About me

My vision for you is to master the dynamics of wealth in your business so that your financial freedom is undeniable.

  You evolve into the thriving entrepreneur, visionary and business owner who attracts an abundance of ideal clients, continually exceeds your revenue goals, and feels empowered to manifest wealth so you can innovate and share your vision with the world, unencumbered.

I’m a holistic transformation coach and master intuitive healer, living in Melbourne, Australia. I empower entrepreneurs to reach their next-level income goals and feel confident manifesting financial freedom.

Modalities I Use

  • Certified Business Coach
  • Certified Transformation Life Coach
  • Certified TFT & EFT Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Alsemia Master
  • Ashati Master
  • Seichem Master
  • Healing Order of the Golden Dragon Master
  • Ascension Master
  • Higher Senses
  • Soul Rescue

Part of my team is vast community of spirit guides, mentors and tutors who are highly skilled light wave technicians who support our request for change in the ether.  

Years ago, I went through a profound transformation with money. Now I know, unequivocally, I can generate income, grow my asset base and investments, while having a debt free family life, no matter what life throws at me.

Looking back, I can see that I acquired a lot of my money smarts from working in business banking for the majors for over a decade.

In my last corporate role as a specialised banker, I was responsible for overseeing a billion-dollar portfolio, and it came with a very comfortable six-figure salary. While my expertise proved valuable when I broke out of the corporate world, it was my manifesting skills that enabled me to transfer that success to my finance brokerage and business coaching business.

When 2020 rolled around, I didn’t panic. I moved forward with my vision and started an energy healing business that generated just under 6 figures. That same year, I worked with my husband and he grew his IT business from 6 to 7 figures. Our businesses were thriving in the most locked down city in the world.

Sharyn Atkinson Author

Several years ago, when I was a finance broker and business coach, I thought my life was perfect. I was making money in my own business, I finally had the work-life balance I always wanted and I was engaged to the man I accidentally manifested when I wrote my second book. Then I experienced the worst year of my life and I felt myself crashing at lighting speed.

My dad died unexpectedly, and I was devastated. My sister and I had known for many years that we were executors of his estate and that everything he had worked hard for as a tradesman and rebuilt after my parents’ divorce, was to be split equally between us. I just didn’t imagine I would actually have to step up to finalise his estate one day.

I was shocked but the bigger shock for me was when I noticed items from the property went missing every time my sister went there. At first, I didn’t say anything. I chose to ignore what was going on because I didn’t want to rock the boat and make the situation any worse than it already was.

My way of coping was to hustle and try to wrap up the estate as quickly as possible because of the unwanted grief and deceit of the situation. I was struggling on many levels. To make matters worse, I was starting to see the impact this stressful situation was having on my business.

Within the space of two weeks, more than a thousand items had been removed from the property and I had enough. When I finally stood up for myself, it didn’t go down well at all. The situation escalated quickly, and I found myself in litigation over my share of the estate. I was a mental and emotional mess and if I’m really honest I was angry. Angry with my sister and angry with myself.

I had practiced deliberate creation for over a decade. It was a huge part of my life, and there was simply no way, I had intentionally manifested this situation. I started to doubt everything I thought I knew about the law of attraction and being able to direct the course of my life.

I could feel myself being invited into old patterns from childhood like retaliating every time my sister took my toys or helped herself to my clothes without asking. Even though I hadn’t been this person for decades, I could see the roles at play from my early years but I refused to join in.

Growing up, I heard stories of my ancestors who were either disinherited or missed out on their inheritance across generations, and I was afraid this would play out for me too.

The stress of everything that was happening was getting under my skin, and I could see the long-term impact this was going to have on the relationships with my clients and because I had no time for client acquisition, I knew my pipeline would dry up soon enough.

As my solicitor explained that this situation could take two years to resolve, this situation started to impact my relationship with my fiancé.


Sharyn Atkinson

He was already supporting me emotionally and mentally and with the idea of this legal situation dragging on for an extended period of time, carrying the load financially in our relationship was too much. I felt guilty for putting him in that situation and I offered him a way out because it wasn’t fair for him. I explained that if he didn’t want to get married anymore because of the money battles within my family, then I understood.

It was a whirlwind of destructive events that unfolded so quickly, as if it was on autopilot and I felt helpless to change or stop it.

I didn’t know who I had become. The mental chatter was overwhelming and far removed from my usual cheery disposition and I was determined to resolve it. To clear my mind I invested in a heavy day of house cleaning. As I was dusting, a phrase from an advertisement playing in the background caught my attention. As if it was directed at me and that phrase changed my life. That phrase was...

Sharyn Atkinson

I was determined to get to the bottom of what this meant and how my energy allowed for this traumatizing situation to unfold in the first place.

I was quickly guided to clear limiting beliefs through energy work as the way to achieve a resolution and as I learnt how to do it, I began to wonder why I hadn’t used my intuition or metaphysical abilities as a mechanism for solutions and creating experiences I wanted to have before.

I was highly curious but also extremely sceptical of seeing real-world, tangible results by taking this approach, but I had nothing to lose. I vowed there was no way I was going to allow this situation to drag on for up to two years and strip joy from my life in the process.

I pooled everything I knew about mindset, metaphysics and manifesting and worked on myself relentlessly, every day. I was all in.

For the first month, I didn’t notice any change, but I persevered. I refused to allow the old patterns, limiting beliefs and stories from my ancestors and childhood to run rouge and dictate what was manifesting in my life. So I went deeper, refined what I was doing, amplified the intensity and put together a daily practice that incorporated teachings of the ancients and quantum science to form the Abundance Mastery System™ I use with my clients today.

  1. Rewire my mindset so that I could envision and design the outcomes I wanted to see, free from doubt.
  2. Consciously create what I chose to experience with accuracy when I married metaphysical principals with the manifesting practices I knew exceptionally well.
  3. Alchemize myself to become a new version of myself as I cleared out the unconscious patterns and limitations from my energy field so that I had a clear path to experience the transformations and resolutions I sought.

To my surprise, things began to turn around and they turned around quickly. The litigation was fully resolved within 3 months with fair outcomes for everyone in-line with my father’s wishes outlined in his will.

There was no financial impact to my fiancé’s business, no need for him to carry me financially either and I’m now married to this wonderful man I manifested years ago.

I also experienced amazing support from my clients and other finance brokers in the industry who quickly referred clients to me so my pipeline was thriving once again. I received support and new opportunities for growth that weren’t there previously.

I was on a high for taking bold accountability of my unconscious mind and energetics, backing myself and trusting my guidance.

I loved who I had become through the drama as I lifted myself up and if I can be brutally honest with you, I didn’t imagine that I would find myself being happy, for no reason, all day long. The side effects of this work was phenomenal.

Now I know, wholeheartedly, that I can rewire anything about myself on the inside and deliberately influence what I experience in my life and how abundant my life is.

I am in control rather than old, unwanted and unconscious limiting beliefs and energetic patterns in conflict with the future I am boldly creating for myself and my family. This is my new normal.

I love the methodology & tools of Abundance Mastery so much, I still use them every day. I used this framework to step away from the finance industry all together when I started the energy healing business in I spoke about earlier in 2020.

As this business evolved with me, I took a year out of business, without my bank account taking a hit. I had new levels of drive and determination to get the right coaching and strategy in place to bring my vision of bold financial empowerment to the world.

Today, I work with clients so that they can experience this kind of phenomenal transformation for themselves and be an abundant badass. 

I would love to see more entrepreneurs and visionaries thriving, confidently creating their own version of wealth and bullet-proofing their income and financial security in the process.

This transformation that yields financial liberation is achievable for you too. You just haven’t been shown how to weave the pieces together to create the financial freedom you would really like to see in your business and personal finances.

I need to be honest with you too. Some of the energetics blocking you can be challenging to acknowledge and if that happens, I am going to give you all the space you need to maintain compassion for yourself, others and your journey as you become financially empowered.


  • You’ve had some success manifesting money and want to start getting consistent outcomes in your business, no matter what.


  • You’ve done all the training and followed the logical business building processes, but you need support to breakthrough to your next-level income goal.


  • You’re ready to draw the proverbial line in the sand, resolve to no longer be affected by external circumstances, create new paradigms in your life and be the cause of financial abundance in your life.


  • You want to be shown how to work with the energetics that impact outcomes in your business, utilise your energy body and take guided action to put yourself on an upward trajectory of financial fulfilment.


  • You’re ready to take bold accountability over your financial position, challenge what you know, go deep and unplug yourself from core limitations so you can be the entrepreneur who has work-life balance.


  • You have an eagerness to embrace your imagination and creativity to broaden the scope of revenue opportunities in your business and amplify your problem-solving capacity to reach solutions with ease.


  • You want to breakthrough mindset junk, be the visionary you know you’re capable of and execute life from an unshakable foundation of confidence and grace.


  • You want to be shown how to trust yourself with money and build wealth with the courage to follow your gut instincts, knowing you’re supported.
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