Rapidly Achieve Your Income Goals

manifesting money quantum shift Nov 30, 2022
Sharyn Atkinson

I’ve noticed that when it comes to money, even people who are wired to succeed and have invested in bullet-proofing their mindset, still get stuck.

They have big visions; bigger goals and they know that they can achieve the income targets they’ve set for themselves but for some reason it just feels out-of-reach no matter what they do to try and change it. 

I accidentally broke-through this pattern in my twenties when I decided that I didn’t need to manage my money better, spend less or save better, I just needed more of it.

I worked hard and I wanted to enjoy the income I generated on experiences I wanted to have and the things I liked beyond what I ‘needed’. I was FUN-ding my lifestyle and juggling it could get pretty stressful between pay days. 

I got tired of this heavy feeling though and decided to double my salary at my first fulltime job in a call centre instead. But I didn't want to work harder, that didn't interest me. I just wanted to earn more commission doing what I was already doing and that would solve my cash flow problems. 

And before long, I was the highest performer out of 140 staff but I didn’t work harder than they did.

I remember my ‘call stats’ being frowned upon because I only spoke to around 30 people each day compared to the average of over 100. But I had the highest conversion rate, highest sales, highest number of customer compliments – you name it, I was the highest.

I broke the mould.

And over the past two decades I’ve refined this practice and everything I touch turns to gold and now I have the security of a strong asset base, no debt, an investment portfolio, cash in the bank and I still have money for FUN-ding my lifestyle.

I know you don’t need me to tell you how liberating it would be to achieve what you’re imagining for yourself without the self-imposed qualifiers and feeling stretched to do more than you are right now. So, I won’t, but I am going to challenge and empower you to envision more for yourself.

If you're struggling with reaching your next-level income goal and finally want to breakthrough, you might be a good fit for The Wish Fulfilled Intensive. Here's what you'll find inside this one-on-one, laser-focused transformation coaching experience designed to propel you to achieve your next-level goal with ease, over six weeks:

  • A transformation experience that's tailored to you, your personality and your goals. When you sign on for this coaching, you have a blank canvas in your member portal so that you only receive support that is right for you and what you want to achieve.
  • All of your sessions, communication between us, tools, techniques you'll receive are housed centrally in your member library so you can find and reference any information you need when you need it.
  • During our time together, we focus on desired outcomes not problems. You'll never get warm by working with the cold right? The same applies to what's blocking and stopping you, we don't work with these to get you a different result. We move them out of the way to make way for what you prefer. 
  • We work in collaboration on your mindset, introduce you to metaphysical methodologies to ignite momentum to propel you forward and manifesting techniques to bring in the right outcomes with the right feelings that go with them so you can love what you intentionally create for yourself.
  • You'll have three, 2 hour combined alchemy and coaching sessions over 6 weeks and support between session via Voxer so that you can ask questions as you're implementing strategies and get the flying start you're desiring. I always respond within 24 hours so that you can refine your practice and learning so that you don't have to spend time updating me in your next session; you can move right to the next phase.
  • When you listen to the alchemy component of your sessions as a replay, you'll receive deeper rewiring on the same topic we covered in that session. You can listen to it multiple times to rewire long-term subconscious beliefs at deeper levels.
  • I'm heart-centred and soulful but you won't get a lot of hippy woo woo jargon from me. We can have the spiritual conversations and talk about the energetics you feel is blocking you, but ultimately we're going to focus on outcomes because that's what moves the needle. 

If this is speaking to you, the link below has all the details you need to get started; what to expect, the investment point and access to my calendar so you can book in your first session.

We can focus on achieving your next-level money goals and you can get back to succeeding in other areas of your life, like you’re wired to.


If you think we're a good fit, then I'm looking forward to working with you. If you're not ready yet, that's ok too; we can still be friends.

Book your Free Transformation Strategy Call with me here and gain instant intuitive insight into the biggest blocks for you to overcome and a transformation strategy that empower you to land on an upward trajectory of fulfilment and happiness. If we're a fit to do more work together, and I feel it's aligned for you, I'll invite you into one of my programs. 

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