3 Supernatural Signs Your Business is Entangled in Financial Challenges

business success manifesting quantum entanglement quantum shift shadow energy Jul 28, 2023

Growing your business and living the life you envision has its challenges. Especially when you juggle external factors that impact you like the economy and interest rate rises on top of your attraction, nurturing and sales processes. Aside from those tangible challenges though, there is an unseen force that can give your business a financial disadvantage.

The performance of your business can be entangled with hidden energies that are counter-supporting your goals. You have dreams you’re diligently manifesting but having them materialize can be blocked if they are entangled with other people such as family, your clients, and the community.

Sporting teams know this entanglement too well and although I’m not a huge sports fan, they do have great examples of how this concept affects outcomes. If you’ve wondered why some teams cannot defeat a rival for decades despite the players and coaches turning over multiple times, it probably has to do with entanglement.

If you’re in Australia and follow the AFL, you’re probably familiar with the Collingwood Magpies and the ‘Collywobbles’. Collingwood was known to have the ‘Collywobbles’ for thirty years because they were unable to win a premiership during that time, despite playing in eight grand finals. When the ‘Collywobbles’ ended in 1990 they won their first premiership since 1958, and the media described this as a ‘curse’ being lifted from the club.

I can tell you the community entanglement with Collingwood is strong and the last final they lost in 2018, reignited the ‘Collywobble’ curse following another club loss seven years prior. It is now widely held by Victorians that Collingwood flops in the finals because of the Collywobbles. This makes no logical sense but it’s an interesting dynamic to observe as the collective in Victoria has accidently created a Collywobble illusion with a consciousness of its own.

This type of entanglement theory can impact your business performance in numerous ways too where multiple influences collectively or independently manifest outcomes that you do not want to see or experience. You’re manifesting your goals while there’s an opposing manifestation in play that you may or may not be aware of.

Family Entanglement

Your family no doubt support what you’re doing in your business. However, they may have doubts about how successful you will be in your industry or how much money you can generate. If you have a spiritual business and your family is not familiar with the type of work you do, their scepticism can impact your performance.

If you’re an empath or highly sensitive person, you can probably perceive the different views people have of you and your business and find it hurtful. Your reaction to perceiving this level of detail lets the energy of that experience into your field and you can begin to unintentionally manifest the unfavourable outcomes you have picked up on. An accidental creation you bring forward alongside the real vision you know to be true for yourself. Dr Joseph Murphy describes this as ‘praying two ways’ where your inner dialogue is in conflict with what you’re attempting to achieve.

The impact of this type of entanglement is particularly impactful in relationships where you share financial goals. Ideally, you both want to grow your assets and wealth but if one of you doubts that’s possible for various reasons, you’re manifesting different outcomes for the same goal. For example, if you have a spiritual business, your partner may assume that your work is more of a hobby than something that will make money to pay off the mortgage. In this case, it’s likely your financial growth will come to a standstill, or your bank account could deplete depending on the beliefs and perceptions at play.

In any close relationship, the fastest way to get on the same page so that you are heading in the same direction is through communication. This opens a flow of co-creation power that you can build on as you talk about what you’re doing in your business and the outcomes emerging.

For other family members like parents and siblings, it’s not as easy as having a conversation and you might now want to invest your time in that. Especially if you have been the black sheep in the family. That’s where it becomes powerful to remove the imprints within your field that allow for misconceptions and false perceptions of you and what you’re capable of achieving so that you can experience something different entirely in your life. I support clients with this type of transformation in a High Vibe Activation session with me. You can read more about this alchemy session here.

Client Entanglement

Your client collective can affect your business performance too so I’m going to hone in on the example of changing your client offerings, so you can get a feel for this dynamic. Changing your product suite and how you work with clients can be challenging. You don’t want to get your loyal clients off-side, but you know that the changes you’re making are the best for you and how you want to operate your business long-term.

How your clients have perceived you in the past can stick to your business and the work you do regardless of the changes you make. Maybe you’ve already experienced this? I certainly did when I changed to a coaching model in my business because I want to support entrepreneurs to generate abundance and thrive so they can create meaningful change across the globe.

But years later, I was still getting enquiries about Reiki. I hadn’t offered a stand-alone Reiki healing since 2020 and there was nothing to suggest this on my website or anywhere else. In all honesty, I didn’t know where clients got the idea that this was an available service.

I love that I have incredible teamwork at play with my spirit guides who provide me with profound insight to overcome obstacles I identify. Which is what they offered me in this scenario. The perceptions of the services I provided had stuck despite the changes I made, and I found myself untangling this idea so that I could move forward without feeling a pull into the past.

Similarly, if you have received a bad review and it’s unwarranted, the energy this creates between you and clients can open a new pathway for more experiences like this to come in. If it’s a situation that has gotten under your skin, your emotions will add fuel to the fire and these experiences can unknowingly compound over time. That doesn’t mean you’ll get a string of problems all at once, but rather your energy field is open to experiencing it again. So under conditions where a client fits the energetic profile of your matching pathway, the scenario will play out on autopilot where you each play a role to manifest a bad review.

In these scenarios, I recommend clearing your energy as well as the energetic perception imprints your business is holding in that online space. It can be cleared from your social media content, search engine listing and website if needed. The great thing about working with imprints in this way is that the elements of your business can be rewired and reprogrammed to support a higher perception your clients already have and amplify it across the quantum field. You can read more about this work and how I can support you with Quantum Cleansing here.

 Community Entanglement

This example is probably the one that you’re most familiar with. I have no doubt that your neighbourhood has one business location that seems jinxed. No matter which business opens there, every business seems to fail, like all the others before them as a bizarre never ending cycle.

You might be driving past one day and see that a new business is opening soon and harmlessly wonder how long it will last. The entire community driving past is probably thinking the same thing and wondering what is up with this location and why no business can succeed there.

There’s a lot at play in this scenario in addition to the business owner’s energy and limiting beliefs that shape the outcomes they manifest. There are the energetics within the building such as the accumulation of negative energy and entities over time, which would be present if there has been repeated struggle, stress, and failure on site. If there has been intense emotional pain in the building that has accumulated over time, a failure consciousness can be present. Humans are creators and our energy is so strong that we can create an energy and give life to it, like fear consciousness that many people give their attention to in times of crisis for example.

In this example, there’s also the entanglement of the community which accidentally co-create the future failure of the business. It’s not intentional but the perceptions of failure are simply too strong to ignore.

For these types of scenarios, I recommend removing the entanglement of the community and offering the collective community a different perspective energetically to support desired successful outcomes. Reprogramming the energetics of the property as well as working with the business owners will ensure there’s no residual interference energy obstructing success on any level. My intention going into a clearing of this magnitude is to have the only outcome available as the one the new owners are consciously manifesting. This is something I alchemise with my spirit team who are master technicians of light waves so my clients can realise their full potential.

Entanglement can be a challenging aspect of business, but by effectively reprograming the associated energetics in combination with using practical solutions, it is possible to transform these negative effects into positive experiences. By acknowledging its potential impact, you can work towards building a resilient business that brings you deep soul-satisfying outcomes, free from the entanglements that can block your success.

The High Vibe Activation session is an alchemy session you can book to raise your vibrational frequency and unlock your full potential. It is designed to help you obliterate limiting beliefs and achieve greater clarity, focus, and success in your business and bank balance. When you work with me, you’ll learn powerful techniques to manifest outcomes and align yourself with your highest purpose and goals. You can read more about High Vibe Activation here. 

The Quantum Cleansing service is fully customizable. You can select to reprogram, and light encode the energy of your home, work and the elements that represent your business to restore harmony so you can perform at your best. Find out more about how this can be tailored to your personal circumstances here.

Energy can never be deleted; it can only be changed into something new. Which is secretly one of my favourite things about transmuting these energies. You get to choose what they will become and how you will infuse your life and environment with energies that empower you to thrive.



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