Unlocking Psychic Senses: My Journey to Empowerment and How You Can Do the Same

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I remember sitting at my desk, with my coffee beside me, getting cold. I was laser focused on searching the internet for answers. Had I lost my mind, or was there something spiritual awakening within me that I couldn’t make logical sense of? From a young age, I'd been attuned to the unseen world, an empath with keen instincts, but I never saw myself as psychic. I wasn’t a match for that. I wasn’t predicting future events; I was perceiving large volumes of sensory information like the thoughts and feelings of other people.   

I looked around my office and I could see how practical and sensible my life as a finance broker and business coach was, but I felt a disconnect. There was more going on in my life than what I was familiar with and my stomach was in knots. Anxious about who I was becoming, the changes taking place and how my husband would react to all of it.

I wanted to feel ‘normal’ again but I also wanted to understand what was going on. It was a confusing moment in my life where I stood at a crossroads and neither path ahead of me appealed to me.

Out of curiosity, I explored different types of psychic abilities. I decided that my only way to move forward was to drop my scepticism and judgments about spirituality and explore a broader understanding of intuition.

I surrendered to the process, experimented, and explored my abilities in all situations, fumbling around at first but the more I approached it with childlike curiosity, the easier it became. To my surprise, I was actually enjoying it.

I had epiphany after epiphany by taking this approach and this is what I discovered:

  • These abilities had been part of me since childhood. They weren’t new, just more advanced.
  • We’re constantly connected to and interact with an electromagnetic field around us, we just cannot perceive it with our physical senses so we don’t do this intentionally.
  • These weren’t just psychic abilities; they were higher senses. A set of senses that complement our physical ones, enabling us to navigate the present moment and the complex matrix of energies that surrounds us.
  • Everyone has a full suite of these senses, they’re not reserved for a select few people. We all have an energy body made up of meridians, chakras and an electromagnetic field we project around us (our aura); we’re wired to do this, we just haven’t been taught how to.

Leaning into this aspect of myself I was amazed that I felt like I had more influence over situations and interactions than ever before and was capable of connecting at a deeper level with my clients.

Now they feel genuinely seen, understood, acknowledged and appreciated and that has cultivated lasting relationships. The trust and genuine rapport we build are the cornerstones of their continued growth and success. My role with them evolved from a solution provider to a partner in their evolution. Don't just take my word for it; here's what one of my amazing clients had to say about their journey with me:

"I am so blessed to have met Sharyn, phenomenal is an understatement! You will be blown away by her healing abilities, Sharyn never ceases to amaze me with her abilities and everything that she can see and feel, and how to heal your energy and help guide you through the journey. Thank you for everything you do Sharyn and for sharing your gift, you are amazing, kind, caring and incredibly unique. Thank you again Sharyn, I am glad to know you! X" - Arzu A. Melbourne, Australia

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