How Your ‘Psychic’ Abilities Give You an Edge in Business

empath higher senses highly sensitive person intuition strategy Jun 26, 2023
Sharyn Atkinson

Before we dive in and explore what these ‘psychic’ abilities are, if you have them and how they can be of a benefit to you, I’m going to take an intuitive guess and say that you’re reading this blog post for one of the following reasons:

  • You suspect that you have some intuitive ability but you’re not really sure what it is or how you do it… but you notice there is something ‘different’ about you.
  • You already know you have intuitive abilities but you’re very much undercover as a ‘normal’ person and are going to gain a level of comfort out of knowing you’re not alone here.
  • You think this topic is nonsense and are highly sceptical about it. You don’t see how it could give you an advantage in your business and you don’t want to own a crystal ball.

The great news is, whatever sparked your curious to be here I can confidently tell you that you already have these abilities and they are just as much a natural part of who you are as your physical senses.

You probably know these senses as ‘psychic’ or ‘clair’ abilities and assume that they are reserved for a select few, or you only have one of them, when you actually have a full suite of intuitive abilities at your disposal. I prefer not to think of them as ‘psychic’ abilities. The word psychic means to predict future events, and while you can use them for that purpose there are less mystical ways to use them too. Which is why I like to think of these as higher senses you have that help you interpret the energy around you so you can perceive more information and gain deeper insight.

You have your physical senses to help explore and enjoy the physical world, that makes up less than one percent of what you can perceive around you. You only perceive the spectrum of light around you, therefore you’re unaware of more than ninety-nine percent of your surroundings at any moment. Your higher senses help you interpret the information beyond the light spectrum around you.

Seven Common ‘Psychic’ Abilities (Higher Senses)

Below I’ve listed seven common ‘Psychic’ abilities as they relate to everyday life. I’ve intentionally left out the spiritual aspects of this to make it easier for you to see how you have these abilities and how you are using them. Extending their use into the quantum field or spirit world is possible, but I’m not covering that in this article.

These abilities are senses that utilise your imagination and here are a few ways you’re probably using them in your business and life already.

Clairvoyance (inner vision)

This is your imagination and the way you visualise. You don’t have to see anything clearly. The level of detail you perceive is specific to you and how developed your inner vision and imagination are.

You’re using this when:   You can describe where someone should click on your website to book a call with you/ you can remember where you parked your car/ recall what you ate for dinner last night. As you recall information or a memory there is level of inner vision present even if it is not vivid and playing out like a movie.

Clairaudience (inner hearing)

This is your ability to hear beyond what is logically present. Thinking of this like imaginative hearing.

You’re using this when: You can still hear the excitement in your client’s voice when they had a breakthrough moment, you can’t get that song out of your head no matter what you do and if I asked you think of a television character who had an annoying voice, you could do a pretty good impersonation.

Clairsentience (inner physical feeling)

This where you feel sensations in your body as a form of guidance or if you are an empath or HSP (highly sensitive person) you can experience physical pain of others in your body.

You’re using this when: You’re not sure about what to do, so you go with your gut! Your gut instincts alert you that something is not quite right. You might suspect that someone may not be giving you all the details related to an opportunity. There are also those moments in hindsight that you probably should have trusted your instincts because then you wouldn’t be in this mess… sound familiar?

Clairempathy (inner thoughts and emotions)

This is your ability to empathise with others and know how they are thinking and feeling in the moment. But you might also know how people and going to feel about a decision or announcement you plan to make, ahead of time.

How you’re using it already: You know how your target audience are going to feel and react to the blog or social media post you just wrote (I used this ability at the beginning of this blog post). You might be able to perceive objections of your target audience ahead of time and handle objections upfront before they are mentioned, giving you an easier sales discussion.

Claircongnizance (inner knowing)

This is those moments where you just know things. You don’t know how you know it, but you do and you’re right. 

How you’re using this already: You have a brilliant idea, out of know-where and are inspired to act on it immediately because it feels so aligned to get you the outcomes you want. And it pays off!

Clairalience (inner sense of smell)

This is one of the less acknowledged higher senses, but you definitely have it. It is imaginal smell.

How you’re using it already: Someone mentions the smell of freshly baked bread and you know exactly what it smells like and you agree that it’s one of the best aromas in the world. You might even start salivating.

Clairgustance (inner sense of taste)

This ability is not widely known either but it refers to your imaginal sense of taste.

How you’re using it already: You can imagine that flavour of food as you’re reading a menu at a restaurant and know that a certain dish is going to taste amazing. You might start salivating if this sense is strong for you. You can read through a recipe and imagine the flavour combinations as you read and use this to decide if you will make the dish or not. A great ability for any chef to have, or even amateur master chefs like me.

How can you use ‘Psychic’ Abilities in intentionally?

You might already be using these to some degree to gain deeper insight and have meaningful conversations with your clients without realising it. I certainly noticed that I had these abilities, and to my surprise they grew stronger when I was business banker. I was so fascinated by these gifts I spent a weekend with the Australian Psychic of the Year at the time to understand them.

As I brought more of these into my work life, not only did I exceed my targets consistently, I had deeply meaningful conversations with my clients. I remember one day I met with two directors of a company about supporting their cash flow needs and as they were articulating why they had the need for funding, I asked if I could be honest with them.

I laid out what the problem was, why they didn’t really need to borrow anything and the type of conversation they needed to have with their accountant to resolve the problem. Surprisingly, they had meeting before coming into my office and discussed the exact solution I mentioned and were grateful that I shared that with them.

A week later I received a phone call from this client because the advice I had given them was allowing them to grow their personal wealth instead of tying it up in the business. And they wanted me to look after their personal banking as well.

This was a common occurrence for me and while other bankers struggled with new client acquisition, I was receiving at least one client referral a week. Yes, I added my manifesting abilities into the mix to make my job easier yet again.

The point I want to make with this example is I could have actioned a request from a client at the time because they met all the criteria. However, I could also perceive the negative impacts for them but going down this path, which would have only led to problems for them and problematic clients for me.

I perceived an alternative for them that was aligned to what they really wanted to achieve for their business and personal wealth. Which for them was a profoundly different conversation than what they were expecting. For me, I had clients who trusted me, referred others to me knowing that they would be looked after and portfolio growth ran on autopilot in this way.

My intuition also helped me to see where our division within the bank was going. I could perceive how our targets rolled up into the bigger corporate vision. I remember when our targets increased by around twenty percent and my colleagues began freaking out about the stretch targets.

My manager at the time called me to gauge what my take on this was and I remember very calmly referring my manager back to my current results and pointing out I was already more than twenty percent ahead of existing targets, and I had no reason to be concerned. I was already exceeding stretch targets.

That’s when he said to me ‘You always seem to be about six months ahead of the game, what’s your secret?’. I was a deep undercover intuitive at that stage so I put this down to ‘great time management’, a concept he would appreciate which unfortunately meant I had to run a time-management session with my colleagues when I wasn’t doing anything overly different to them from an operational perspective. But I was happy to talk about ‘big rocks and little rocks’ just the same.  

Noticing these abilities, how to develop them and trust them makes them more available to you throughout your day. So that they are just as natural as your physical senses. Most people have fears linked to their higher senses and either block or dismiss their use and application. Which is like trying to shut off and ignore your sense of touch or smell, you simply can’t stop them entirely.   

The Practical Side of ‘Psychic’ Abilities in Business

One of the mysteries every business owner would love to solve is how to package up the messaging in their communications to reach the right audience and inspire them to take action so that they can have the reach and impact they envision.

It goes deeper than though doesn’t it. If you’re a coach, you want your clients to have a profound transformation that shapes the rest of their lives because of the time they invested in you. If you’re a chef you want people to enjoy your food, savour every bite and have a wonderful experience throughout their meal; you’re helping strangers create lasting memories.

When you get this impact right you feel like you have cracked the code! You might put this down to great market research and strategy (which you obviously need to have too) but if you leant in a deeper to the higher senses, that you’re already using by the way, you’ll get there faster.

These abilities can help you in so many ways from staff engagement, customer satisfaction, marketing, product development, micro-niching… there are too many to mention individually. However, I mentioned better sales conversations with clients and objection handling earlier so I’ll elaborate a little on that.

Using your intuitive ability in client conversations is so important because no one likes being sold to. I have never met a client who voluntarily shared all their concerns and doubts with me so that I could turn their objections around and make money from them.

Especially in a situation where you’re negotiating in a business-to-business transaction where everyone is holding their cards close to their chest, leveraging moments of silence and avoiding bringing up cost because they know it is the fastest way to lose the price discussion.  

But if you were able to perceive a level of detail or a concern the other party is having, and address it as a ‘point of interest’ not only do you position yourself as someone who deeply understands what is important to them, you eliminate objections, put their mind at ease and are able to focus on what happens next rather than getting stuck in the ‘thinking about it/ discussing it’ loop that goes nowhere.

Listening in sales is an important skill to master and there are plenty of courses around that will teach you how to be a better listener so you can pick up on valuable details in a sales conversation. However, the greater skills to have that will set you miles apart from your competition is your ability to perceive the bigger and more detailed picture of the situation and have insight into what your potential client isn’t saying.

Embracing 'Psychic' Abilities

You might not have known about these senses in any great detail before and I have enjoyed giving you a feel for what these are. Personally, I didn’t realise I had these senses. Despite being a medium and interacting with the world of spirit since the age of seven, no one gives you an instruction manual on this stuff or spells you these abilities have a practical application.

When I learnt about them, I could see that I had used these abilities many times combined with my manifesting ability and they helped me to be a higher performer throughout my corporate career and as a business owner. Now I use them intentionally to gain deeper insight into my client’s needs, what’s blocking them and what they need to move forward. Their results are powerful off the back of this which deepens the level of job-satisfaction for me.

When you start to notice these higher senses and how you have been using them in your life already and use them intentionally in your business, not only will you be able to nail your messaging, but you’ll also provide deeper and stronger results for your clients that extend beyond their wildest expectations.

You don’t need to be ‘psychic’ to use these abilities. Remember, being psychic is about predicting future events whereas these senses are a natural resource that’s already available for you to use intentionally to make your life easier and more enjoyable. If your life would be more enjoyable having greater reach and impact, powerful transformations for your clients or the best tasting cookies in the world, these senses will help you get there.

Switching on and developing your higher-senses and intuition so you can have greater insight across your business and personal interactions is something I teach within my Intuitive Intelligence and Financial Freedom Portal programs. Building the confidence to trust your instincts is something you’ll master too so you can take action without the guess work. Making uninformed decisions of any kind is like gambling but when you know how to trust your instincts, you’ll minimise the risk in your decision making.

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