One-on-one, 2-hour alchemy and guidance session for professionals & entrepreneurs


High Vibe Activation


Land in a high-vibe state, connected to your rhythm for success and turn possibilities into desired outcomes in this alchemical experience.


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Prepare yourself for a powerful and transformative journey, where the fusion of practicality and profound insights will propel you forward, lifting you out of a funk and igniting your inner fire.

This experience is designed to inspire and invigorate, reigniting your motivation and rejuvenating your perspective. As you emerge from this transformative process, you will step into the world with unwavering determination, ready to face challenges head-on and embrace the multitude of possibilities that lie ahead.

When your business mojo is reactivated, you’ll tap into newfound strength and resilience, enabling you to overcome obstacles and move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

Alchemizing a path your goals starts here!

To land in a high-vibe state, we focus on outcomes not obstacles.

Limiting beliefs, heavy thoughts, emotions, recurring situations, life patterns and outcomes that keep you from reaching your goals are removed. Any goals you want to achieve are hard-wired in and your energy field infused with a high quotient of light so you feel like your ultimate self again and can move forward with a sense of purpose, direction, and simplicity.

When your vibration is high, things show up for you with ease and a sense of serendipity and you’re not only going to get out of a funk, but these permanent shifts will edge you closer to experiencing unlimited abundance in all areas of your life.


  • Before your session I will tune into you remotely to identify and explore patterns, limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotional states of your consciousness that will be removed to support the outcomes you want to see.

  • On the day, we’ll discuss your personal circumstance, what you want to achieve, and I may challenge you to dream bigger than you are currently and aim higher. Even if it feels like a stretch. This connects you to the parts of your subconscious that you have no conscious awareness of that limit your potential so they can be cleared. You may fall asleep during this process.


  • After your activation your energy field and consciousness will go through a process of repatterning to align you to a higher reality you want to experience in your life. This can take up to two weeks, which is common.

  • Once your activation is complete, you’ll start to notice your behaviour and reactions are different. The way people treat and respond to you also changes and it can be surreal to experience life in a completely different way to what you’re used to.

You’re about to discover how different life can be as your energy field starts to reflect back to you the higher reality you chose when you walked into your activation.

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Your Transformation

What unfolds after your activation can feel surreal. Here's some of what you may experience:

  • Greater clarity and sense of purpose so your decisions are aligned to the outcomes you want to see.
  • Less stressed out and anxious about everything you need to get done in a day.
  • Unbothered by people and situations that push your buttons so you can maintain higher states. (As though you have bullet-proofed yourself to bs!)
  • Unreactive to drama so you can focus on what matters to you most.
  • Barriers to achieving higher income lifting and new revenue coming in.
  • Ideal-fit clients reaching out to you in serendipitous ways you didn’t know were possible. 
  • Feeling calm in challenging situations so you can perceive solutions. (multiple alternatives!)
  • Beginning each day happier, feeling excited about what the day will bring.
  • Having new ideas come to you that help you move forward in the right direction.
  • Knowing which action to take that leads you to exceeding your goals and moving through each day with confidence and conviction. (goodbye procrastination!)


This is a transformational experience of alchemy that leverages your willingness to step into the highest and happiest version of yourself who loves life.

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Alchemize a path to fulfilling your goals in elevated states, fuelled by your fire! 

What's Included:

✔ 2-hour remote alchemy session

✔ A copy of your activation uploaded to your member library. You’ll be able to download and listen to the replay and transform deeper parts of your consciousness as many times as you feel is right for you.

✔ Depending on your objective, you may receive manifesting techniques, a mental diet or mindfulness practices to propel you forward.

✔ After alchemy guidance guide so you can create new empowering beliefs that support your direction and allow your goals to manifest with ease.

✔ After alchemy self-care guide so that your recovery is quick and easy.

✔ A post activation follow-up via email 7 days after your session.

Your Investment


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How to get started:

  • Book your alchemy session
  • Answer a few questions in as much detail as possible
  • Receive your booking confirmation via email with the Zoom link
  • Add your session details to your calendar

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Client Breakthroughs

Aruz A, Melbourne Australia 

“I am so blessed to have met Sharyn, phenomenal is an understatement! You will be blown away with her healing abilities, Sharyn never ceases to amaze me with her abilities and everything that she can see and feel, and how to really heal your energy and help guide you through the journey. Thank you for everything you do Sharyn and also for sharing your gift, you are amazing , kind, caring and incredibly unique. I would highly recommend everyone to try a healing session with Sharyn, you will feel amazing and want to go back for more! Thank you again Sharyn, I am glad to know you!

Elly G, Melbourne Australia 

“I had heard a lot about energy healing and was sceptical until I gave it a try. I am so glad I did. Sharyn was so welcoming and explained what she does and how it works thoroughly to me. During my consult, I was amazed at what she realised about me and that she was going to clear some of those issues. I was even more intrigued and couldn't wait to start. I have never experienced anything like this. The feeling that you feel while Sharyn is clearing is indescribable. I have never felt this relaxed and at ease. After my session, the feedback she gave me blew me away. Things Sharyn said were making sense and over the following weeks, I had noticed a lot of the issues I was experiencing, were not there anymore. Can't wait for the next session. Thank you Sharyn for opening my eyes to energy healing. Give it a go it's unbelievable.”

Kathy B, United Kingdom

“I had an incredible session with Sharyn. In the session she picked up on so many things that were true and so many exciting things for me that I've come away profoundly wowed! I was feeling uncertain about where I was headed and how to get there but now I feel so excited for myself and my future now! A total shift! Exciting outcomes are already on the way! Thank you for your time and skills.”


Sharyn Atkinson is a visionary and the only international transformation coach who combines metaphysical techniques with business strategy for entrepreneurs so they can hit their next-level income goals and feel confident manifesting financial freedom.

After working as a business banker for more than a decade and witnessing business owners struggle with cash flow in challenging economic climates, such as the global financial crisis, Sharyn knows things don’t have to be that way.

Combining energy work with her deliberate creation practice of two decades into the Abundance Mastery System™, Sharyn empowers her clients to work with the quantum field to get tangible and profitable outcomes quickly, regardless of what is going on in the world.

Sharyn has been described as ‘the real deal’ and a ‘truly gifted alchemical weaver of energy who takes chaos and turns into something beautiful’. Her clients feel ‘new sense of self-empowerment’ and are amazed by how ‘super easy’ change and achieving their revenue goals can really be.

Sharyn is committed to getting business owners the support they need to live life on their terms in a soul-satisfying business that they create, their way.

As a naturally curious and solution-focused individual, Sharyn actively explores principles of quantum science and metaphysics to innovate new ways entrepreneurs can simplify their lives and enhance their happiness without compromising their standards or values. Her passion for guiding others towards their goals and finding joy in everything she does make Sharyn a highly respected thought leader in the business coaching and quantum community.