The Ticket to Manifest Life on Your Terms: Shift to a Growth Mindset

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Some people can perceive opportunities easily, find workarounds, and back themselves to accomplish anything even when faced with insurmountable obstacles. They have a lateral, growth mindset that allows them to solve problems and achieve success by taking a creative approach that isn't always obvious to others.

In contrast, others see the world through a more tangible and proven lens. For them, achieving success involves taking a systematic approach to ensure an outcome. They’re analytical and can be decisive about what is possible to achieve, what isn't, and why. This is a linear or fixed mindset that can be limiting in some areas of their lives.

The Advantage of a Growth Mindset

Bringing your goals to fruition and perceiving alternative ways to get there is easier for those with a growth mindset. It’s your ticket to rapid manifestation. People with a growth mindset can invent solutions to achieve success, whereas people with a fixed mindset will opt to take a proven path to achieve specific outcomes.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with taking a linear approach to life, but it can limit what you think is possible to achieve, whether you can change yourself, your circumstances, or your experiences in life. People with a fixed mindset are most likely not to bother trying if they feel they don’t already have the qualities needed for success. In contrast, someone with a growth mindset is more likely to identify the skills they need to bridge a gap to achieve success.

No one is necessarily in a fixed or growth mindset uniformly across all areas of their life. You can have lateral thinking when it comes to your personal life but see your work life very differently, where following proven strategies and techniques is what you must do to be successful.

If you can adopt a growth mindset across all areas, then you will set yourself up to manifest anything you like. Because nothing is off-limits, there is nothing you cannot do or achieve, and if you have to learn new skills to get there, you’re all in!

How to Shift to a Growth Mindset

How do you make this shift to a growth mindset and set the foundation to be a master creator of your life? Great question! Identifying where you currently sit, the beliefs you’ve taken on that keep you in that mindset, and what you can do if you desire to change is a useful starting point.

Growth Mindset Characteristics

A growth, or open, mindset is the belief that skills and intelligence can be improved intentionally. With some effort, we can change anything we choose to in our lives. There may be obstacles to overcome, and we might need help and feedback from others who are more skilled than we are, but people with a growth mindset believe that they can learn anything, and their experiences in life can change as a result of a little effort.

People with a growth mindset are keen to tackle challenges and believe they will be successful if they put in the time and effort. They believe that their qualities can grow, intelligence is not fixed, and there is a world of opportunities available to them.

Response to success & failure:

  • Desire to be a learner
  • Perceives multiple ways of completing a task
  • Celebratory of the success of others
  • Embrace challenges
  • Instigate change
  • Persist despite obstacles
  • Sees effort as the path to mastery
  • Learns from criticism
  • Is inspired by others’ success

Possible limitations:

  • Not enough time to do everything you need to do
  • Prioritizing work and success above everything else, lacking balance
  • Undervaluing your existing abilities as you strive for perfection
  • Having high and unrealistic expectations of yourself
  • Being self-critical and feeling that you don’t stack up
  • Delaying action and getting stuck in learning mode until you feel capable
  • Not stopping to enjoy your success before moving on to the next thing
  • Seeking validation, feedback, and acknowledgment for a job well done
  • Fear of people not liking your creations or ideas for change
  • Being highly optimistic and unaware of potential obstacles
  • Viewing people who don’t put in as much effort as lazy
  • Fear of being taken advantage of because of your willingness to do whatever it takes
  • Fear of people stealing your ideas
  • People becoming dependent on you doing things for them because you’re good at most things

Fixed Mindset Characteristics

A fixed, or closed, mindset is the belief that skills and intelligence cannot be changed. People with a fixed mindset avoid tasks they will not excel in and are closed to feedback because they don't believe improvement is possible.

Response to success & failure:

  • Desire to be a ‘knower’
  • Belief that you cannot acquire abilities you are not born with
  • Avoids challenges
  • Follows
  • Gives up easily
  • Views effort as a ‘waste of time’
  • Disregards useful feedback
  • Is threatened by the success of others

Possible limitations:

  • Prone to apathy, "why bother" mentality
  • Self-doubt and not feeling good enough
  • Fear of change
  • Blaming others, such as parents, for your lot in life
  • Envy of others' success and abundance
  • Quick to judge others as not intelligent while they are learning
  • Not believing you can have it all
  • Controlling behavior, liking things done your way
  • Complaining rather than taking steps to change the situation
  • Enjoying seeing others fail, "told you so" mentality
  • Being angry or defensive when provided feedback
  • Feeling it's unfair that you are not as fortunate as others
  • Believing others have the "secret sauce" to life that you missed out on
  • Fear of messing up and looking silly in front of others

Mindset Variations

There are variations to these two main classifications that you might experience in different areas of your life.

High Growth Mindset: You strongly believe that you can learn, grow, and improve in all areas, including your talents, intelligence, and abilities. You enjoy being challenged by things you’re not good at yet. You believe in the value of hard work and have a strong work ethic. You don't fear making mistakes or failing because you know these lead to learning and improvement.

Growth Mindset: You believe that it’s possible to increase your intelligence and improve your talents and abilities. Learning and growing are important to you, and you’re not afraid to put in the effort. You take pride in what you do and are willing to learn new things if it means you will do a better job.

Neutral Mindset: You think you can improve some of your talents and abilities, but you’re not sure whether you can be any more intelligent. You believe some change is possible but not in all areas of life. You value self-improvement and enjoy learning new things but give up easily if it becomes too difficult.

Slightly Fixed Mindset: You believe that your talents, abilities, and intelligence probably don’t change much despite your efforts. You prefer tasks you're already skilled in to avoid making mistakes and putting in too much effort.

Fixed Mindset: You strongly believe that your talents, abilities, and intelligence are fixed traits. You view effort as pointless unless you're naturally good at something. You prefer to do things you already excel at and believe talented people are naturally gifted without needing much effort.


Whether you have a fixed or growth mindset, there are different limitations connected to each. When you shift your mindset to a higher perspective, you become limitless. If there’s a way forward, you will find it or create it to achieve your dreams. Having a High Growth Mindset is your ticket to creating and living your life as you want it to be; nothing is off-limits.

You might notice that I included some limitations you might be experiencing that hold you in your current state and contribute to recurring life experiences, mental chatter, negative thoughts, and heavy emotions. Becoming aware of these limitations can be confronting at first. If you find these triggering, try to remain objective and consider whether you’re prepared to let them go. Feeling triggered usually indicates what stands between you and successfully achieving your goals.

Letting go of limitations and stepping into the energy of knowing that anything you desire is possible, and you can find creative ways to get there, lifts the lid on what you can manifest in your life.

Treating manifestation like a sequence of steps doesn’t get you there either. You are in a constant state of manifestation as the creator of your life. Understanding how you already do this and applying it to your life is the only way I support my clients to feel greater joy and satisfaction in their lives.

If you have areas of your life you want to change but don’t know where to start because it feels like you have so much gunk in the way, let me know. I would love to support you in breaking through, getting unstuck, and living your best life. Clearing the gunk is my forte, and I have many free resources, self-paced, group, and one-on-one programs to help you get there. Find out more about these here and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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