Rewire Business Owner Specific Money Blocks (Revpreneur Blocks)

energy blocks limiting beliefs mindset money Apr 20, 2023
Sharyn Atkinson

There’s a common misconception about money blocks and that is, once you clear them, you will start to receive more money. Removing limiting beliefs about money is important but that’s only part of the challenge for business owners.

Ideally it would great to obliterate limiting beliefs about money and have the flood gates of abundance open up so you could achieve your financial goals, be in a position to support your family and take time out of your business without being financially impacted by this decision.

This is possible too and I’ve seen client’s clear money blocks and experience change over a few weeks or even days. But there is more going on for business owners than simply being available to receive money. Business owners have what I call ‘Revpreneur Blocks’ too.

Put simply, ‘Revpreneur Blocks’ are limiting beliefs that business owners have about what it takes to generate revenue in their business. There can be a significant amount these that stop and block the flow of money in your business. This is because as a business owner, you have so many moving parts involved in how you make a sale.

This is one example of what a blocks around lead gen can look like:

You want to increase awareness about who you are, what you do. So you run an ad on social media to raise awareness and direct your ideal clients to a landing page where you can capture their email address and start to build a relationship with them off social media.  

You log on to laptop in the morning, check your ad performance and notice that a lot of people have seen your ad, but no one has clicked on the link to accept your offer.

You log on the next day and find that you have two new email subscribers and the cost per click is a lot higher than you expected. The cost of acquiring these two email addresses is absurd and if you were going grow your email list this way, it is going to be too expensive to do long-term. It’s simply not sustainable.

You decide that although social media advertising would be great to do, it’s really only for the larger businesses and organisations who can afford this type of strategy. It seems unfair in some ways and you wonder how you are going to be able to compete with the limited budget you have. It is going to take you a long time to grow your email list organically. But if you happen to have a social media post that goes viral, that would definitely increase awareness like you want to, but then again that doesn’t happen very often for the average business.

You feel deflated and decide to focus on a strong social media strategy to build your followers who you’ll then be able to get off social media and on to your mailing list.

I made up this example based on limiting beliefs I once had as well ones I observe in other people and here are the limiting beliefs that this demonstrates:

  • No one is interested in my offer – a form of lack.
  • Advertising on social is too expensive and not a good fit for your business because you got very little out of it – also a form of lack and scarcity.
  • Don’t have enough money to grow my email list – this is form lack but because there is the feeling of missing out on something and when that’s the case, it’s linked to grief and possibly a pattern of ‘missing out’. This limiting belief could also be linked to a money block such as ‘you have to have money to make money’.
  • Can’t compete in the market because you don’t have the financial resources available – using the same beliefs above but extended this limitation into your ability to compete in your field. Can be linked to blocks around envy, lack of self-worth, frustration, lack of control, and feeling inadequate.
  • It takes a long time to acquire clients organically – a form of apathy where you might feel helpless to do anything about the situation.
  • Chances of you creating content that goes viral is low – this overlaps with a lot of the limiting beliefs I’ve already mentioned as well as a possible fear of rejection, fear of being seen or even being underserving.

The amount of revpreneur blocks each business owner has is different. They are directly linked to your business operations and because they are in your subconscious mind you can only become aware of them as new situations arise. This example highlights many limiting beliefs from running one social media advertisement.

Some other areas you might have limiting beliefs linked to your ability to generate revenue is sales copy, messaging, email marketing, sales funnels, sales ability, closing sales, social media content, social media algorithms, positioning in search results, conversion rates and so on.

Deciding that these blocks aren’t really that important, not that significant or not that big a deal because you don’t really mean all that stuff anyway, does nothing to change how literally your mind takes the messaging you are feeding it.

When you combine these thoughts with strong feelings of frustration, panic and anxiety because you’re not generating the revenue you would like is the fastest way to cement them into your subconscious mind where they will run on autopilot.

What happens then is you maybe find a coach, take a course or outsource your social media advertising but the outcome is already predetermined by your subconscious, it’s too expensive and ineffective for your business because you don’t have the budget to compete on a large scale… another flop.

This is where choosing to leave your limiting beliefs about money and what it takes to generate it can become costly. You can stop the flow of new clients and spend money searching for a solution to the problem and quickly find that no matter what you do, nothing seems to work.

'What you think about you bring about'

I’m sure you’ve heard this famous quote from Bob Proctor before, and while you have money and revpreneur blocks in place that are in conflict with your business goals, it’s like trying to drive a car with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas pedal; you simply can’t drive a car that way.

I have no doubt you have just as many of these as I did based on business operations. I had another layer of complexity to this too from my conservative approach to business and profitability because of my background as a business banker. While that role was great and I learnt a lot, being overly cautious and examining the ‘return on investment’ for every move I wanted to make was nothing but restrictive and I simply couldn’t grow a business from this energy. I can’t expand and restrict myself at the same time; they’re polar opposites!

I made a commitment to myself several years ago. I refused to allow my subconscious to run the show. I decided I would choose what unfolds in my life and do whatever it takes to achieve it by rewiring myself on the inside, so that the external reality reflected back to me, is one that I love.

What changed the game for me was learning how to not only clear these limiting beliefs but how to rewire my subconscious with empowering beliefs that run on autopilot and support the outcomes I want to see in business and personal finances.

It took some trial and error initially, but I refined tools and techniques into the Abundance Mastery System™ that I use with my clients today so that they can boldly take control of the outcomes in their life too.

You have absolute seniority over the deeper barriers to success that might be sabotaging your efforts and that it has nothing to do with your skill, ability, talent or what you’re capable of achieving. You can achieve anything, you just haven’t been shown how to clear these obstacles out of the way so that you have a clear path to exceeding your business goals and have this abundance overflow into other areas of your life.

I’ve evolved to have more influence over my finances, investments, assets and not only how my business generates revenue but the flow and consistency of it, no matter what is happening in the world.

And I mean ‘no matter what’! In 2020 I generated just under six figures in income, with my startup business, in the most locked-down city in the world.

I’m ready to teach you these life-skills so you can become masterful in this important area of your life where you would like to experience more ease and influence.

I’ve opened up limited spots in my Financial Freedom Portal program. This is a twelve-week, high-touch, two-stream immersion where I will work with you to clear the current money and revenue blocks coming up for you as you work in your business, and I’ll also teach you the tools of Abundance Mastery System™ so that you build the skills to take bold control of your abundance.

I designed the Financial Freedom Portal to be the only work you need to do to achieve short-term financial results in your business and feel confident manifesting financial freedom using tools that you can rise and repeat, for the rest of your life.

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