Intuitive Intelligence


The path to activate an unshakable presence as an insightful-badass with subtle & powerful influence


An immersion into your natural abilities to reveal unshakable confidence & a commanding presence, that's layered with the skill to influence the underlying energetics of any situation to affect physicality and remain in alignment with your heart-centred values and vision.

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You know that you’re not like everyone else. You might see yourself as an empath, highly sensitive person or highly intuitive, but secretly you wish you could just be ‘normal’ instead of being shaken about unexpectedly by the sensory information you pick up on. There are days where you feel like the only way you can feel like yourself again, is to withdraw from the people around you.

I see you. I’ve been through it and because of that, I see the powerful transformation and awakening that is within reach for you.

The truth is these abilities are a gift and to overcome the unease your higher senses brings you the best place to start is by leaning into them to explore what you’re truly capable of. You are the secret sauce you need to feel like you can handle any personality, situation, build more meaningful relationships and enhance every aspect of your life and live abundantly with insight, integrity and influence.

Your higher senses might not have been easy for you so far. You might be...


Pulling back from others and choosing to isolate until you feel ‘normal’ again? – No thanks!

You’re unique and powerful so why would you want to go through a process of disempowerment to feel like everyone else?  You’re a spirit having a physical experience and you’re designed to connect and interact with others… you’re one of the fortunate ones who were given additional tools to enhance that experience and thrive.   


Feeling like the weird one in the room because you see things differently, don’t find the same things funny or important at social gatherings, meetings or are put off by big personalities? Take a deep breath, and let that go…

Accidently creating thought patterns that leave you feeling misunderstood, not enough, overwhelmed, and anxious gives your power away because on some level, you don’t think you can handle what you’re presented with as a gentle soul. You don’t need to feel powerless about being sensitive. You need to master your intuitive mind in harmony with your logical mind, know how to access the electromagnetic field around you, to get instantaneous insight tweak the underlying energetics, ninja-style, to anchor into radical self-acceptance.


Getting stuck in indecision, self-doubt, fear-based reactions, feeling drained and unfulfilled because you feel like this lifetime was supposed to be different compared to how it has played out. – Time to let go of that intensity lovely.

Being indecisive, doubting yourself, feeling worn out and like you were dropped off in this lifetime but missed the briefing session about what you were getting yourself into are all signs that your intuition is in high gear, you’re just not listening to it. Once you know how to trust yourself and what you perceive, you’ll eliminate self-doubt and self-sabotage, take the gamble out of your experiences, and make powerful, soul-satisfying life decisions with ease while saving you time and resources.

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Intelligently using your intuitive abilities isn’t reserved for the most gifted women. It’s something that’s possible for you too.

An awareness that you’re perceiving something beyond your five senses is a great place to start. Knowing you’ll have support to safely navigate the intricacies of these gifts, is what you can expect from me.

During our work together we dive into your energetic blueprint, and align you to the truth of what you’re capable of, in sanctuary. We layer on accessing hidden gems in the electromagnetic field and aligning to the higher and loving aspects within it, that authentically propel you forward. In the essence of this space, you can change pace and lean in for additional support when you need it.

I’m simply here to light a path for you that says, ‘this way, I’ve got you’.

Creating greater ease, meaningful relationships with healthy boundaries and knowing what steps to take beyond what’s logical, while being anchored in self-conviction, is a reality you can step into.

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I love being intuitive and I’m so grateful that I’m able to use this ability skilfully, everyday. I get deep insights, I know if people are being honest, I know what my next step to take is, I love being the most aware person in the room but most of all, I love how much I trust myself and the decisions I make. But it wasn’t always this way…

One time in my twenties, I remember going out for dinner and meeting up with friends at an old restaurant in the city. We were laughing and having a good time. We went inside and ordered drinks and then BOOM! Out of nowhere I felt really uncomfortable. You know that feeling you get when a sleazy guy is talking to you and you start tensing up, looking for the nearest exit? That was feeling I had, only there was no creepy guy… just my friends and I.

It was bizarre, and before long, my friends started asking me if I was ok because I had gone quiet all of a sudden. Then I got embarrassed because nothing was wrong but this feeling continued throughout dinner. It wasn’t until we were saying our goodbyes out the front of the restaurant that I felt like myself again. And I remember one of my friends looking at me, confused… wondering what my problem was. And for me, it was obvious… I was an empath. That was my problem...

What changed?

I was in a client meeting with two directors, discussing their business, and as I was listened to them, I started downloading deep insights for them. Random ideas about what they could explore instead of why they came to see me for funding, what to talk to their accountant about and how they were both feeling at the thought of proceeding with a loan as their business was currently and it gave all of us chills.

Before meeting with me, they had spoken quite frankly with each other about their future direction. And here I was, their banker, relaying the essence of that conversation back to them and talking them out of funding in the process. It was a powerful meeting and it showed me that there was a lot more at play than simply labelling myself as an empath.

That was a life-changing meeting for me and that’s when I began playing around with what I could do. I learned what my full suite of higher senses were and how to develop and use them. Then I took it further and started exploring telepathy and how my energy body worked in harmony with the electromagnetic field that we are connected to.

Now, I’m that person that who is quietly confident and steady in any situation. I feel everything and if I want to, I’ll go deeper into the energetics of a situation or redefine my boundaries if I’m not in the mood to engage. I know how to intentionally work with the field of energy in the moment to create subtle change and I love being the most aware person in the room.

I turned my intuitive innovation into a strategic skill.

I know you can relate to those moments where you feel like you have it all together and then shift into a hot-internal-mess of raw emotions and thoughts and there’s no logical reason for you to be experiencing them. It can be emotionally painful feeling like the odd one out.

That’s why I created Intuitive Intelligence. So you can lean into your abilities and feel strong and insightful, trust yourself to make powerful decisions and set healthy boundaries by working in harmony with energy, in a way that is comfortable for you. Having this advantage, is like being an undercover, graceful-badass.

My vision for you when we work together is that you master your uniqueness, skilfully apply everything you’re capable of and glide through life with ease, in a natural state of happiness.

Mastering your intuitive abilities and using them intelligently involves shifting your mindset, getting familiar with your energy body and the electromagnetic field and being intentionally metaphysical as you play with the principals of quantum science.

This is not only about learning intuitive abilities, broadening capabilities and testing it out for yourself. It’s about finding your unique magical way to interact in the field, have deep, heart-felt insights and feel steady and strong within yourself to apply your knowledge in a meaningful way, that enhances your life experiences.

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Intuitive Intelligence is an intimate 12-week program for conscious women leaders who are ready to anchor into the clarity and grace that comes from owning their full intuitive power.


You’re in the right place if you:

  • Are a driven corporate professional, or a banker like I was, who wants to maintain their heart-centred integrity while being taken seriously
  • Have a strong vision to create an impact in your family, community or world and want to have the tools to do it with the least resistance
  • Are a conscious entrepreneur wanting to feel steady and have greater influence in your interactions and communications
  • Deeply desire to master your natural gifts and feel unshakable in any situation, no matter what is happening around you
  • Know that you’re capable of more and are determined to bring your gifts to the forefront and take a bold step into yourself
  • Are an empath or highly sensitive person who wants to do away with overwhelm and disempowering thoughts to experience a different way of living with intuitive abilities.

A gentle, yet powerful, realisation of true self is what we’re moving towards.


Are you one of those brave enough to listen to that inner voice, explore what is beyond your logic to unearth a future of intention-driven possibilities, purpose and passion?


Mastering your higher senses isn’t the only thing you’ll access during our time together.


You’ll also walk away with:

  • A spiritual team of advisors, mentors and guides to support you. Their knowledge is a vast resource for you to draw on, any time, anywhere.
  • Knowing how to 'hear' your guidance and how the universe brings you solutions, so you never miss an opportunity again.
  • The natural feeling that comes from reduced stress as you trust yourself and take the guess work of decision making.
  • A mindset that supports feelings of safety as you express yourself, just as you are.
  • The competency communicate energetically with your guides & quantum field to receive guidance and influence change. 
  • Feel centred and grounded as you connect deeper into your abilities
  • Understand your unique way of connecting to the others energetically and how to use it to communicate intentionally.
  • The authority and skill to maintain seniority over your energy. You'll clear limiting beliefs, see how they are stored in your energy body and learn how to set healthy energetic boundaries. 
  • Deeper connection to your soul and higher self so that you live from a platform of heart-driven action that brings you soul-satisfying experiences.
  • The ability to use your energy body to build more meaningful relationships.
  • A process to energetically feel into alternative choices available to you so you can achieve the best outcome.
  • Amplify your imagination and creativity to receive information, increase problem solving ability & boost your manifesting power. 
  • Align with the power of intention to direct and conduct the flow of energy to amplify your productivity and success.
  • The recipe for living in the energetic rhythm of your life to create change at any level, including the traffic.
  • Have an unshakable presence in social situations, with all personalities, and unapologetically be your own variety of social butterfly.


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Here’s the modules we cover in the program:

Getting to know you & your energy

This module is a deep dive into the intuitive gifts you have, and activation of the ones that you’re using unconsciously. This is also an exploration into how you see yourself and the limiting beliefs you have about being intuitive so we can being upgrading your mindset right way. It’s a practical shift in awareness expansion to make room for the new you.

Creating your future self

It’s important that you have a future vision of yourself to set as a destination. This process is as unique as you are and together, we’ll brainstorm what your future self looks like and I’ll challenge you to breakthrough paradigms and consider what’s possible for you as a stretch. From a restricted perspective it’s natural to limit your future potential, so we’ll try different realities on and see how they feel for you. We’re going to take note of all the fears and doubts that come up for you during this process too, and I’m going to encourage you to acknowledge and share whatever they are – even if they seem ridiculous, which is normal by the way.

Clearing out the old

This module runs concurrently throughout your mentorship with 7 x healing sessions to clear limiting beliefs, patterns, triggers, disturbance energy, your reputation and how you are perceived, tidy up your energy field so that you have space to welcome in your future self. As you’re attuned to your future vision we’re going to bring it forward into the present so you embody this energy and a new way of doing things. You will have a recording of each healing session in your member library and you’ll be able to listen to the replay to heal on deeper levels each time

Channelled mental diet designed to shift your mindset & bulletproof your ego

As you begin clearing out the old, you will open up new pathways for doing things in the mind and start building new, supportive beliefs that are going to build your confidence, give you greater clarity, and enable you to know and feel very deeply that you’re capable of achieving anything.

Get acquainted with your energy body

Here you’ll go beyond the healing and maintenance work that your energy system needs and start using your chakras and aura in everyday life to interact with the electromagnetic field around you. You’ll explore how your energy system is picking up intuitive information and how to communicate energetically. Maintaining your energy field is a personal responsibility so you’re also going to learn about energetic hygiene practices so you can is balance your chakras, cut energetic cords (and create them intentionally), setting boundaries and how to clear limiting beliefs.

Building your team of guides & mentors

Your physical body is very wise and is always supporting you in all ways. In this module you will reconnect to feeling deeply, from the heart and calibrate your body so you become your own divination tool. This begins to build deep levels of trust in yourself and the intuitive information you receive. You’ll become a walking truth detector through this process and you’ll learn the power of asking the right questions to help you put your intuition into context and gain deep perspectives. This forms the foundation to building your team of spirit guides and mentors, who you will meet. You also become familiar with the ways they communicate with you throughout your day. 'Hearing' their guidance is a skill anyone can learn. 

Awareness exploration & the quantum field

You will have so much fun in this module as you play and experiment with your own awareness, where it can take you and what you can perceive with greater insight into the past, present, future, locations, your physical body, relationships, the Akashic records, past lives and how you can use these techniques to help you make decisions.

Me, Myself & I

To truly live from a place of purpose and have those soul-satisfying moments in life, there’s no better way to do that than in communion with the higher aspects of YOU, interlaced with the innocence, fun and imagination of your inner child. In this module we’re going to begin the process of connecting with your soul, higher self and inner child, which is deeply healing and rewarding practise. I know you’re going to love the sense of wholeness and power that comes from drawing in all parts of you.

Integrated support

Throughout this program you’ll receive support from me as you integrate these practices into your days. You have Voxer access to me where you’ll be able to send me short messages for clarity and guidance as you develop your abilities and new awareness comes through for you. Before our time together concludes, you’ll go it alone and receive two fortnightly check-ins where you’ll be able to share your successes, what has shifted for you and what you intentionally plan to achieve with your new suite of abilities and empowered to gracefully glide through life.

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This is the embodiment of your inner goddess who is powerful and fierce, deeply compassionate and lovingly as she uses her influence to strategically be the cause of change in the most subtle ways.

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What are your thoughts here...?

Imagine believing your five senses were working against you? Your sight, your hearing, touch, taste and sense of smell were like a curse and your life would be so much better without them… it’s almost laughable right? I can't imagine you getting annoyed with your sense of touch because you burnt your hand on the stove...

We love listening to a great song, watching a beautiful sunset, tasting the most divine curry, feeling the warmth of the sun and smelling the fragrance of a sweet flower. We love our senses! They make our experiences more satisfying and pleasurable and we love that they are a natural part of who we are. 

Your higher senses are the same, a natural part of you. The unease and uncertainty around them comes from lack of awareness of how you can use them purposefully and how they can also make your experiences even more rewarding. You might not enjoy everything, but just like you learned that touching a hot stove isn't pleasant, we're going to welcome in that same awareness of your higher senses.

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A wildly empowering experience is waiting to unfold for you... and it's a beautiful, soul-satisfying and expansive journey every step of the way.


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