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Join the training and alchemy sessions to equip yourself with the tools and energetic foundation necessary to manifest consistently and create your world your way, no matter what.

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Everyone Loves Manifestation (When it Works)

Remember the thrill of discovering manifestation?

How you realized you had already been harnessing this power unknowingly in your life?

I bet it was exhilarating to start manifesting with intention, ready to master the art of creating anything you desire. 

You experience remarkable breakthroughs and impressive successes— bending reality at your command, leading to a life brimming with serendipities.

You want more of those magical experiences because this way of living feels like it’s bursting with extraordinary experiences just waiting for you to discover them.

Then there’s the flip side…

You hit a roadblock you cannot identify.

Your desires stubbornly refuse to materialize, which leads to frustration and doubt. You might find yourself trying new techniques, tackling limiting beliefs, or exploring different modalities to clear disruptive energies from your field in a hopeful attempt to shift whatever is blocking you.

Whichever way you’ve chosen to progress on your manifestation journey, you’ve missed one crucial piece of the puzzle… You are the solution you've been searching for.

You just haven’t uncovered your unique manifestation style or how to master navigating inconsistencies so you can relentlessly achieve your dreams.

Join me in this month’s live Metaphysical Edge Livestream mastermind for two transformative sessions designed to decode your personal blueprint for success, create consistent outcomes and establish an energetic foundation to command your reality.

Edge Session 1: Master Manifestor Training

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to manifest what you want when you want it, and you refuse to settle for less than creating a life you love, this training is going to help you tap into your infinite knowledge and innate capability to do just that.

Inside this training you can:

  • Discover that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes you a powerful creator. The qualities within you that are more powerful than any technique external to you.
  • Access the simple framework to overcome manifestation-stagnation so you can keep moving forward and achieve your dreams.
  • Arm yourself with powerful tools to bypass limitations and hack your way to success regardless of what’s in the way.

When: Thursday 9 May 2024 7pm AEST/ / 11am CEST/ 10am London/ 2am PDT

Edge Session 2: Creator Power Alchemy Session

You came into this world as an infinite being knowing you could command your reality to orchestrate experiences and usher in your dreams. At some point though you took on limitations, and you started doing as you were told, rather than what you pleased.

Let’s change that so you can create your world, your way. No matter what!

Inside this alchemical-clearing event, you can:

  • Clear blocks you took on that left you feeling less than capable of creating all aspects of your life on your terms.
  • Connect to the future you who lives life as a creator and commands their reality so that this reality is seeded in your future and can grow into it.
  • Infuse your entire field with a foundation of energies that support you to consciously create your world and live an extraordinary life as wildly as you can envision.

When: Wednesday 22 May 12pm AEST/  3am London/ 4am CEST/ Tuesday 21 May 7pm PDT 

Ready to get reacquainted with the infinite you who instructs reality to become a reflection of your hopes and dreams?

Sign up for the May Manifestation Magic Sessions and unlock your infinite potential.

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That's what's happening this month, but did you know...


Each month inside the Metaphysical Edge™ Livestream you’ll layer on new awareness and weave clarity, passion, and joy into your life

 ✓ Develop and Trust Your Intuition: Learn to navigate life with unwavering trust in your inner guidance.

 ✓ Clear Path to Success: Remove obstacles and energy blocks that have been holding you back.

 ✓ Harness Universal Wisdom: Open yourself to the wisdom that surrounds us, using it to guide your decisions.

 ✓ Recognize Signs and Synchronicities: Notice and interpret the way the universe communicates with you, so you never miss key indicators that you’re on the right path to success before it manifests into your life.

 ✓ Empower Your Vision: Strengthen your ability to manifest the life you've always envisioned, one where your goals aren't just dreams but realities.

 ✓ Live Authentically: Align your daily life with your soul’s purpose, achieving success that feels as good as it looks.

There’s no one as unique as you are, so let’s throw away the rule book and get you set up to master the magic of YOU.

Want results like these?

Kathryn J, Canada

I am open to receiving all of it!!! I started today feeling lack and some overwhelm - wow things have shifted I am receiving from everywhere. Your healing is powerful and it’s clear you are highly skilled. Thank you so much!

Belinda C, UK

I am so grateful to you Sharyn! I don’t have the words to say how much your Life Purpose session meant to me. A light bulb went off like a fire of clarity! I have wondered for years whether I was on the right track or if I was cut out to fulfil these dreams I have... I am! I just needed help putting the pieces together. I feel empowered and it is sooo good! Thank you so much.


Tracy RWR, USA

After taking your masterclass, I was feeling the up-level immediately. I started applying the tools I learnt straight away and I booked another client the very next day. So powerful!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Metaphysical Edge Livestream?

Metaphysical Edge Livestream is a monthly mentorship program that guides you to unlock your otherworldly gifts that reveal your edge to exceed your goals, find deeper meaning in your work and achieve uncompromised success. (without sacrificing your standards or values)

Can I attend one monthly session?

Yes! There are three different levels of mentorship you can choose from.

  • Guest Mentorship ($55 once-off payment)  is a 30-day guest pass that allows you to join in the monthly edge sessions as my guest with full membership access.
  • Insight Mentorship ($37 per month) is designed for those who want to join each month but want the flexibility of a monthly payment option.
  • Master Mentorship ($222 once-off payment) is for those who know they have tinkered with metaphysical concepts before, and are committed to finding deeper fulfilment in their lives and crafting a unique toolkit that empowers them to create their world, their way.

What if I cannot attend live? Will I get a copy of the recordings?

If you can't attend live, I've got you! You'll have access to watch the replay, download the audio and keep it forever together with any other resources relevant for the month (varies and may not be applicable in some months).

What happens if I buy the Master Mentorship halfway through the year?

You’ll access the full metaphysical vault of all edge sessions that have already occurred throughout the year and can attend live future sessions. When the 2024 sessions wrap up for the year, you will have exclusive access to these in your member library.

Why aren’t all edge sessions on the same day and time each month?

I live in Melbourne, Australia and it can be challenging to accommodate different time zones all over the world. Edge 1 & 2 sessions rotate each month so that everyone has the opportunity to attend live training and clearing sessions each month.

I’m only just finding out about you, can I join for the month and then decide to join for the year later?

Sure can! I’ve already set things up so that you receive a special offer when you decide to continue for the year. This will be emailed to you when your 30-day Guest Mentorship expires.

Where can I find information about what topics you’re covering each month inside the Metaphysical Edge Livestream?

You can visit the main Metaphysical Edge Livestream page: for more information.

Where do I go if I have more questions?

Contact me via email: [email protected], phone +61 431 922 331 Monday to Friday during business hours (Melbourne Time) and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have so you can decide if Metaphysical Edge is a great fit for you.

Ready to find your Metaphysical Edge? 

You are one natural ability away from finding your edge in your business, career and life.