Set your vision-driven business ablaze with abundance in this twelve-week high-touch immersion.


Financial Freedom Portal


Enter a new realm of unbelievable revenue highs, vision-infused leadership, and abundance mastery.

Illuminate the path to exceeding your financial goals in your mission-driven business 

Are you ready to open the gateway to your highest vision of financial success?

Are you ready to illuminate your life and lead others in the process?


Welcome to your revenue revolution.

In this space, self-made paradigms of financial success flow easily alongside the dreams of soul-led visionary leaders as they bring their gifts to life and create a ripple effect of positive change across the world.

This is the financial freedom catalyst for you if you have a vision for your business that is so big, that it commands new levels of wealth. You’re boldly called to rise and seize the financial abundance you’re entitled to.

Visionary, you’re not like any other business owner.
You have foresight, and creative ways of solving old problems and probably see the world differently because your awakening transformed your life and revealed new insights that have rocked your worldview.
You’re wired to lead with your message of transformation.
An internal force drives you to share your vision and inspire others on their journey. You have the foresight to see the impact you bring and contribute to society and the world. That’s the future you’re moving towards with a rebellious and compassionate spirit, fuelled by a tremendous amount of energy you draw forth time and time again to bring your vision to fruition.


You are a visionary leader.

When achieving your financial goals stagnates and you’re not generating the money you know you’re capable of, or you can’t break through to a high level of income to expand your reach to grow your vision, it’s beyond frustrating.

You desire for your vision to align with the revenue you planned for so you can say goodbye to those meltdowns over your laptop. You’re ready to do away with the feeling of messing up your financial future to see your vision come alive. Ready to feel like the gamble of following your fire has paid off because of your drive and unwavering commitment to succeed. You’re ready to land in a future brighter than you envisioned.

Today you stand, at a pivotal crossroads. To move into a portal and claim your destiny. It’s the portal where you gain laser clarity on how to align wealth with your vision as you step into the influential and powerful leadership that lies within you. It’s where you’ll permanently shatter the barriers that have imposed ceiling limits on your potential so you can soar.

This is the Financial Freedom Portal.

 I see the soul-led passion within you that keeps a candle burning for your business to succeed. For your mission and abundance to come alive, this is what we’ll activate inside the portal:

  • Unique Authentic Leadership. Unleash and integrate the version of you who is thriving in your business. You can picture and feel the realness of who you become when your purpose and profit align. Together, we’ll bridge the gap and activate the qualities and persona that set you up for success and set you apart from your competition so you can lead as a visionary CEO.
  • Sassy New Paradigms. Expand your scope of potential as we design your abundance goals, map out your path to a six-figure year (or month if that’s pinned to your vision board) and your bigger picture of business success that allows you to have the lifestyle, relationships, friends, family and amazing health you want and deserve. You’re about to have it all!
  • Magnetic Client Attraction. Get ready to identify high-calibre clients, that match your legacy work so you can wake up to opportunities in your inbox from people ready to work with you. They’re the clients you adore working with and they’re the ones who achieve profound transformation by experiencing your magic.
  • Strategic Wealth Creation. Repattern your subconscious mind to materialize your goals on autopilot as you master techniques that deliberately shape your financial reality and open the flow of revenue from multiple and recurring sources.
  • Aligned Business Strategy: Draw forth your Midas touch to weave your vocational work into the training and methodology you’ve invested in so that it moves with your goals of today and tomorrow, supports your outcomes and gives you scope to scale as you breathe abundant life into your business.
  • Bold Unparalleled Empowerment! Learn to trust your instincts and the synchronicities around you so you never miss an opportunity to grasp the moments and connections that catapult you towards your goals.


It's your time to burst open and radiate your magic!



The Path to Soul-Satisfying Abundance in Business 

An exclusive, three-month premium business intensive for visionary entrepreneurs who are ready to rewrite the rules of success and embrace the life skills of abundance mastery.

This is more than your average coaching program. The Financial Freedom Portal fuses practical strategies with the transformative power of the metaphysical and takes you through a reverse-engineered process so you land in an unlimited timeline of abundance.

It’s reserved for individuals like you who are driven by a profound vision and are unafraid to get a little uncomfortable on the way to gaining access to the ultimate secrets of financial empowerment that they can rinse and repeat for the rest of their lives. When you emerge from the portal, you will be masterfully skilled to externalise your vision, and I will have made myself redundant as your mentor in the process.

You were bold when you started following your vision and you’ve demonstrated great tenacity in pursuing a path that few want to venture down. This is the portal that takes you to a future of soul-satisfying freedom, wealth and purpose.

Are you ready to boldly complete your journey?


In 2020, my husband and I were thriving in the most locked-down city in the world. I started an energy healing business and grossed just under six figures in twelve months and that same year, my husband’s business grew from six to seven figures.

I got off to a rocky start that year... I had followed my guidance and that fire within myself to shut down my business coaching and finance broker business to share my vision. As 2020 began to unfold, doubt and regret began to take over though. Having worked in business banking and managed a billion-dollar portfolio in my old corporate role, I thought that succeeding as a start-up was impossible to achieve when there was so much change and uncertainty in the world at that time. My logical, banker mind also told me it was impossible for two businesses, in the same household to thrive under these circumstances. I saw how much this way of thinking limited my potential.

I like to write my own rules and 2020 was no exception. I tossed logic to the side and followed that deep soul calling that had spurred me into action. It was a challenge on multiple levels where I was excited about what I was creating and scared of failing at the same time. Ultimately, I decided it was an opportunity to experiment with my consciousness and test the concept that our thoughts determine our reality. I brought the tools of my Abundance Mastery System™ to the table and began creating what I intended to achieve that year.  

I envisioned, designed and created the outcomes I wanted to see and alchemized the obstacles in my way so I could achieve them. I stayed in my lane, indulged in possibilities, created new and obscure beliefs and manifested the outcomes I wanted to see. And you know what, the thought leaders of our era are right. Our beliefs shape our reality and what we experience in life regardless of what is happening in the world, country or local community.

I achieved extraordinary outcomes! I realised that what’s happening in the world doesn’t matter, how you choose to relate to it is the only thing that does. I could rewire anything about myself on the inside to deliberately influence my external reality and manifest financial freedom even in times of global uncertainty.


 I want to see every visionary defy the odds, global uncertainty, dissolve obstacles in their path and masterfully exceed their financial goals in their business. If I’m honest, that’s the only ‘new normal’ I’m interested in. I would love to see you experience a profound wealth transformation of your own and feel confident that you have the right skills in place to create financial abundance and security well into the future.

Inside the portal, you’ll imbed the teachings of the Abundance Mastery System™ and master weaving the elements of mindset, metaphysics and manifesting together to deliberately create dynamic wealth, line with your bigger vision for success, where your revenue goals unfold with consistency, and you skilfully build sustainable wealth that leads to financial freedom. 




What if you could…

Dissolve everything holding you back from experiencing aligned purpose and profitability in your business and build a suite of resources that allow you to command a new wealth paradigm. You’re so close to stepping into the reality you’ve envisioned and experiencing the heart-centred explosions that come from impacting your tribe in a profound way that only you know how to deliver.

Your highest reality is waiting for you to clear a path to it and build financial finesse to see you rise and meet the new levels of revenue growth calling to you as your purpose evolves and expands to new heights. You deserve to have the impact and income you’ve planned for.


Transform Your Inner Landscape and Externalise the Soul Fire of Your Vision


Financial Freedom Portal

This immersion converges mindset mastery, metaphysical insights, and manifesting techniques, empowering you to confidently create a lasting wealth paradigm for both your business and personal net worth.

I have a vision for you that not only will you land on an upward trajectory of soul-satisfying wealth in your business, but you will be so skilled at manifesting sustainable wealth that can withstand the most challenging global circumstances and that you can make me redundant as your mentor.

You were born to thrive, I’m here to illuminate a path for you and help you navigate your dreams as you boldly walk forward claiming what you’re entitled to receive.

You’ve got this!

Step into the portal and emerge with:

Your Transformation

  • A magnetic mindset that enables you to stand in your vision, perceive higher potential for growth and prime your business to scale to your next level, ahead of time.
  • Rapid shifts in your financial reality as you reverse-engineer soul-led revenue highs in your business.
  • Limiting beliefs that were blocking your prosperity are gone forever so that the natural expression of confidence, clarity and power emanates from your leadership style, attracting your ideal clients.
  • Being delighted by an audience of clients who love working and paying you for your creativity and innovative thought leadership at different price points across your product suite.
  • Having a consistent flow of clients approach you from expected and unexpected places, ready to work with you, without needing to think about it.
  • An aptitude for problem-solving and turning challenges into opportunities, as you anticipate how to transcend roadblocks, so you never get stuck spinning your wheels in business.
  • Newfound confidence using and trusting your intuition to guide you to elevate to your highest level of affluence.
  • Universal language consciousness so you never miss the support, guidance and information you need to quantum leap into your vision.

Your Abilities

  • The know-how to create and materialize a new wealth paradigm that you can rinse and repeat for life.
  • Amplified perception, intuition, and higher senses so you can access a large volume of information and resources to support you in achieving your dreams.
  • An expansive and creative mind to perceive and delight in possibilities, alternatives, and new ways to support your audience long-term and evolve your vision.
  • The power to identify and dissolve limiting beliefs, energy blocks, heavy thoughts, emotions, and recurring obstacles holding you back from the prosperity you deserve.
  • The ability to materialize your desired financial outcomes and build a sustainable and healthy bank balance no matter what happens in the world.
  • The art of hard-wiring new beliefs into your subconscious so that you generate revenue from a conscious and unconscious perspective that’s in alignment with your purpose.
  • The magic of establishing bold and brazen beliefs so you can manifest your goals even if you have limiting beliefs and obstacles in your way.
  • Your master map for strategizing and sharing your vision with the masses so that it is seen and valued by the right people, it feels easy, and you generate abundance as your aspirations are fulfilled.

Your Future 

Your future is the one you envision, design and create, and alchemize yourself to become.

When I created this transformational program, I designed it to be the only work you need to do to confidently create your financial freedom well into your future by mastering your power and influence, so your success is undeniable. 
This is a potent expansion of consciousness that will illuminate the path ahead so you can achieve your dreams now and for the rest of your life.

To amplify your breakthroughs in this immersion this is how you'll get there:

  • Self-Made Paradigms: To embody the visionary leader you envision yourself to be, we’ll reverse-engineer outcomes so that the outdated aspects of who you are fall away and you naturally ascend to your highest expression.
  • Mindset Repatterning: Dissolve limiting beliefs and patterns conflicting with your level of prosperity, create supportive beliefs and extend beyond convention to create outrageous and extraordinary experiences in business and your life.
  • Alignment Audit: Dive into your business and offers to ensure they are a match to your vision and highest potential. You’ll explore your Personal Entrepreneurial Persona for success and weave your full potential into your business so that a magnetic vibe draws abundance to you.
  • Client Audit: Explore, test and refine your niche to pinpoint high-quality clients aligned to the unique medicine you provide so you can enhance your messaging and draw more of them to you.
  • Business mapping: Future business visioning to explore all the ways your business can evolve as you expand your vision, and the product suite and mix that support your bigger picture, so you can bring it alive.
  • Fulfilment Formula: Your recipe for bringing your mission alive, knowing what collaborative pieces you need to bring in so that when you share your vision it is received by the people you were born to serve.
  • Abundance Mastery: Understand the cycle of mastering your inner landscape so that your highest vision is externalised through the fusion of mindset, metaphysics and manifesting.
  • Manifesting Maestro: Activate your power to create and command new paradigms in collaboration with the higher aspects of who you are and co-create your destiny.
  • Quantum Collaboration: Leverage the power of feeling and unspoken communication in your business as you learn how to access and use the quantum field to massage desired outcomes into place.
  • Universal language: Interpret the signs and synchronicities of the metaphysical to interpret the opportunities within the gap between envisioning your goals and the time it takes for them to materialise so you can propel yourself forward.
  • Ultimate Empowerment: Say goodbye to the phrase ‘in hindsight, I should have known’. As your intuition and higher senses come alive, you’ll learn to trust your instincts and decisions beyond your logical mind so you take the right action to achieve your goals.

This is intense purpose alignment and profitability mastery training, coaching and alchemy for those who are done waiting for everything to fall into place and desire to elevate their influence over circumstances to boldly experience their world, their way.


Inside this high-touch touch, container we’ll meet weekly for:

Coaching Sessions: We’re going to dream, future vision and plan what your business and life look like when you have it all. This is all about you and the future you want to create, and that comes from being crystal clear on what you want so that we can draw it to you and celebrate your breakthroughs along the way.

Training Sessions: During our time together, you’ll master my Abundance Mastery System™ of mindset, metaphysical and manifesting. When you emerge from the portal, you’ll take with you a magical set of life skills that support you in achieving your future goals, find creative workarounds to external factors that typically disrupt business so you can continue building sustainable wealth as you expand your vision and impact in the world.

Alchemy sessions: Powerful energetic rewiring and consciousness repatterning sessions that will blow up outdated realities as limiting beliefs, heavy thoughts, emotions and sabotaging patterns are wiped away from your internal landscape. We don’t stop there though. Together we’ll create unique beliefs that bring extraordinary experiences and results to you.

Inclusions & Bonuses:

  • Your copy of the Life Purpose Fulfilment Codes White Paper & Bonuses 
  • Access to the Map of Shadow® with detailed core limiting beliefs that block you from achieving the success and abundance you desire and deserve. 
  • Access to all materials, coaching, training and alchemy sessions stored in your member library for life-long access. 
  • All Alchemy Sessions are programmed with light waves in collaboration with the spirit realm to deliver deeper healing when you listen to the replay. 
  • Guided visualization to clear limiting beliefs and support your learning as you become masterful at dissolving obstacles in your path. 
  • A personalized guided alchemical meditation to embody your big-picture vision as you move towards it. 
  • Voxer support for technique refinement between sessions to help accelerate your growth and materialize outcomes at lightning speed. You’ll have me in your back pocket like a genie in a bottle if you need me. 

If you’re ready and can sense that you are on the precipice of living your highest reality, this is the methodology to take you to the top.


In the Financial Freedom Portal business intensive, you will learn the tools to command new levels of wealth so that your money aligns with the vision you have for transforming the world through your business.

In the first month, you’ll deep dive into yourself and your vision. Through an alignment audit across your business, and clients we’ll refine gaps and synchronize your vision as we pull in more of your gifts and natural abilities into your business model. We’ll use this as a basis to create your new paradigm for wealth and the lifestyle you want to live in alignment with your vision and values.

You’ll begin a process of Mindset Mastery, where you'll clear the path to abundance, cultivate confidence and clarity, and empower your belief system so that you become the creator of your prosperity.

In the second month, with heightened intuition you’ll tap into universal energy and access metaphysical insights within the quantum field so you can access greater support, and resources to expand your circle of influence energetically to attract the right clients and opportunities to you. You will begin to experience a profound shift in your daily experiences and start having new flows of revenue coming to you.

In our final month together, you’ll learn the art of creating supportive beliefs that powerfully manifest on autopilot in addition to your natural style of manifestation. You’ll have access to manifesting techniques to accelerate turning your vision into reality and cultivate a precise strategy for achieving consistent, profitable results in your business no matter what.

When you emerge from the portal, you’ll be firmly planted on a vision-aligned upward trajectory of success, armed with the life skills to build and sustain wealth so that you ultimately embrace financial freedom as your new reality.

Expect to exceed the financial goals in your mission-driven business.

Your Investment


Pay in Full

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Payment Plan: $3,111 per month over three months

(Price in Australian Dollars)

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When you apply you'll answer a few questions and book a time in my calendar. We'll discuss the financial breakthroughs you want to see in your business and how the Financial Freedom Portal will be tailor to you before you dive in.

While the topics I cover with my clients are the same, this is a bespoke program for everyone and is customised to you.

This intensive is for you if:

  •  You have been in business for at least twelve months.
  • You have worked with a business coach previously and implemented their methodology, but you require additional support to incorporate your message in an authentic way so you can bring your vision to life.

  • You’re currently working with a business coach and need support to implement their strategy with your mission woven into the fabric of your business so you can experience accelerated results, maximize your time with them and become one of their best success stories.

  • You’ve had your business for a while, and it feels more like a hobby because you cannot generate the income you need to sustain your current lifestyle without working elsewhere and you’re ready to change that.

  • Your vision for creating significant transformation for others and leaving a legacy feels bigger than you are right now. You know you’re holding yourself back from stepping up as a visionary leader and you’re ready to change that for good.

  • You know that you’re going to have a profound impact on the world and live the lifestyle you’ve been coveting, and you need strategy and support to put the pieces together so that everything clicks into place and you can start living your vision.

  • You know that you have inner work to do to change your reality and haven’t been able to pinpoint what you need to clear to move ahead. You are prepared to take ownership of your current outcomes and the aspects of yourself that need tweaking to get different results.

What clients are saying:

Kerry P. ~ Perth Australia

“Sharyn is highly gifted. So many shifts happened quickly, I am just amazed. It was as though I woke up to opportunities for money one day, which was beyond amazing. I had a text message from a business owner I had a casual conversation with, ready to hire me. As if that wasn’t magical enough, I received an email from a client who wanted to know if I could work with them on an on-going basis. So super excited that this happened super-fast. I feel like I am having power days where everything is super cool, super easy… opportunities to collaborate appear out of nowhere. Amazing.”

Tara K. ~ Melbourne Australia

“I migrated to Australia many years ago. I’m a single mum and now that my kids are getting older and about to leave school, I want to do something for myself and I would love to be dentist. I applied to dental school for the past three years and was rejected each year. They say I don’t meet the criteria but when I read the criteria, I do. This was disappointing and I gave up. But Sharyn asked me what I wanted to do and what my dreams were, so I told her my dentist story. We did a couple of sessions together and she gave me exercises to do. I didn’t think anything would change when I applied to dentistry school again, but it did. I got in! Now my son is starting university and so am I. Sharyn is a wonderful angel. She has such a gift. I cannot thank her enough.”

Michele G. ~ Queensland Australia

“I recently received an energy healing via distance with Sharyn. I highly recommend Sharyn. She is a deeply intuitive and gifted healer. The healing session itself was a unique and enriching experience. Despite not being in the same room as Sharyn, I was able to feel the energy healing and relaxed into a very deep state where time seemed to go very fast even though the session was actually quite long. After the session Sharyn gave me some super interesting feedback about what she experienced and what she had been able to help me with during the healing including limiting beliefs. She helped balance and clear my chakras and provided feedback about my spirit guides. I was also given some homework to help me improve connection to my guides. Since my healing I have noticed that things which were bothering me and taking me off centre are now much less of an issue which has really freed up my thoughts.”

Nadia T. ~ Melbourne Australia

“It’s so funny. I don’t seem to feel anxious about what people think. It doesn’t occur to me to worry about it which is new for me. And I noticed that my husband is complimenting me on my art-work off his own bat – usually I have to ask him for this opinion, but he’s volunteering it. And I’m having really lovely conversations with my son who is usually a moody teenager. He has a new kindness towards me. It’s so funny… all of a sudden people started being different around me. Really lovely. Thank you.”

Arzu A. ~ Melbourne Australia

“I woke up with the feeling of joy surging through me. I even found strangers were smiling at me and I was smiling back! Usually I don’t even make an effort to make eye contact with strangers at all but I found myself just being happy on auto-pilot and I noticed this joy beaming right back at me. Amazing! It’s so great to feel this way in the morning for no apparent reason. I want more of this!”


Sharyn Atkinson is a renowned author, creator of the Map of Shadow® and Abundance Mastery System™, a highly experienced business coach, Metaphysical Transformation Coach and Master Intuitive Healer. With a decade-long career in business banking at the majors behind her, Sharyn empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to navigate financial challenges, achieve tangible outcomes and manifest financial freedom as the operant creator of their experiences.

Drawing from her extensive experience in diverse industries, Sharyn champions her clients to clear limiting beliefs and patterns and incorporates metaphysical principles to enhance their personal and professional growth. Her unwavering commitment to her clients' success has made her a highly sought-after expert in her field.

Sharyn resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, who she accidentally manifested while writing her second book. In addition to her professional endeavours, she enjoys cultivating her vegetable garden and cooking cuisine from different cultures worldwide. Sharyn is an avid traveller who delights in discovering the unique beauty and history that has shaped each nation and their way of life.

As a naturally curious and solution-focused individual, Sharyn actively explores principles of quantum science and metaphysics to innovate new ways entrepreneurs can simplify their lives and enhance their bank balance without compromising their standards or values. Her passion for guiding others towards their goals and finding joy in everything she does make Sharyn a highly respected thought leader in the business coaching and healing community.

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to take brazen action to command your finances, I’m committed to empowering you to gain the confidence to curate your financial freedom and champion you every step of the way.

Investment $7,777 (AUD)