The Catalyst for Soul-Satisfying Happiness

happy for no reason intuition quantum shift Sep 19, 2022
Sharyn Atkinson in Thailand

I learnt how to be in a natural state of happiness, accidently.  

Feeling happy and fulfilled felt like something that was achievable sporadically. Usually on a holiday somewhere where there were a lot of palm trees and water always did that for me. And it didn’t really occur to me that the relaxed and blissful holiday was a feeling that could be my natural state.

I was used to compromising and conceding to social paradigms and from that space, I had to escape and go on a holiday to tap into what I really wanted my life to feel like.

So what changed?

I have always been an intuitive person with strong instincts but one day, my higher senses amplified. I found myself following my intuition to make sense of the ‘clairs’ (clairvoyance is one of them) and what was happening.

But it wasn’t until I went through my spiritual awakening (which I didn’t know was a ‘thing’ people went through) and was challenged on so many levels emotionally and mentally that these higher senses became the key to navigating this experience and reaching that next level of empowerment for myself.

I followed my guidance and worked on my mindset, connected deeply to who I was and what my values were, I began energy work on myself and cleared limiting beliefs, I simultaneously incorporated deliberate creation into my life to a greater degree and I learnt how to interact with the electromagnetic field to make my life easier.

And then something unexpected happened…

I was walking around with a smile on my face for no reason in particular… all the time.

And all those things I once had on my wish-list like, financial freedom, a loving and balanced relationship, investments, security, stability, genuine friendships, good health, feeling supported and trusting myself to make the right decisions came rolling in.

The catalyst for the quantum shifts I experienced in my life was being led by my inner guidance.

I started getting answers to the questions I had been asking. I began seeing alternative solutions to life challenges. I could save myself time by allowing myself to be directed to situations and people that would deliver me the outcomes I wanted, rather than trying to ‘find’ them. And I could take short-cuts but choosing very carefully what to align my thoughts to, to change my circumstances in the moment, like directing the traffic.

Now I gently conduct the energetics of my environment, receive meaningful guidance that I trust implicitly, I manage my energy field and choose what I want to align to and know that by doing this and allowing myself to feel, it amplifies everything I choose to manifest with simplicity and ease.

Intuitive Intelligence will teach you the skills you need to go from feeling stuck, frustrated and doubting yourself to confidently use the influential ability you were born with to strategically be the cause of change around you in the most subtle ways. 

I would love you to walk around with a big smile on your face, for no reason other than that's who you are.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Intuitive Intelligence is a 12 week private coaching & healing experience where we dive in and bring your intuitive abilities through to make your life easier. Here you'll learn:

  • How to work with your natural abilities and develop your higher senses
  • How to communicate energetically with your guides & quantum field to receive guidance and influence change 
  • How to be an authority and maintain seniority over your energy. You'll clear limiting beliefs, see how they are stored in your energy body and learn how to set healthy energetic boundaries. 
  • Amplify your imagination and creativity to receive information, increase problem solving ability & boost your manifesting power. 
  • How to expand your influence across the every-day elements of your life, like the traffic, so you can save time and simplify processes in your life.  

& so much more..

You were born with an energy body. You have chakras, meridians and an aura that allow you to interpret the energetics of the world you live in to make it more enjoyable. Just like your physical senses, your spiritual or higher senses, give life that extra sparkle. 

I simply work with you to discover what you’re capable of and clear what’s blocking you from accessing possibilities and living harmoniously with the physical and metaphysical.

This is the link where you can learn more and find out how to get started.

Intuitive Intelligence



Book your Success Strategy Session with me and gain instant intuitive insight into how you can amplify success in your business, career and life on your terms while creating an abundance of joy (and money). If we're a fit to do more work together, and I feel it's aligned for you, I'll invite you into one of my one on one programs. 

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