up feeling negative and agitated.
  • Fleeting strange odours around you such as an unrecognisable perfume or the smell of something burning.
  • Lights, electrical appliances and battery-operated toys operating by themselves.
  • Catching glimpses of people or shadows in your peripheral vision such as someone walking past a doorway when you are the only person in the building.
  • Seeing flashes of different coloured lights in your peripheral vision.

How do I know if My business needs Energetic Rebranding?

Go with your instincts on this one! Only you know whether the input in your business equates to the abundance and great client relationships you're aiming for. If something feels a little off though, you're probably right.

Even in instances where you’ve turned stagnancy around, the energy of those highs and lows and the frustration that came with them, can stick to your communication, how you’re perceived and how a collective will perceive you in the future.

  • You create content wondering who will see it.
  • You create social media content and wonder why you’re bothering when no one sees it anyway.
  • Nothing you post online leads to new client enquiries.
  • You’re not getting any engagement online.
  • Your email opening and click-through rates are lower than average.
  • Your generating traffic but your landing pages aren’t converting like they used to.
  • You feel jinxed because no matter what you do, which strategy you follow, nothing changes in your business.
  • You doubt the value and impact you can bring potential clients.
  • You feel like the market is saturated and it’s difficult to be seen.
  • You experienced an unprecedented interruption to your business and haven’t regained the momentum you had previously.
  • You received a negative review and anticipated the sliding impact this will have on your revenue.

There are many variables to this work. If you have a question not cover here, book a discussion with me and let’s chat about whether your business has a strategic  challenge or an energetic one.


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