Three Techniques for Empaths & HSPs to Take Control & Feel Balanced, No Matter What

empath higher senses highly sensitive person intuition Dec 13, 2022
Sharyn Atkinson

The term ‘empath’ comes from the word ‘empathy’ and refers to someone’s ability to empathise with another individual’s experiences and feelings to a great extent. Empaths are generally able to feel another person’s emotional pain as if it were their pain, however it doesn’t stop there. Empaths may also be able to feel another’s physical body symptoms in their body, experience another’s thought processes, logic, triggers as perceptions of the world as their own. They can also walk into a room and automatically tap-in to the vibe of the room and feel any tension, anger, fun or joy.

Quite often empaths feel that this gift it is like a flood of information, thoughts and emotions bombarding them, that is difficult to manage. It leaves them feeling drained and, in some cases, it can take days for empaths to shake-off the intensity and go back to normal.

I completely understand how unsettling the influx of sensory information can be, and I used to withdraw my energy and prefer to stay home when it all got too much to bear. I don’t do that anymore because I have taught myself how to manage this gift and actually use it to my advantage and to help my clients heal at deep levels.

In this blog post, I’m going to teach you three things that I do, in various scenarios, that make being an empath a useful skill and how it can actually be lot of fun. Empaths pick up all feelings, good and bad, but it is the lower vibrational ones that tend to rattle us the most, so we shy away from wanting to connect with that level of perception. Using these three techniques can really change your perception about just how fortunate you are to be gifted with this ability.


1. Is this mine? 

This is the simplest technique to use. As soon as you become aware that you have a sudden feeling, thought, sensation that doesn’t quite fit or feel right, you need to stop. Pause the moment and stop the bewildered overwhelm. I like to use the word ‘wait’ and for me it feels like the world around me has paused because I am able to separate myself from the distractions flooding in long enough to ask if the weirdness even belongs to me. Ask if what you’re feeling is yours and trust the answer coming back to you. 

If the energy you’re feeling belongs to someone else, ask who it belongs to and trust the answer that comes back to you within the first three seconds. That’s your intuition, if it takes you ten seconds to figure out an answer, you’re not using intuition but rather your reason and logic. 

2. Pardon? 

Sometimes when we meet with managers, business partners, people of authority, big personalities, friends or family we can be fearful of what they’re going to say or how they are going to treat us, because we can pick up on perceptions they have of us in addition to our own. If you’re an empath, you can absolutely feel whether your boss thinks you are a go-getter or non-starter without them saying a word. 

Another person’s perception of you is very similar to being offered a present. Should you unconsciously accept it, you will most likely be a little cagey around them, avoid them as much as possible and playout whatever they think of you in the role they created for you. You might not be able to believe things you’re doing or saying because they seem so weird and out of character. This often happens because we haven’t stopped to notice that they are not our perceptions we’re picking up, it actually belongs to another person and we’ve just tuned into this. 

See it as a gift and see it as interesting and say to yourself; “wow, that’s an interesting perception” and allow yourself to dig a little deep about why they think that. Trust whatever information comes back to you within three seconds and mentally correct their energy. You can say something to yourself along the lines of “that’s not correct. I don’t allow that perception in. I am a phenomenal person and you will enjoy discovering that for yourself. Let’s being that now.” 

You will notice an immediate shift in energy when you notice, observe and reject false perceptions of yourself and if you do it with conviction. Reject them as strongly as you perceive them, and you will being to notice that your awareness allows you to shape relationships in a harmonious way. Which is such an empowering ability you can tap into. 

3. You CAN handle the truth! 

Truth is of enormous importance to me and I have always been deeply triggered by injustice and the mistreatment of others so it was very much a personal quest of mine to use my empath ability to tap into the truth of all things. Which is especially challenging for empaths who can be magnets for narcissists. 

This technique can take a practise but the rewards for investing time in this out-weigh everything and can put an end to the games narcissists like to play. Particularly in instances of gaslighting, lashing out and emotional manipulation to seek grandeur, sympathy and attention. 

The first part of this technique is to become familiar with how you feel the energy of truth and lies in your body. I feel truth in my heart and lies in my solar plexus (being kicked in the guts) but you need to notice how you feel this for yourself by playing around with truth. 

Say “my name is [your name]” and notice where you feel the truth of this in your body. Then repeat this statement with a fake name and notice where you feel this in your body. This is how your body alerts you to the truth or lies, so tune in and practice. 

Once you’re pretty good at identifying the truth, you can expand your practicing. Start to ask your body to identify truth as you watch the news. You will absolutely experience a kaleidoscope of truth bombs watching main stream media and it is a refreshing experience. 

You might notice over time that your body starts prompting you all the time. In live interactions with people it can be a challenge to notice truth while the flood gates of empathy are open, so here’s what you do. 

Start reflecting on interactions that have been challenging and notice the truth of the situation that occurred. Often, when I was unaware that another person was lying or significantly embellishing the facts, I would feel agitated and would tense up. If I am open and honest and maintain high integrity, but receive manipulative, false information back my whole body alerts me to the misalignment. I discovered this personal body pattern as I reflected on conversations so practice, practice, practice and notice what your body is tell you. 

Pretty soon, your body will alert you and you will have full awareness of any mistruths during a conversation. If you’re aware of what is happening, you are automatically in the driver’s seat and if you happen to be with a narcissist, you never call them out on their lies. It’s like adding fuel to the fire and they could erupt and lash out, and you don’t want that outcome. So what do you do? 

This is where you bring your empath superpowers to the table! Ask yourself, what is really going on and see what information comes back to you. What is the purpose of them telling you this lie? What picture do they want to paint here? Why do they want you to think that? You will get answers back. Trust yourself. 

When you are armed with this knowledge, you have absolute power to steer the conversation in a direction that they have not anticipated. If you’ve been able to throw the narcissist off because the manipulation game is not working as planned, you will notice the topic change very quickly. 

The beauty of this is that you can do this harmoniously without triggering an argument or giving in. You created a harmonious outcome using your gifts. A narcissist will quickly learn that they cannot manipulate you and to maintain their superiority, with cease future attempts. 

So there you have it, three techniques you can practice to take control of some common challenging situations for empaths so that you maintain your power. It certainly is challenging maintaining higher vibrations when your emotions are rollercoasting throughout the day, but with practice, you will notice how easy it is to maintain balance and stay joyful in any situation, no matter what.

Trust yourself. Trust your power. xx

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