How Shadow Energy Empowers You & Propels You to Reach Higher States

ascension consciousness energy blocks energy healing limiting beliefs shadow energy Oct 24, 2022
What is shadow energy?

This might seem like an unusual thing to say, but I have a strong fascination with shadow energy. I’m fascinated by its intricacies, communities it forms, its hierarchy, how it works, why it is here, how it interacts with us on a daily basis and what we can do about it. It is a huge topic and I am going to give you a broad overview of this complex system we live with because through awareness, comes empowerment of greater conscious choice and utilisation of your freewill.

And through conscious choice you naturally find yourself in higher states of joy and happiness that is steady and unwavering, no matter what is happening around you. Sounds simple enough on the surface but once you really dive in to the multi-layered aspects of the consciousness of various energies around us you’ll be amazed by how intricate and sophisticated it is.  

Shadow energy is nothing short of complex. You might be familiar with the hierarchy of light that can be observed through our interaction with our spirit guides, angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters for example. If you consider how broad that structure is and the thousands upon thousands of light beings that exist within it, you might be surprised to learn that there is an equal counter hierarchy of shadow that operates in our lives.

Why does shadow exist?

I really love the reason why shadow exists. It is such a simple and beautiful concept even though shadow itself can be a challenge. It exists so that when we encounter it, we can use our freewill and choose light over dark. It was designed this way to be the ultimate gift to source, or God if you prefer that terminology. Fundamentally it is such a beautiful gift to our creator, where no matter what happens in our experiences, we will still find the light and using our freewill, choose it time and time again.

This whole concept is so lovely to me. I have deep resonance with this very simple explanation, but there is something that bothers me about this structure and that is; we are not necessarily consciously choosing shadow in the first instance.

How does shadow work?

Shadow is sneaky. It sneaks in, uninvited (as we perceive it) and by not noticing it or clearing it, we are exercising our freewill to choose it. Which seems unfair doesn’t it? I mean, I have never met anyone who has consciously chosen shadow or to align with it, but when we are impacted by shadow and we allow it to stay within our field, we are unknowingly aligning with it. It is an uninformed choice because of our lack of awareness of how it works. Generally, we are not taught anything about shadow beyond what we might see in a horror movie and we dismiss it as fiction without a second thought.

Which is a completely rational approach to take. But let’s put our rationale to side for a moment because quantum science confirms that our senses can only perceive less than one percent of our physical reality that appears in the spectrum of light. Which means, there are things happening around us and we cannot see what 99% of those things are.

We are light bodies, in a physical body bumper-car, bumping into different energies and entities that we are not aware of. To add a layer of complexity to this for us, we have amnesia about who we are and why we are here, and we have been gifted freewill to choose what we prefer in a world that is largely unknown to us.

Choosing light is a higher perspective, in the absence of judgement, where your choices are made from the perspective of knowing you are limitless and can be and experience the world as you would like it to be. Which seems unrealistic to those who are unaware of their potential and have made compounded decisions to align with the lower aspects of themselves.

What an interesting game we chose to participate in. It is a huge challenge and so that we can choose wisely we have to get really good at being able to notice the subtle changes in our energy and become familiar with how shadow works so that we are in a stronger position to do something about it and choose differently for ourselves.

I’m sure we would all be doing that if an uncomplicated, clean-cut option was presented to us. Since we don’t have that luxury, here are some signs to look out for:

Startling moments

You may be happily watching tv with your family and suddenly a door will slam, or something will fall and startle you. This moment when you become startled is created by shadow and it does this on purpose to lower your frequency, for a split second. This creates a disruption in your energy field (your aura), even for a short moment, and in that moment shadow will take that opportunity to jump into your energy field.

Shadow can read the electromagnetics of your aura and know how you will react to certain triggers. They know your reaction, how they can create a disruption and what your likely response is going to be.

Your reaction is also an agreement to allow shadow in because you allow the trigger event to remain. When something shocks you and you cannot believe something you hear on the news or from someone close to you, it’s an acceptance that of that shadow – the limited perspective of the world.

Perception change

What you might notice as a result of having shadow present, is that your family members you’re watching tv with, can suddenly seem to bother you. You might suddenly hate the way someone drinks their cup of tea or how loudly they breathe. A sudden negative shift in how you perceive someone, or a situation, is a major indication that there is shadow present.

 Shadow will tweak your perception via your energy field, and you can experience a transition from blissfully happy moment with family to wanting to kill them for the smallest of reasons, in an instant.

Negative people

People who are exceptionally negative and have a pessimistic view about life, are critical of everyone around them, have a lot of shadow entities present in their energy field. It is best to avoid these people all together because shadow is likely to be deeply imbedded in their energy field and chakra system.

This can happen if shadow accumulates overtime, and the person has unconsciously chosen to keep it. The shadow entities that are in a person’s energy field can jump into another person’s field which is why you might notice that you feel so depressed, flat, cranky, agitated or just not your usual self after you have spent time with highly negative people.

You can’t avoid people though because you are having a physical experience and you never know who you are going to walk past at a supermarket or while you’re out on your morning walk. We are designed to move around and interact with each other and use our freewill to choose.

We can be mindful of the friends and family who tend to have the greatest impacts on us so we can prepare and then practise clearing your energy after interacting with them. Ideally, we should be able to maintain our preferred state regardless of who is around us though.


When we are asleep, our energy field relaxes and shadow energy can jump into it. You might wake up in the morning and begin having negative thoughts immediately, when you don’t usually do that.

Aches and pains

It might surprise you to learn that body aches and pains are different shadow entities that are playing. Some we have created, as powerful creators who don’t know what we are doing, and others will jump in. If you suddenly notice a pain or a twinge that you have never had before, and it comes on rapidly, it is likely shadow energy that has jumped into your field.

When we have situations that we perceive as traumatic, where we feel deeply hurt for example, we experience soul loss. A loss of light quotient in our energy field and what takes its place is shadow that we have accidently created.

 Our soul can also experience deep sadness by some of our choices or things we have experienced and if our soul is deeply wounded, it can create severe illness in an attempt to return home to feel loved again.

Feeling tired & apathetic

If you suddenly feel tired, or that you can’t be bothered going somewhere you would usually enjoy or you’re unmotivated to work on something very important to you, it is most likely shadow energy influencing you so you stay in a state of unfulfillment.

These are some ways that shadow interacts with us in our lives every day. It is not something we can avoid but we can become more aware of everything we experience that is not the light, so we can start making informed choices and use our freewill purposefully. This knowledge is empowering.

What sort of hierarchy does shadow have?

Many of you may have seen a similar diagram to the one below. This is a Map of Consciousness in terms of the frequencies (or feelings) we tend to occupy each day. Many people devote a lifetime to reaching enlightenment which is to remain in that state, regardless of what is happening around us. At this stage of my development, I would certainly find it challenging to remain in that elevated state during an earthquake for example, but this is the ‘game’ of consciousness at play.

How steady can you remain in higher vibrational frequencies? It is a challenge, there is no denying that, and we all have our moments where we are triggered into lower vibrational frequencies. It could something as simple as the internet not working as we expect that pushes our buttons for a variety of reasons. Whatever the cause, there is a reaction that can drop us into lower vibrational energy, or shadow.

Anything below the energy of ‘Neutrality’ is shadow energy in some form. This is where the design of shadow becomes quite sophisticated. There are so many sub-categories to each of these energies and they work as community within the energy of ‘Fear’ for example. They know how to read your energetic blueprint and know what triggers to spark so you stay in that feeling. They will then go about tweaking our perception so that you see the world in a distorted way that keeps you stuck.

If you allow the energy to stay it can deepen its connection with you over time and imbed itself into your chakra system because we start to identify its energy as our own thoughts and feelings. A great example of identifying with shadow is often seen in astrology profiles. People surrender to that fact that they have a tendency to ‘fly off the handle’ or ‘bite back’ because their zodiac sign describes this pattern and negative trait. Identifying with shadow to that extent over time, can cause physical symptoms to appear in the body as a result of blocking the natural flow of light in the body (Chi or Prana).

On some level though, isn’t it a relief that all of the reasons you feel guilty, ashamed, have a temper, are a control freak, perfectionist and all of those heavy thoughts and emotions you have had over your lifetime, are not YOU. It’s just shadow and you can choose to clear it anytime you want to and feel differently about the world?

I often refer to shadow energy as limiting beliefs because of how clever it is in wiring our consciousness a particular way and creating a ‘block in energy’ to impacts our physical and energetic body, thoughts and emotions.

Below you will find the Map of Shadow® which is a basic representation of the hierarchy of shadow and some of the various communities it forms that I channelled while exploring Taoist methodology. It’s not possible to include the hundreds of perspectives and limiting beliefs that link to each frequency in one diagram, as there are literally hundreds of them, but I’ve included some of the major ones that I have observed as being most common for myself, family, friends and the clients I have worked with over the years.

If we look at the energy of ‘Shame’ for a moment some of the shadow communities that contribute to this energy are: feeling ashamed, awful, humiliated, self-pity, embarrassed, undeserving, horrified, and blame. Blame is a surprise for many people but it is linked to the shame of our own actions and inability to take responsibility, so instead we place blame on others as a mechanism for coping.

The reasons why we identify with these shadow communities depends on many factors, such as our soul history, soul decisions, soul contracts, soul groups, past lives Akashic records, our energetic blueprint, family lineage, life experiences and world view. Shadow can read this information in our energy field and learn how to seamlessly integrate, undetected so that we think all of these negative perceptions and reactions are our own. They are not.

I recently came across a retired psychotherapist, Jerry Marzinsky, who worked with paranoid schizophrenic patients in prisons and psychiatric hospitals for over 35 years. Through his many patient sessions, he observed intricate similarities among patients, and he now shares his knowledge of non-physical beings that plague individuals and disrupt their lives. I love the work this man is doing and I would so love to see this approach taken for mental health and physical wellbeing in general.

How to Clear Shadow Energy

When it comes to clearing shadow, we need to be specific and drill into what we want to clear. Blanket statements do not work unfortunately, because we need to appreciate or ‘learn’ what is not light so that we can use our freewill and choose light. For example, I have seen and tried blanket statements to clear everywhere I hold fear and it achieves nothing. Whereas, if I get really specific about the reasons why I identify with having a fear of getting things wrong/ messing things up, then I can connect to that specific energy by feeling it and removing that frequency of shadow.

Clearing energy is only part of the equation though. We still need to choose a higher perspective to see an old situation from. Using this same example of ‘fear of messing things up’, a higher perspective might be that there is no such thing as doing something wrong; only learning. And through learning, that’s how grow and experience more of what we enjoy.

Neurologists tells us that we can rewire our thinking and open up new neuro pathways through repetition. Pathways are like a fast path for us to get things done. The longer we repeat an activity the same way, the more ingrained that process becomes and we start performing it on auto-pilot. Like learning to drive a car takes a lot of concentration at first, but after a while you no longer need to consciously remind yourself to turn indicators on – you do it automatically with practice.

You can rewire anything and until you’ve mastered this, one of the most empowering things you can do is to simply acknowledge that those heavy feelings and thoughts are not you. There is a very simple technique psychologists use to quieten and disconnect from them and that is to give them a name.

Start identifying them as something other than yourself and from there you can tell them to be quiet or go away because it’s no who you are. Many people feel instant relief simply by having this awareness and giving a simple instruction.

For me, I was guided to clear my energy field and limiting beliefs through energy work to overcome a legal situation. At first I was sceptical for several reasons… repatterning my thoughts through repetition would take too long and if I was going to do this through energy work then I wanted tangible outcomes. I hadn’t experienced any tangible outcomes from any sort of energy healing modality previously but I trusted my guidance. True guidance can challenge us to do things we don’t want to and things we resist.

I played along with my sceptical and firm intentions to create something better in such an obvious way that I would have no doubt that I had created this. Real, tangible results. And I didn’t know what I was doing when I started, I just kept following my guidance and then the tide began to change and with it flowed the resolution and peace I was looking for.

From there, I declared that I would no longer allow unexpected and unwanted disruptions into my life and I would do whatever it took to clear my energy field of every trace of shadow energy there was. I built a team of light warriors, guides and mentors to partner with and I dived in.

The work that I do makes this rewiring easier because I simply take the waves of shadow out and disconnect the intensity and reasons why we feel and think a particular way so that my clients can choose what they want instead. Emotions, triggers, mental chatter, recurring dramas all work the same way.

My clients will agree that I often gently trigger them at the beginning of their healing sessions in expected and unexpected ways. This is important because we need to connect to the energies that we intend to shift so that they are easy to remove. We don’t go into to the feeling or why it’s there, we simply need to lightly touch upon it so that it lights up in our field.

Touching on it lightly, and remembering it’s there and how it makes you feel is all you need to do to make a conscious choice to release it and choose a higher perspective. And this is so powerful because the intensity of that old situation drops away and your reactions change when that shadow energy is cleared. Triggering some of these memories unexpectedly yields the best outcomes.

There are three different ways you can work with me to do clear shadow energy from your field:

  • Metaphysical Edge Livestream: this is a monthly group mentorship where you learn a suite of metaphysical tools and awaken dormant abilities to clear the various communities of shadow, transform your life so you can find yourself effortlessly living in those higher states of consciousness, such as joy. And when you’re in this space, consciously choosing for higher perspectives, as the layers of shadow fall away, manifestations show up rapidly so you can truly create your world, your way.
  • Goal Attainment Gateway: a five week private healing, coaching and manifesting intensive to empower you breakthrough obstacles and get unstuck in an area of your life to achieve your dreams. 
  • Radiant Life Design: private 11 month immersion where we combine ancient methodologies and quantum science to clearing out the core communities of shadow that impact all areas of your life, training to clear beliefs on your own and self-healing, amplifying your intuitive intelligence and commanding your reality in every moment.

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, book in a free 30 minute Transformation Strategy Discussion with me and we’ll tap into your future vision, so you can gain instant insight into what’s blocking you from achieving it and I’ll lay out a mini plan for you to overcome obstacles in your way.

What you can do to block shadow energy

A client asked me this recently, and the short answer is you cannot do anything to stop it from entering your energy field if you are reacting to it in some way (like being startled or shocked). Even if you were to withdraw from society and hide indoors, shadow has no boundaries and can still create disturbances to sneak in. Perhaps that’s why some people refer to this as a battle between light and dark.

You best ammunition here is to clear your energy field every day and build a foundation of high light. Become skilled at noticing your mood, how you feel moment to moment and clear anything that potentially makes you feel a little ‘off’ to maintain your energy field. It is our personal responsibility to do this and if you cannot do it every day, a few times each week is still pretty good. Which is one of the things I teach my clients to do.

This is great maintenance. To clear some of the bigger energies that we have identified with over our lifetime and others, we need to make a conscious effort to clear it. But remember that most of these limiting beliefs and programs we operate from, reside in our subconscious and we have no conscious awareness of them. I have what I refer to as a ninja-approach where I choose to go after shadow energy and seek it out so that I can clear it. Which is what I teach my clients to do in Radiant Life Design.

The more we clear our energy field of shadow and all of the triggers we resonate with, the stronger our foundation of light becomes. We hold a higher quotient of light and are able to be steady in those higher states of love and joy and by doing this, it becomes increasingly difficult for shadow to touch us.

My personal mission is to help people clear as much of this sneaky shadow energy as possible so they can connect to who they really are and live an extraordinary, soul satisfying life anyway they choose to. To arrive at that destination, we each need to consciously use our gift of freewill and choose the light in every moment, of every day. The question is, are you up for the challenge?

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