3 Manifestation Mindset Shifts to Make Now to Achieve Your Goals Faster

consciousness energy blocks limiting beliefs manifesting mindset May 23, 2024
Genie lamp to manifest your dream life

Some people think manifesting, deliberate creation, law of attraction is total bs.. and I understand why. There is a lot of distorted information about what you have to do to manifest that is not correct. 

There are 3 main misconceptions about manifesting that I’m going to address so you can see from a different perspective and achieve your goals faster. The ones I’m going to address in this post are:

  • You don’t have to do anything other than meditate/ go into a state/enter the vortex & voila! Your goals and dreams manifest
  • Once you clear your limiting beliefs about money, you can have more of it.
  • You have to raise your vibration before you can have what you want.

Visualising to Manifest

When you are manifesting, you are inspired to take some form of action that delivers you the outcome you desire. For example, you desire to be a thought leader in your industry and you find the perfect-fit-for-you speaking program that is going to help you refine the art of public speaking. When you act and take the program, you raise your consciousness and are able to become your vision. If you pass on the program and sit on the yoga mat meditating, you’re not building the adequate skills you need to play the bigger game you’re calling in.

Not to mention, the main problem with this. The yoga-mat offers you no avenues to bring your desire towards you. You need to act to create pathways that allow your manifestation to come to fruition.

You cannot meet your soul mate dreaming about them. You need to put yourself in situations where you can meet new people, when you feel inspired to. Not what you think you should be doing to meet the person of your dreams.


Limiting Beliefs

Some believe that there are core limiting beliefs they have to clear before they can manifest to achieve success, and that can be true but no one person has the same limiting belief, within the same context as anyone else.

You have limiting beliefs and clearing them can absolutely help you to achieve your goals faster. But success, radiant health, financial wealth and having the business of your dreams is impacted by more than beliefs alone.

Based on your view of the world, your life experiences and values you have ideas about constructs of the world. You have ideas of what it means to have and achieve success in all areas of your life. You have your own framework based on your life experience. You’ve chosen what steps you need to take to achieve the results you want. Whether that is following a diet to achieve your dream body, or utilizing a funnel strategy from 7-figure business coach to be successful in your business, you’ve cemented a pathway and changing the existing framework you have in place can help you achieve results faster!  

To give you an example, I once had the limiting belief:

‘You have to work hard if you want to have financial abundance’

Let’s say, people assume that this means that be financially abundant you have to work long hours, and this can lead to burn out and so on. For me, there was another aspect to this because of the bigger belief framework I had created about wealth and that was that ‘I cannot just receive large sums of money, I have to earn them.’

Consider the limiting beliefs, clear them but also consider the larger context of the belief as it applies to you because that is where unlocking the magic of allow yourself to receive is.

There are more things to clear beyond beliefs too. This includes your thoughts, neural pathways, patterns, programming, emotions, body symptoms, recurring outcomes, and drama that can be blocking you too.

Once you have cleared the relevant blocks for you, intentionally replace them with supportive beliefs, emotions, patterns, reactions, thoughts and rewire your consciousness to accelerate your personal growth and speed at which you manifest.

Raising Your Vibration to Manifest

Raising Your Vibration is great! You are living a state of joy, the emotion of movement and acceleration. When you live in this state of joy your manifestations show up quickly, as if you can speak and think things into existence. It’s really cool.

However, when your natural state is not high vibrational and you elevate into it for a brief period of time to try to manifest what you want, you are not a match to your desire. You concoct a feeling that you don’t feel legitimately so what you’re effectively saying the universe is ‘when I’m in a high vibe state I can have this desire’.

You push your desire further away from you into some point in the future when you are a match to that vibrational state. So rather than pretending you are high vibe, manifest and visualise from your current state if you want your desire to externalise in your life quickly.

For example, if you want to manifest money and you raise your vibration and visualise your happy end result, you can have it when you’re a vibrational match to that visualisation. Walking around all day stressed about your finances is not a match, therefore it cannot come into your life right now.

You would be better off visualising your end result in your current, dominant emotional state. If you’re a cranky person, imagine your end result with that level of crankiness so that you match the visual of your goals.

You are manifesting in any state, whether its high or low vibrational. But if you want to receive and achieve your goals now, match the frequency of money, health, success, a thriving business to who you are right now.

Not every billionaire is high vibrational. Typically people associate wealth and power with low vibrational traits, and I’m not advocating for being miserable and accept that as your life, but I am advocating for you to acknowledge how you feel the majority of the time and manifest from that vibration instead. Especially if you want something so desperately in your life, like money, the perfect relationship or amazing health.

You can get happy later. You can do the inner work to raise your vibration and arrive in a natural, dominant state of joy anytime you like, but you do not need to be in this vibration to manifest anything. Just be yourself, allow who you are to be enough to receive your desires. You are perfect as you are.

Living on Your Terms

These are just some of the common limiting ideas and constructs about manifestation that I wanted to take time to address specially because they hold you back unnecessarily from achieving your goals and living life on your terms. You can create a life you love right now, you do not need to be any different. Unless you choose to change aspects of yourself, but that has nothing to do with your ability to manifest. You are already in a constant state of manifestation, not one that is conditional on raising your vibration or anything else. 

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