A five-week intensive for professionals and entrepreneurs ready to bend the rules and succeed on their terms, no matter what.


The Goal Attainment Gateway


If you’re done feeling defeated and frustrated every time you try to turn things around and you’re ready to end the cycle of chasing after your goals as they run from you…


Then it’s time to create a breakthrough!

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Why do You Find Yourself Stagnating Despite Everything You’re Doing?


After diving headfirst into the belief clearing and energy healing space to resolve a legal dispute that was derailing my happiness, relationships and business as a finance broker and business coach, I quickly learned that MOST ALTERNATIVE and METAPHYSICAL MODALITIES focus on the wrong approach to overcome obstacles to support their clients achieve their goals.

Listen closely because this is one of the most important (and foundational things) you’ll ever learn to achieve your goals consistently & if you don’t get it right now, it could cost you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours settling for less than you’re capable of achieving.

For countless individuals immersed in alternative practices, the quest to remove barriers to success extends beyond the present—reaching into past lives and navigating generations of family lineage. It's a journey of epic proportions, covering vast timelines and dimensions, seeking to resolve the karmic imprints and unhealed wounds that could be holding you back. What they’re missing is a CRUCIAL step to catalyse a true breakthrough that doesn’t take years (or a lifetime);

Getting crystal clear on your goals so you can hold the vision and clear a path to success.

Without defined goals that trigger excitement within you, a mindset wired for empowering responses that benefit you and the finesse to materialize your goals in harmony with the quantum field, you will always reactivate old patterns and take longer to achieve a successful outcome than you need to. Let alone live an extraordinary life on your terms and seize your dreams with bulletproof conviction.

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To Get Unstuck, Create a Breakthrough and Consistently Achieve Your Goals, You Have to Master The Foundations of Your Mindset, Metaphysics and Manifestation 

 But There’s a Problem:

  • Your goals are unclear and fluctuate, or you don’t have any goals beyond a desire for circumstances to change so you unconsciously paint yourself into a corner, without actively moving forward in any specific direction.
  • You sense that you have to change or take a different approach because everything you’ve tried doesn’t seem to work. Getting on an upward trajectory toward goal achievement feels overwhelming, creating more stress than you want to deal with.
  • You’re not sure how to get manifestation to work for you. Instead of achieving outcomes when you have dabbled with this methodology previously, it seems so complicated that it only frustrates you. Even though you’ve successfully manifested the ‘small stuff’ in your life before such as a car space.
  • You’ve either tried different healing modalities or learnt many of them yourself and while you find short-term clarity and an amazing sense of wellbeing, you’ve not experienced a transformation that brings you solutions or the externalization of your dreams.
  • You have never done energy work before, it’s not on your radar and if you’re honest it doesn’t seem like a practical way to resolve any situation and achieve tangible results.
  • You don’t have a strategy, tools or framework to overcome obstacles and achieve your wildest goals so making real progress feels impossible, time-consuming and pointless.

Say Goodbye To Settling For Less Than You Deserve

Feeling trapped, dealing with challenges you don’t want to put your energy into but feel you have no other choice creates a sense of hopelessness leaving you feeling drained yearning for change but unsure of where to begin. This perpetual state of stagnation can make the idea of having a fulfilling life seem out of reach.

You’re constantly battling self-doubt and lack of progress, making you feel undervalued and questioning your potential, wondering why it seems that you’re not meant to succeed in your own business or career.

Then you feel paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong move, creating huge gaps in your motivation and action, leading to potentially extended periods of stagnation, financial stress, unhappiness and an unsatisfying life.

The cycle of short-lived success followed by unexpected setbacks leaves you feeling like Sisyphus, forever rolling a boulder uphill. You end up questioning your abilities, and looking for faults because you have the desire to achieve your goals and truly thrive, but you cannot shake the fear of falling that’s hanging over your head.

Experiencing Your Goals Coming to Fruition Against All Odds Changes Your Entire Perspective on What’s Possible for You to Achieve in Your Career, Business and Life

  • A vague objective creates stagnation, and frustration and keeps you in a cycle of unfulfillment whenever you try to get ahead… An objective that is so vivid you can picture it sparks endless avenues becoming available to achieve your goals. 


  • An ambiguous outcome keeps you stuck, haphazardly working on obstacles and multiple layers of trauma (across time, dimension, space reality, past life karma and family lineage) that don’t necessarily move the needle. A desired outcome that is crystal clear reveals the specific energetic obstacles and limiting beliefs that need to be resolved to get moving in the right direction and achieve success.
  • An unclear goal triggers self-doubt and procrastination and settling for less than you deserve… A clearly defined goal instils confidence, certainty and paves the way for rapid inner and outer transformation to achieve your goals, no matter how bold.


  • An undefined goal with no strategy to achieve tangible results reactively sweeps you into a downward spiral of over-analysing yourself, others and situations while feeling disempowered to do anything to turn things around. A defined goal with a step-by-step strategy sets you up with an unshakable foundation of empowerment so you can initiate change to overcome any obstacle and bulletproof your success for life.

Achieving Any Goal You Set Your Sights on Ignites a Fearless and Unconventional Power Within

You initiate change and liberate yourself from the status quo. 

Your unleashed power propels you to extraordinary & new heights.

The truth is you’re here to create your world, your way. To get there on your terms. The physical and spiritual aspects of you need you to team up, go all out to live a life that compounds joy, every day. 

I’m here to help you make that happen.

Consider me YOUR Metaphysical Maverick ~ I coax your raw power out of hiding.

So that you can finally experience rapid transformation, know how to navigate your way to success and have a plan to get on an upward trajectory of success and achieve your goals, no matter what.

Your time to succeed is now. Your future is waiting for you.

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Introducing the

A 5-week intensive where I support you to clarify your goals, dissolve obstacles in your way and bring your goals alive… AND so you can achieve everything pinned to your vision board I’ll also pull back the curtain and show you how to replicate massive transformation on your own so that you set yourself up to navigate unexpected change across all areas of your life, for the rest of your life.

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Want Results Like These?

Before working together, my amazing client was feeling the pressure financially because despite her best efforts and planning, her clients and income started drying up, instead of flooding in after she decided to quit her job and step into her business fulltime. 

It made no sense, and she started wondering what she was doing wrong and if she would have to find work to make ends meet because she couldn’t sit back and watch her savings deplete.

That’s when she reached out to me and after a short discussion revealing the unconscious energetics at play and how this was manifesting the outcomes of lack and scarcity in her life, she was determined to change this and dove right into to attain her vision.

This phenomenal woman knew that she could run a profitable business, this wasn’t unfamiliar turf. She was highly skilled, capable and passionate about her future vision - doing work that was deeply soul satisfying.  After working with her, the energetics of success we re-ignited and here’s what started coming in almost instantly:

  • After her first session, she had immense clarity and found sitting down to write copy and brainstorm content ideas ‘so easy’, from an effortless from a free-flowing state.
  • In two weeks, she hit her short-term financial goal via ongoing revenue from one client.
  • By the third week she had woken up to two new clients in her inbox, that were ready to work with her.
  • Mid-way through working together she was celebrating ‘so much growth’ in her business with social media reach and engagement up by 1914% and 2067% respectively.
  • Now, she’s ‘no longer worried’ about money because she’s had opportunities come in that support her vision, direction, lifestyle and business model.
  • She’s learnt to utilise her natural manifesting style to experience ‘amazing power manifesting, even after our first session’.

I love seeing clients activate this level of awareness and feel empowered to create outcomes they want to see and have access to basic tools to support their goals for life.

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Take a Peek Inside the Goal Attainment Gateway

Your time inside the gateway is twofold. I will facilitate deep healing, rewiring and rapid transformation for you, AND teach you how to do this for yourself so you can accomplish anything.

Gateway Jumpstart

  • Deep dive into your energetic blueprint and unearth your unique strengths, gifts, talents and abilities that you can harness to catapult you towards success.
  • With a fresh perception of who you are and what you’re capable of, you’ll envision and design the goals you want to attain as you step into the gateway.

Week One: Aligned to Thrive 

  • Clarify and deeply connect with your goals required to craft your own paradigm and lay the foundation for your success.
  • Ditch limiting beliefs, recurring patterns, heavy emotions and mental chatter that have been holding you back and rewire your inner mindset and energy to actually get results.
  • We go over mindset, metaphysics, creating your reality and everything involved to clear a path to goal attainment.

Week Two: Activate Your Master Manifestor 

  • Discover the nuanced art of manifestation at different levels of consciousness required for you to unlock your natural manifesting power required to experience a breakthrough.
  • Leverage your limitations to create wildly outrageous beliefs so you can manifest on autopilot.
  • You’ll learn the mindset strategy that is going to ignite momentum and propel you towards your breakthrough.

Week Three: Ignite Inner Power

  • Explore opportunities and alternative action so you can choose the ultimate path to success available to you.
  • Learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs and patterns as they arise so you maintain momentum and become unstoppable.
  • You’ll access one of the most powerful and strategic psychology-based mindset hacks that draws solutions to you, like magic.
  • Discover how to use and trust your intuition so you know you are making the right decisions.

Week Four: Empowerment 

  • Master your ability to envision, design and create outcomes and alchemize a path to them so you become equipped to externalise your vision for life.
  • Embed new abilities and find a rhythm of success that enables you to powerfully navigate unexpected events to ensure your success in even the most complex scenarios.
  • You’ll have me in your back pocket to help you troubleshoot and empower you to accelerate your results as you integrate and embed learning independently.

Week 5: Illuminated Path of Success

  • Celebrate your successes and use them to skilfully manufacture and hardwire in the new beliefs required for you to experience extraordinary experiences and serendipitous moments that keep you in a high vibrational state. You’ll walk into a room like you are sunshine.
  • Map out the next-level goals required for you to build and sustain success so you can uncap your potential and earnings as you move forward.
  • Close out your transformation and redefine your boundaries so that you can veto the people and experiences you allow into your world moving forward.

As you’re learning and mastering new skills, you’ll also receive:

Metaphysical Belief Clearing

Throughout your intensive, you’ll receive Abundance Alchemy healing sessions to clear limiting beliefs, patterns, triggers, disturbance energy, your reputation and how you are perceived. As you’re attuned to embody your future vision, you’ll find yourself effortlessly implementing change that leads to goal achievement,  and notice that certain experiences, or people, no longer push your buttons. This can be a surreal and magical experience but you will love how the world can delight you in unexpected ways.

Mindset Repatterning  

Accelerate the outcomes you want to achieve by repatterning your inner dialogue and taking a different perspective on old experiences. You'll create wildly outrageous beliefs to create a breakthrough moment so you can leapfrog over obstacles and set your mind up to support your success and happiness. This is an expansive experience as you learn what you're capable of and exciting to experience how your belief system shapes your reality. 

Abundance Mastery

Access the fundamentals of Mindset, Metaphysics and Manifestation. You'll learn how to weave together neuroplasticity, quantum science and the wisdom of the ancients so you can reconfigure your mindset to purposefully manifest events and experiences that support your abundance now and into your future.

Member Library 

Your life-long, central hub where you’ll find recordings, resources and our communication between sessions. Download and replay your alchemy sessions as often as you like for a deeper rewiring of consciousness so you can reach your goals faster. 

Integrated Support

Each week your session is comprised of coaching, training and alchemy to facilitate your breakthrough at deep levels of consciousness so that change is easier as you navigate your way to success. During your Empowerment Week of integration, you’ll receive direct message support to help you refine and master the Abundance Mastery System so that you can initiate transformation in multiple areas of your life when you desire to and be the cause of profound change.

Workbooks and Worksheets

Throughout the intensive, you’ll have access to workbooks and worksheets to guide you through self-exploration, goal setting, manifestation techniques and tools to support you in reprogramming your subconscious mind with supportive beliefs and perspectives that magnetise your goals to you.



Bonus 1: Life Purpose Fulfilment Codes White Paper

Harness the powerful fusion of ancient wisdom and quantum science when you access the methodology of the Five Elements to unearth your 5 Element personality profile, reflection exercises, Map of Shadow®, energy-clearing techniques, and daily tutorials to unlock greater flows of abundance in your life.

(Value: $1,111)


Bonus 2: Alchemize Limiting Beliefs Guided Visualization

Lightning-fast and effective guided visualization to instantly highlight and clear limiting beliefs. Maintain a positive mindset and ensure that self-imposed barriers don't hold you back, all in the time it takes for a short break.

(Value $555)


Bonus 3: Heart & Mind Awakening Guided Visualization

An activating guided visualization to help you build a sustainable heart-mind connection and start each day with a deep connection to your higher self, maintaining an optimal vibrational state for manifestation.

(Value $333)

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When I created this transformational program, I designed it to be the only work you need to do to step into the energy of thriving success to achieve everything pinned to your vision board. It’s potent and draws success to you, even if it feels out of reach today.

What clients are saying...

Kimberly B, Texas USA

Sharyn is the real deal. I knew I had to start sharing stories in video content to grow my business but I had a lot of resistance to being that vulnerable. Not anymore…

Kerry P, Perth Australia

Sharyn is highly gifted. So many shifts happened quickly, I am just amazed. It was as though I woke up to opportunities for money one day, which was beyond amazing. I had a text message from a business owner I had a casual conversation with, ready to hire me. As if that wasn’t magical enough, I received an email from a client wanting to know if I could work with them on an on-going basis. So super excited that this happened super-fast. I feel like I am having power days where everything is super cool, super easy… opportunities to collaborate appear out of nowhere. Amazing!

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I want to see more talented leaders earning a solid income doing what they love, without the stress, scarcity and struggle.

If you have a willingness to bend your abundance rules, have an open mind and curious willingness to apply what you learn…

It’s time to unlock your next-level of abundance and be rewarded for the work you do.



Sharyn Atkinson is a renowned author, creator of the Map of Shadow® and Abundance Mastery System™, a highly experienced business coach, Metaphysical Transformation Coach and Master Intuitive Healer. With a decade-long career in business banking at the majors behind her, Sharyn empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to navigate financial challenges, achieve tangible outcomes and manifest financial freedom as the operant creator of their experiences.

Drawing from her extensive experience in diverse industries, Sharyn champions her clients to clear limiting beliefs and patterns and incorporates metaphysical principles to enhance their personal and professional growth. Her unwavering commitment to her clients' success has made her a highly sought-after expert in her field.

Sharyn resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, who she accidentally manifested while writing her second book. In addition to her professional endeavours, she enjoys cultivating her vegetable garden and cooking cuisine from different cultures worldwide. Sharyn is an avid traveller who delights in discovering the unique beauty and history that has shaped each nation and their way of life.

As a naturally curious and solution-focused individual, Sharyn actively explores principles of quantum science and metaphysics to innovate new ways entrepreneurs can simplify their lives and enhance their happiness without compromising their standards or values. Her passion for guiding others towards their goals and finding joy in everything she does make Sharyn a highly respected thought leader in the business coaching and healing community.

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Are you ready?

If you’re ready to boldly achieve your goals, I’m committed to empowering you to gain the confidence to curate your success on your terms, every step of the way... As it is meant to be.

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