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A monthly alchemy of consciousness to become the highest vision you hold of yourself with the power to deliberately create your world, your way.

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Everything Becomes Possible

Greater Love & Ease

Experience subtle shifts in your reactions, point of view and a tweaked reality where people respond to you with more loving support and acceptance.

Path of Least Resistance

Layering shifts into your consciousness over time allows you to arrive at a destination you intentionally created with minimal opposition.

Harmonious, Raw Power

Utilise ancient methodologies, paired with the principals of quantum science, so you can live as a creator being having a physical experience.

My vision for you is that you are empowered by your ability to accomplish anything by lifting into higher vibrational frequencies...

That the little voice inside of you also knows that you can command your experiences and live in alignment with your values, without compromise.

That you become a creator & on your way to that destination you land in a new state of happiness and fall in love with the life you've designed.

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November ~ Awaken Your Manifesting Magic:

Replay is now available in the Member Library

We were treated to potent training in a private moment with our soul, and we amplified our ability and confidence to manifest anything as our soul knows we can.

This soul training was an unexpected invitation that came through in the channelled visualisation and it was (is) a gift for us all as we were given the opportunity to ask for help with something specific in our lives and to create a different outcome. An outcome or situation that we deeply desire to experience in our lives. A divine, sacred moment.

And this desire was hard-wired into our energy fields so that it can play out in our reality. So powerful!

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Empowerment comes from using the universal language of freewill choice.

Here's what's included in the monthly Empowered Livestream:

  • Monthly 90 minute alchemy of consciousness via zoom to actively flex your freewill choice and build a strong foundation of high-light.
  • Clear patterns, triggers, limiting belief, heavy emotions, mental chatter and recurring life drama keeping you stuck and unfulfilled.
  • Deepen your connection with your soul group, spirit guides, mentors and tutors for self-healing and accelerated ascension.
  • Participate in a manifest practice on the zoom call with the power of the collective group to amplify outcomes.
  • Receive tips, tools and techniques to keep you in a flow state to shift paradigms & be in a steady state of joy.
  • Access up to 6 months of previous recordings in your library so you can listen to replays anytime for deeper healing and rewiring
  • Private Facebook group to share your transformational successes, what you’re manifesting and increase your capacity to receive
  • You’ll receive guidance on how to prepare for the session each month and self care practices so you can optimize your time in this space.
  • Shape the session each month by sharing what’s coming up for you as an obstacle or challenge in the private Facebook group.

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Noticing limitations is an empowering moment


Limitations are your limiting beliefs, triggers, patterns, mental chatter and heavy emotions that have built up over your lifetime(s). Noticing what they are and deciding to feel differently is empowering! 

The good news is, all of these are energetic. You can move them on if you want to, it's just energy. 

And when you choose to be that bold, you have room to grow into who you want to be. Clearing them out regularly and intentionally allows you to:

  • Experience greater ease
  • Walk around with a big grin on your face for no particular reason 
  • Align to a greater sense of empowerment and self-care
  • Manifest faster as you lift into higher states
  • Feel able to express yourself freely and authentically
  • Witness abundance unfold across all areas of your life
  • Your state begins to uplift and support those who are closest to you so they can manifest their goals too, purely by association
  • Know you can change and achieve anything with purpose and passion

Doesn't that sound like such a delicious space to live from? It's simply beautiful.

Sharyn Atkinson
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Allowing your dreams to unfold can be as simple as...

Staying anchored to what you want, who you need to be to achieve it & alchemizing yourself to receive it.   


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A wildly empowering experience is waiting to unfold for you... and it's a beautiful, soul-satisfying and expansive journey every step of the way.


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