About me

My vision for you in this container is that you curiously step into your creator power with grace, so you can create soul-satisfying experiences and exceed your goals with ease, in a radiant life you designed.

I’m a holistic transformation life coach and master intuitive healer, living in Melbourne, Australia. I facilitate deep rewiring, healing and coaching allowing you to breakthrough subconscious limitations, integrate dormant abilities and reset your life on an upward trajectory of desire fulfilment as the operant creator of your life experiences.

Modalities I Use

  • Certified Transformation Life Coach
  • Certified TFT & EFT Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Alsemia Master
  • Ashati Master
  • Seichem Master
  • Healing Order of the Golden Dragon Master
  • Ascension Master
  • Higher Senses
  • Soul Rescue

I also work closely with my team of spirit guides & mentors. They are a highly skilled team.

If you were to measure how successful I was by social standards, my past ticked all the boxes. I had a wonderful fiancé, beautiful house, the car, the corporate six-figure job, the social life, I had travelled around Australia and abroad and on paper everything was perfect.

But it really wasn’t in many ways. There was that ever-present feeling that there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing. And before long, I felt trapped in a toxic work environment that I needed to fund my lifestyle and pay the mortgage. I was doing my best pretending to be content but this left me feeling irritated, miserable and empty.

Being a resilient and resourceful woman, I instinctively look for solutions to all obstacles in my path, and I follow that deep soul-shove in certain directions instead of relying solely on logic. And in moments like this one, that inner voice for me is exigent.

I’ve always nurtured my intuitive ability. I started interacting with the spirit world from the age of seven and while it was something I was terrified of initially; I grew up accepting that unexplainable things happen in the world and it was natural. My intuition was unexplainable too and early on, I treated it like a novelty. But as I listen to the subtle guidance it grew louder over time and this deep inner knowing and shove in certain directions has never been wrong.

Sharyn Atkinson Author

In my late twenties I was introduced to the Law of Attraction, and I discovered that I was a natural manifestor. I had instinctively been using this methodology to manifest my career success and had changed roles and industries seamlessly between management roles in telecommunications, state management in the advertising industry and business banker at the majors. I outperformed, received awards and recognition at a state and national level, at least a 10% pay rise each year in addition to regular bonuses and promotions.

I had so many examples of how I utilised this principal in my life and once I became aware of the framework, I began intentionally applying to other areas of my life.

I was thriving, and true to my manifested career achievements, I had great success when I published my first book ‘The G.F List – One Woman With a List of Men, Answering the Question Singles Hate’. The day after my launch party I appeared in the social pages of a major newspaper publication, I became an international best-seller, there were guest radio appearances, I was offered multiple guest-blog opportunities and I was even being contacted by newspapers for my expert opinion.

But I was frustrated and wondered why everything I touched in my work-life turned to gold but these techniques didn’t work uniformly across my life. I could not manifest a loving and committed relationship that was perfect for me. This just seemed to illude me, so I stopped trying. I decided that it ‘wasn’t meant to be’ and that I probably couldn’t ‘have it all’ and that I didn’t really ‘have enough time’ for a relationship anyway, so ‘why bother’? It was a lot of effort with no satisfying outcomes beyond the shady dating experiences that I recounted in ‘The G.F List’. 

I buckled down into work-mode and began writing my second book. Working on a project or researching a topic has always been fun for me and writing is one of my greatest pleasures. This time I chose to write a fiction novel, with myself as the main character. I wrote under a pseudonym about what happened after I published ‘The G.F List’. I decided that my second book, ‘Machiavellian’, would be a permanent advertisement for my first when readers made it to the end and figured it out.

I was three months in to writing my second book, when I discovered what a powerful creator I was.

I met the person whom I had made up as my fiancé in my novel.  His name was the same, the had the same profession, nationality, family dynamics… everything I invented, he had. Conversations I wrote about were starting to play out verbatim in my life with several people too, and this fictitious fiancé had around a dozen personal experiences that matched the ones I made up, such as having an ex-dancer-girlfriend, who liked to bake for him. This book, Machiavellian, became more than a coincidence. It was obvious that I had created these experiences, but I had no idea how I did it.

This fictitious fiancé is my husband now and after I accidentally manifested him, I began researching and unpacking how I did it, to replicate this process across all areas of my life to deliberately create my world, my way.


Sharyn Atkinson

I left my toxic corporate life and started my own business in finance and I was in an empowered, loved-up state with my fiancé and loving life. I considered myself to be an astute manifestor in all areas of my life. I was abundantly happy, healthy and successful. And right when everything was blossoming into my dream life, I faced upheaval.

As an empath, I always felt susceptible to the vibe I pick up on around people and places and if I felt uneasy, I could feel ‘off’ for several days. So when my higher senses suddenly amplified, I was overwhelmed and had no idea what was happening.

I was picking up on volumes of sensory information from the living and the spirit world. I received emotions, thoughts, thought processes, heightened telepathy, vivid and accurate dreams about friends in distress and my spirit guides were very much making themselves known, which I had not experienced before either. So much changed instantly that I even researched whether I had gone crazy. I hadn’t of course, but the spirit world that I had toyed with as an amusing hobby came and got me and made me take it seriously.

Listening to my guidance and following cryptic breadcrumbs, I began integrating my new metaphysical superpowers and using them in my daily life. Immediately following this, I would experience nothing short of the most horrendous emotional trauma I had experienced in my life. Which really made me angry to be honest because I certainly was not deliberately creating this shitty experience.


Sharyn Atkinson

I unexpectedly lost my father and while grieving, I found myself in litigation with a family member over the estate. I would later discover this was to be the training ground for my full spiritual awakening. I didn’t know this was a ‘thing’ that people went through as part of their soul journey, so my priority was figuring out how my manifesting power could be so off the mark in this situation.

I was an emotional mess and would mentally run through various legal scenarios that could playout in my mind. It was an all-pervasive drama and I did not like this shift away from my usual state. Listening to that inner voice, I was guided to embodying all aspects of who I was as a spirit having a physical experience. This was an empowering step and I began observing the bigger picture, all of the moving elements within it, without experiencing the emotional heaviness of the situation.

But there was still one question that I needed an answer to; How did I ended up in this situation if I was not creating it? I challenged everything I thought I knew and even doubted that manifesting was real.

One day and after allowing YouTube to run on ‘Autoplay’, for the first and only time, one phrase held my attention; ‘You can only experience something if your energy allows it’. I was hooked on those words as I wondered how my energy field allowed me to experience a legal battle. I did not believe this was possible. I had lost confidence and was sceptical of everything.


This concept fascinated me and if I was wrong about how the world worked and what was possible, then I would happily take on a new perspective to bring about solutions. Something told me that my new heightened abilities were a gateway to exploring energy work and if I cleared enough conscious and unconscious beliefs, I would experience something different in my physical reality. The theories of the light spectrum, neuroplasticity and quantum physics all supported the type of limited belief healing I wanted to do, and I wanted to see if my hunch was right.

I was all in! I was running on nonstop anxiety and adrenalin, but I didn’t feel like I didn’t know what to do next. I felt like this was the only way I could move forward. That inner guidance system kicked into high gear and I ran with it.

This was a pivotal moment for me. I had full awareness of the old vindictive reactions I could have utilised, and in this moment, I had a choice to either reignite them or choose to resolve the situation by going on an accelerated metaphysical quest where I would completely destroy a reality and all parts of myself that allowed it to happen in the first instance, lift myself higher and start a new reality. I chose the latter and I chose to find my resolution through love.

I relentlessly worked on myself every day, while creating the outcomes I wanted to see. At first, I saw no evidence that what I was doing was working. I doubted that coming from a place of love was powerful at all because those lower vibrational energies I was confronted with appeared to be more impactful than anything I was doing. I felt like quitting but somewhere deep within I knew that what I wanted to achieve was possible. That inner knowing pushed me forward with what felt like blind, clumsy faith in myself.

Then, after two months, I had progress. A date had been set for mediation. I was so excited by this. It was now or never! An opportunity for me to use everything in my metaphysical toolbox to burry a former life that gave me weeds and cause a positive ripple in the quantum field.

I threw everything I had at this situation and to my surprise this energy stuff worked. On the day of mediation, I had come out the other side with signed agreements and fair outcomes for everyone. I could not have been happier.


This was my rebirth; a new way of looking at and experiencing life. I began a new routine of clearing my energy field of everything, no matter how seemingly insignificant, that triggered a lower vibrational feeling. I resolved not to accept any experience that derailed me from a happy and joy filled state. I would simply not allow drama, and as an alternative to that I would create soul-satisfying experiences that were unobstructed from this moment onwards.

As different layers of energetic garbage fell away, I cleared anxiety, self-doubt, low self-worth, blame, anger and hundreds of fear-based reactions I no longer wanted. As the mental gymnastics stopped, calmness set in and I found myself effortlessly happy and things unfolding in my life with ease. I finally got the uniform consistency with manifesting I was looking for too.

At this destination I harness the metaphysical to affect the physical, and I arrived here through an instinctive ascension process guided by my higher power.

I have a great deal of tenacity and as I continually lift myself higher, the personal financial, physical, emotional rewards that unfold continue to surprise me. I’m in a naturally joy-filled state that gives me room to incorporate all aspects of who I am, my natural gifts, talents and abilities and live seeking experiences that bring me more joy.

I’m still human and I have moments where I feel impacted by something. When the pandemic began and the familiarity of our social construct fell away, I didn’t panic. I observed, cleared my energy field, and made new choices. In doing so, I experienced no disruption to my way of life.


When toilet paper was hard to come by in Melbourne and the supermarket shelves were empty, I created a shopping paradigm that went against what the majority of the population experienced. I could buy whatever I needed to, every time I did the weekly grocery shopping. Every. Single. Time. I live as an unlimited being, a spirit, having a physical experience where I choose in every moment to live purposefully with soul-satisfaction, no matter what.

I know you’ve heard that everything is made of energy. You were probably taught that at school, but the curriculum everywhere forgot to mention that you interact with the energy field around you whether you’re aware of it or not. Imagine what would happen if you began to incorporate the energetic aspects of yourself and through purposeful energetic interaction, you could design your life and bring about huge positive transformation in any way you could imagine. Did you catch the limitless potential opening up for you as you contemplated that?

When you’re on the dancefloor, doing your thing in life, it can be difficult to see everything that’s happening around you. That’s where I will gently usher you to the balcony that overlooks the dancefloor so you can see the bigger, unlimited, picture of possibilities with a fresh perspective.


I simply light a path for you that leads to a space where you can explore, have fun and thrive as the creator you were meant to be.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’ve had some success manifesting and want to start getting consistent outcomes in your life, no matter what.
  • You’re ready to draw the proverbial line in the sand, resolve to no longer be affected by circumstances, create new paradigms in your life and be the cause of amazing experiences in life.
  • You’re ready to experience a deeper connection in your relationships and embrace connecting with others.
  • You want to be shown how to uncover and incorporate your natural abilities, build a creator mindset, utilise your energy body and live taking guided action.
  • You’re ready to challenge what you know, go deep and unplug yourself from core limitations so you can live a steady, peaceful and joy-filled life.
  • You know you’re destined to achievement more and live a soul satisfying life and you want the bigger picture insight to do it in a way that is in alignment with your deepest desires.
  • You have an eagerness to embrace your imagination, and harness child-like curiosity to broaden your scope of possibilities and amplify your problem-solving capacity to reach solutions with ease.
  • You want to breakthrough mindset junk, feel safe being yourself and execute life from an unshakable foundation of confidence and grace.
  • You want to be shown how to trust yourself again with the courage to follow your gut instincts and know you are supported beyond what’s logical.

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