My vision for you is that you are empowered to authentically embody who you are so you can stand in your vision and exceed your goals with ease in the radiant life you designed, your way.

This is the essence of uncompromised success.

I'm Sharyn Atkinson, your metaphysical maverick of transformation. I grew up in a typical middle-class family in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, but I have been on a path that has been anything but ordinary – a roller-coaster where the wisdom of the ancients has fused together with quantum science to reveal limitless potential.
My story isn't just about personal metamorphosis; it's a testament to a profound truth: anything you dare to dream, no matter how wild or unreachable it seems, can be your reality. The Abundance Mastery System™ stands at the core of this belief. It's more than a method; it's a revolutionary approach to unlocking the full spectrum of your capabilities so you can lead a successful, soul-satisfying life.
My path has been a ride of great highs and crashing lows! From corporate success, a lifestyle that ticked all the boxes on paper and accidentally manifesting my husband while writing my second book, to brutal litigation over an estate that threatened my happiness, relationship and business as a finance broker and business coach.
While this legal battle was filled with mental and emotional distress, it was also the container in which the Abundance Mastery System™ was born. I created rapid internal shifts that not only manifested the end of a legal battle in record time but gave me profound insight into discovering the keys to creating anything, against all odds.

Going into 2020, I felt prepared to navigate whatever was thrown my way. It wasn't just about surviving; it was about my inner determination to thrive unconventionally, follow my soul calling no matter how outrageous it seemed and exceed the goals I planned to achieve that year.

In a time when the world seemed to pause, I not only launched a successful six-figure start-up energy healing business but supported my husband to go from six to seven figures in the most locked-down city in the world.

I didn't just bend the rules of what was deemed physically achievable; I rewrote the rulebook, proving that we were truly untouchable as creators and that nothing can stop the internal force of the soul desiring to express its aligned purpose.

Sharyn Atkinson Author

The Abundance Mastery System™ is the trinity of transformation: mindset, metaphysics, and manifestation. Harmoniously intertwined in a powerful vortex that propels you towards unparalleled success. It's about aligning your thoughts, harnessing the limitless potential of the energetic world, and actively shaping your destiny through conscious creation.

But it's more than achieving personal milestones.

For the soul-led entrepreneurs and lightworkers of the corporate world, it’s about:
  • Turning ground-breaking ideas into profitable realities, ensuring your purposeful work continuously fuels both your soul, values and society.
  • Holding your energy steady, unearthing deep satisfaction as you create change from the inside, shaping policies, influencing culture, and being the beacon of progress in your professional sphere.
  • Unearthing all your spiritual and real-world gifts, talents and abilities so you can infuse your work with deep soul satisfaction, stand up and stand out from the competition with unshakable presence.
  • Aligning your purpose with your values to create your own paradigm that brings you increasing levels of joy in your personal and professional life.
  • Externalising your visions and desires consistently to be the architect of change, ensuring your vision flourishes and impacts the world in profound ways that are aligned with you.
  • Standing in your power as the ultimate creator of your reality and navigating the energetics of the quantum field to affect physicality and ensure your success.
  • Mastering your mindset to break through recurring outcomes, feel safe being yourself and execute life from an unshakable foundation of confidence and grace as you achieve the extraordinary.
  • Bringing your vision to life profitably with a strategy for financial resilience so you can continue to expand your purpose work and redefine norms that bring change across the world.


Sharyn Atkinson

Whether you're building your empire or elevating the corporate world, this journey is about merging purpose with profit, and vision with action. It’s a path where your unique gifts catalyse meaningful change, where your professional aspirations and personal growth journey fuse into a life of fulfilment and impact.

If you're ready to elevate your dreams, to manifest a reality where success is measured not just in milestones achieved but in lives touched and paradigms shifted, let's embark on this transformative journey together. Let's create a future where lightworkers thrive in every field, where entrepreneurs and corporate pioneers alike reshape our world, making the extraordinary your everyday reality.

Ready to stand in your vision and claim uncompromised success for yourself?

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